Great revision rhinoplasty - Miramar, FL

Had revision with dr. davis 5 weeks ago. great...

had revision with dr. davis 5 weeks ago. great experience. his work is unparralelled. probably does 75 % revision, correcting other ppl mistakes. his body of work and before and after pics are solid

Glad this went well! Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf.


I found dr davis as the result of exhaustive...

i found dr davis as the result of exhaustive searching on the internet for plastic surgeons with great results. i stumbled on a dr calvert in beverly hills and since i was in florida they recommended dr.richard davis in miami. his pics were phenomenal. he was only a facial restoration guy whose practice was comprised of mainly rhino with an emphasis on revision.a dr foxin naples had left me with a asymmetrical lump on my left side and for two years kept telling me it was welling and finally they wouldnt even return my calls. they actually did me a favor. dr davis is real, unpretentious, genuinely concerned and a perfectionist.when my splint was removed i was ecstatic but within a half hour swelling started to manifest itself and still remains somewhat. it takes months for all the swelling to subside, even a yr or more, particularly if the doc was in there a long time and also if you have thick nasal skin.if your in florida you might wanna consider dr. davis. simply ck out his pics. youll be amazed. he knows his stuff
thank you for sharing your experience with us...wish Dr. Davis was closer to me
Hi, I'd love to see photos of your revision as I'm interested in Dr Davis too. Can you send pics to me?
Can anyone comment on Dr. Davis's revision results or send me post op pics? His office is not providing referrals which makes me a little nervous!
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great aesthetic sence and incredibly nice

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