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Juverderm Lip Enchancment Has Ruined my Face - Reading, GB

I had a,slightly thin upper lip, nothing to bad. I...

I had a,slightly thin upper lip, nothing to bad. I got 1 syringe juverderm In my lips and asked for a minimal natural look. Since getting it everyone keeps askin what I've dome to my face and saying I looked much better before. The only person that thinks it looks 'nice' is the women who works at the so called 'award winning' destination skin clinic in reading.
I'm writing this to warn others. I stupidly believed the clinic when they told me no one would know n it would look natural. I now believe no lip filler looks good or natural u just have to look at the rich and famous celebrities who still don't look awful with them
I think patients do not realize how much lip fillers can change the look of their whole face. (Cher comes to mind.) I do like your lips better before the filler, but they are also nice after the filler, and, at any rate, in 4 months, the filler will be gone. So count yourself lucky that you don't have horrendous, permanent damage to your face as some of us do. Take care!
I think the lips on the 'after' picture look just fabulous! not like there was anything wrong with them before
The 'after' look is much better. I don't think there's something to panic about. Your lips look fabulous!

lips have calmed down slighlty. still wouldnt do it again

It has been 11 days since my lip filler injections, the swelling stage was very stressful and it was hard having to explain to everyone at work what I've had done.
I still think they're too big and
the top one sticks out quite ducky looking, they are also still uneven.
The recovery was longer than I was lead to believe, I could not move my lips well whilst speaking which was obvious to others, and even now my lips have settled down a lot people still say 'oh you got your lips done'!. Definitely not the subtle enhancement I was looking for, a few people have said they like them although most prefered them before.

I guess I've learnt a lesson, if it's not broken don't fix it. I now think surgery should only be done If you have a defect, natural looks best 90% of the time. Chasing your ideal look is time consuming never ending and ultimately not worth it.
I think your lips look great ! It is a little stressful when you want just enough filler to give you the look your dreaming of but not so much that everyone comments and notices that you have used a filler. But filling lips are very noticeable in my opinion. I think yours turned out nice.
I've never heard of Juvederm lasting >one year. I've only heard about & experienced it lasting about 4 mos. I think in a few months this will be but a distance memory. I hope you feel better about it soon.
I like your philosophy. I think what is compelling about Realself is finding out the truth that so many people are unhappy with the results after the procedure or surgery. The doctors never tell You that! Your outcome was not so bad, so I hope you love your face the way it is. Thanks for posting.

lips looking quite natural now

It's been 4 weeks now since treatment and things have improved a bit. Seem to have a few bumps when stretch ing my lips and looking closely. Still have the asymmetry but I doubt people notice that. A few people have said they look nice, and don't really notice them anymore, which is good! the swollen duck lip was quite embarrassing!
I don't think any one that doesn't know me well would know I've had anything done.
I doubt I'd have it done again although it doesnt look bad now, it just seem s you look at pics of any celebrity that s had it done and 95% of the time it looks ridiculous. I think maybe they get used to the bigger look and think they need them fuller...I don't want to get into that cycle, they end up looking like plastic clowns but seem to think it looks good!
Hope my review has helped someone make a better informed decision
I like them a lot too. They don't unnatural at all.
I don't know, but I think your lips look great actually.
Thank u. I really needed to read this. I got juvederm injections 6 days ago. I do nothing but cry. I never feel pretty anymore! Did u get them in the lining of your lips or the body? The Dr insisted on doing it in the lining to enhance my lip line. But since, I've read that getting the injections in the lining can give u a duck look. (And it did). People seem to like it in the body of the lips instead. I'll never have anything cosmetic done again! Ever! But nice to know it will still get better.

improved a bit more

So its been 7 weeks since the juverderm injections now. Ive had quite a few compliments on them now, they have gone down even more which is good.

They still look uneven from the front which I's annoying. I hope this goes as the juverderm disappears . They do look ok from the side or 3/4 view though, I seem to have a lot if lines on lips now which I didn't before. Which is strange as it's meant to fill out lines not make them!
Love your conitued updates, thanks so much for sharing so much detail.  Your lip looks way more natural now, I didn't really notice the asymmetry but I'm not looking at you in person.  That is weird about the more profound lip wrinkles, I wonder why that happened. 
Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for your plain and honest review. Good to hear that it's getting better too. From where I'm sitting your lips look lovely natural and still great afterwards (despite the symmetry issue) but of course I don't really know how it is for you because I'm not feeling them and I don't see how they look when you are moving.
Hi thanks. To be honest they feel fine now no bumps and natural feeling. Although I think the fillers starting to dissolve a bit but still have a shape to the top lip, the symmetry is not noticable other than in pictures or if I pointed it out. I just hope I give people hope that are going thru bad lip filler that it gets better quickly, I thought I'd look like a duck forever at first lol x

lips look fine now

It's been 4 months now gosh time has flown this year! My lips look fine now hardly noticeable I've had anything just a tiny bit more volume than previously which is what I initially wanted. Lots of people say they like them which us a good sign I guess. Just wish I hadn't had to go thru rhe first 3 weeks looking like a duck then people might actually if thought they were natural lol! Hope this is encouraging to any one in the same situation I was.

satisfied with result now

Has took 4 months to get here but really like the results now. I guess they over filled to start with maybe because they wanted the results to last longer
Anyway I'd probably recommend for going for as little as possible to start then build up if you want more, to avoid getting overly obvious duck lips to start.
You were smart to dissolve it sooner, before the skin got stretched out.. If you look, you will see what happened to mine after 26 months. It is a myth that this stuff dissolves by itself. A real disaster.
Honestly, if those are your real lips in the pictures, they look great? The camera might be covering some flaws, but they really came out nice. I would totally be happy with those lips!
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