Just Had Juvederm in my Lips and I'm Very Swollen and Bruised, is This Normal? - Redwood City, CA

I decided to get my lips plumped with Juvederm...

I decided to get my lips plumped with Juvederm after researching online. I had my appt today. There was not a lot of pain and I had a full syringe. Left with little swelling, iced the lips then slowly it got swollen and bruised seems to be a bit more swollen then the pics I have seen. Does the amount of swelling and bruising I have seen normal. Would like to hear your experiences. Sent pics to doc.
Thanks! Looking way better today, swelling has gone down. Just a big bruise left, looks like I have a mustache:-)
Hi! Lips look plump and pretty! I had 1 full syringe of juvedem also- this past Tuesday. I am very happy with my results- actually going back for a "touch up" next tues. I bruised pretty bad on my upper left lip- I was really scared at first. But swelling is gone- and I just cover bruise with make up :-)

The swelling can look scary for sure. mbd_motherof1 posted a recent review where she talks about her swelling as well, so she might be a good person to chat with about this since you are in the same boat.

Here is a Q&A that might be helpful as well:

What to Expect from Swelling After Juvederm for Lips?

How are things looking today? Has the swelling gone down at all?


2nd day is way better.

At the doc orders I iced my lips every hour, applied cortisone cream and took some Benadryl. Also slept with my head elevated and woke up looking better. Still a huge bruise but a lot better than yesterday. Will post pic:-)

Update pic

2nd day
I just had a syringe of juvaderm ultra plus in lips. Dr. said she put more in the bottom than the top, however I have a huge swollen upper duck lip thing happening. I'm sick to my stomach. I am thinking I need to go back in a week and add more to the bottom. Is it common for the upper lip to swell that much more than the bottom? I asked for the angelic look, you know, fatter on the sides but it's all fat in the middle, that typical lip job look :( I'm scuurred!
Your bruising is not unusual, don't worry, I bruise a little with Perlane but not as much as the Juvederm for some reason.  Also, I ask the injector not to go too deep as I have found that if it is too deep and I feel a certain sharp pain, I bruise.  It's like a "hit the nerve" pain, kind of hard to describe but I know it well and have learned how to avoid it.  I find that I experience the post injection swelling for about 2 weeks (which I rather enjoy) and then they "smooth" out considerably.  Did you use the ultra plus?  That one seems to last longer for me than the regular Juvederm but everyone is different.  You may find the more you maintain the filler, the longer is seems to last and the less you will need.
Already huge improvement. How long does juvederm last?
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