Just Had Juvederm in my Lips and I'm Very Swollen and Bruised, is This Normal? - Redwood City, CA

I decided to get my lips plumped with Juvederm...

I decided to get my lips plumped with Juvederm after researching online. I had my appt today. There was not a lot of pain and I had a full syringe. Left with little swelling, iced the lips then slowly it got swollen and bruised seems to be a bit more swollen then the pics I have seen. Does the amount of swelling and bruising I have seen normal. Would like to hear your experiences. Sent pics to doc.

2nd day is way better.

At the doc orders I iced my lips every hour, applied cortisone cream and took some Benadryl. Also slept with my head elevated and woke up looking better. Still a huge bruise but a lot better than yesterday. Will post pic:-)

Update pic

2nd day
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