Regretting V Beam?

I did the V Beam to treat rosascea on my nose and...

I did the V Beam to treat rosascea on my nose and inner cheek area as well as a few broken caps.

Pros: Not very painful

Cons: Major bruising, actually look worse right now.

I have very obvious bruising from the V Beam treatment I had on 5/8/09- looks like chicken pox on my nose & inner cheek area. When can I expect to see improvement?

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Kelly, did V beam help your rosacea?  One tip I used to help the brusing was to take arnica pills (Boiron brand from a pharmacy) before and for a few days after.  As you can see from the photos on my review, I looked really beat up for a week but now I feel much better than pre-treatment and my face no longer flushes painfully.

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Sorry to hear that you had bruising, here is an article about what to do about the bruising

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I am wondering why your treatment was so "cheap"? (Only $150) I would be curious to know if you went to a real experienced dermatologist who is a laser specialist or just spa technician. Sometimes we get what we pay for.
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I had deep purple bruising too from v beam one month ago. The bruises are supposed to fade in about 14 days. But if you apply Microret k to the bruises every four hours will you are awake, they will fade completely in 5 days. Wait till the second day after your treatment to start using microret k, because it has retinol, so it might be a little irritating. How ever if you can't get this cream you can use any vitamin k cream. If it only contains vitamin k with no irritating ingredients, you can start using it right away. It might work slower than microret k but still can cut bruise time in half. This is what my plastic surgeon recommended me and worked as I said.
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