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When I was 18 I hated the bump on my nose and I...

When I was 18 I hated the bump on my nose and I had it removed. I was thrilled with the results but in my 30's the tip of my nose began to "fall" making it very noticeable when I smiled. Also I began to notice my nostrils were no longer symmetrical. It bothered me increasingly with every photo taken of me so I finally decided since I had a deviated septum anyway I might as well try this one more time.

I am 4 days post op and now that I have removed the drip pad I can tell I am going to love the new tip. I have stitches which feel like they will pop when I yawn but other than a little swelling and some annoyance at breathing through my mouth, it's been a good experience as was my last one.

If you really hate your nose and find a good doctor it is totally worth it if it helps your self esteem. I hardly have any pain and I am just waiting for my splint to come off and the stitches and packing to dissolve. Good luck to you all who decide to take this journey! I hope your experience is as good as mine has been thus far!


Congratulations to you!!
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Got my cast off and stitches removed today! The...

Got my cast off and stitches removed today! The doctor said my scar tissue inside where the deviated septum was, is not healing like he hoped so I go back in a week to see if he needs to give me a local anesthetic and try to fix it. I am very pleased with new tip, however it's still asymmetrical so he said as time goes on and swelling subsides if it doesn't look better than we can discuss more options. He said it was asymmetrical before the surgery due to the plastic surgeon that took off the bump back when I was 18. He said too much cartilage is taken by PS's (this surgeon I used is an ENT) so we did discuss that this could happen prior to the surgery. I know it's still swollen so right now a direct facing pic of me smiling makes it a little noticeable :( so we will see as time goes by how it looks. I am just happy to have the stitches out because yawning and eating was kind of awkward! Overall it is totally worth it!


Hey. I hope things are looking up for you. All the best.
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You look great! Loved your results!
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Well I went back to work today and only a few people knew. They told me it looked nice but when I pointed out how one nostril was higher than the other they said it wasn't noticeable until I pointed it out. I feel like its all you can see when I smile now. Also, went back to doctor for follow up and my scar tissue in septum is not healing as he hoped. It's closing up my nose worse than the deviated septum did. I have to go back in a week and get a local anesthetic while he does something to open the passage back up. I am totally freaking out now! My nose is super itchy and it's numb so I can't feel myself scratch it. Does anyone know if that's permanent? I'm hoping its not nerve damage. Still stuffy to breathe but it's only day 9. I'm trying to be patient. I already want the nostrils fixed and am thinking of another revision...I am getting paranoid. I will post more pics this weekend so you can see what I am talking about.
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