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Juvederm to Add Volume to my Cheeks

The juvederm only lasted for 3 weeks!!!! Why? I...

The juvederm only lasted for 3 weeks!!!! Why? I paid for 2 syringes(a thousand dollars), went back to my doctor and he wouldn't give me any money back or anymore Juvederm (I had to pay more money to get more Juvederm)!!

I had juvederm to add volume to my cheeks - What went wrong?


Do not come up to Saskatoon for Juvederm treatment. I had mine and have been in terrible pain for 2 months--they will basically ignore you and deny that it can happen.
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I had Juvederm...$1500 in my cheeks...beautiful result but only lasted 2 months! I will save my money for a facelift. I have high metabolism & told it may not last 9-12 months. I have no fat on my body.
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Answer: There are a number of fillers, implant materials and other modalities that may add volume to the cheeks. In general, I would not recommend Juvederm specifically to add significant volume to the cheeks since a relatively large volume of Juvederm would be needed and would also create additional costs. This process would have to be repeated over and over again. Also, if Juvederm is injected deeper into the subcutaneous regions,it will quickl absorb. Juvederm is excellent for rhytids and depressions around the mouth area and other facial skin depressions, but I do not recommend its use to add volume to the cheeks.
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