SO SCARED! Surgery on 12/12/12 - Raleigh, NC

Hey Guys! I have a rhinoplasty scheduled with...

Hey Guys!

I have a rhinoplasty scheduled with Dr. Adam Stein for this Wednesday the twelveth.

I am from Georgia but drove all the way to North Carolina to do my procedure with him. For several months now, I have been doing extensive research and finally decided he was my guy! My surgery is in less than two days and I am freaking out!! any advice would really be helpful right about now! My biggest concern right now is fear of not waking up or something going wrong in surgery. My surgeon uses twilight anesthesia,which poses less risks but still, I'm extremely scared and am hoping I wont chicken out the time of the surgery cause i'm sure I'll regret it if I do.

I'll add some pictures of my nose soon:)

I'm sorry about your anxiety! I felt the exact same way before my rhinoplasty, but you know what? I was fine and you will be, too. You'll get some nice drugs, take a nap, and when you wake up, all you have to do is heal. Deep breaths...


Ahh!! tomorrow is the day guys!! Today I've been...

Ahh!! tomorrow is the day guys!! Today I've been super busy getting everything ready, and buying all the necessary items for the surgery. My surgery is tomorrow at 12:30 pm, prayers would be nice:)
I'll try to update as soon as i get back to my hotel from the surgery.
oh and I've added some before pictures of my nose!! I'll add some more as soon as I have a chance. My profile is the part that bothers me the most.

hope youre doing well. Dr Stein did my septo rhinoplasty too, and I love my new nose. you should be getting your cast off pretty soon, if not today. good luck

You're on the other side! Now you just have to rest and heal. Keep us posted!

I bet your nose will be really nice, because you already had perfect nostrils.

Hi everybody, My Internet crashed this past week...

Hi everybody,
My Internet crashed this past week thus the reason I have not been able to update. But it has already been a week since my surgery!! Crazy right? last time I updated was the day of my procedure so I'll begin with the surgery, I was very nervous the day of the surgery, my tummy even started to hurt Haha but as I arrived at the clinic the nurses and everyone there made me feel a lot better, they were all so nice and told me that everything would be ok. The surgery itself was about an hour long since they didn't do much to my nose, I really only requested the bump be taken off and the tip slightly raised. But overall the surgery went well and I was scared for nothing, it literally felt like I took a short nap.

I cannot however, say the same about the recovery process. I was MISERABLE!!! My face swelled up like a ballon, my eyes became really bruised and almost swollen shut, I even threw-up a couple times. I felt horrible!! Although I must say, I felt basically no pain. As of right now, the swelling on my face is almost completely gone and the bruising is still present but clearing up as the days pass.

As I write this, I am on my way back to North Carolina to get the cast taken off. I am excited yet pretty nervous of the outcome! Ill update again soon:)))
Would love to hear an update!
Hey, you never wound up updating! How did the cast removal go? Do you like your results??
Please keep us updated! Super excited for you!
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