33 Yrs Old • Lost 25 Pounds and Volume on my Face - Prescott, AZ

I am 33 years old and I had 1 syringe of juvaderm...

I am 33 years old and I had 1 syringe of juvaderm in my Nasolabial folds and 30 units of botox in my forehead yesterday at 6pm for the first time. I recently lost 25 pounds that seemed to suck the volume right out of my cheeks and increased the depth of my smile lines. The procedure went okay, I fainted immediately after it was over, the nurses gave me a snack and protein drink and took me to a room that was much cooler and put a fan on me, it took ten minutes for me to feel better.
I had redness and irritation on both sides of my mouth immediately then and bruising within minutes after leaving the dr office. I applied frozen peas to my cheeks for 20 minutes, I rotated the bag from left cheek to right cheek every couple of minutes for about 15 minutes and repeated that every couple of hours. I can feel the filler under my skin in the folds. The only way to describe the feeling under the skin is to say it feels like a rope or a piece of my cell phone power cord is in there.
I applied green concealer to the bruising today when I went to work, either nobody noticed it or they just didnt mention it. I gently washed the make up off when I got home from work. It has been 28 hours and I have posted pictures of my cheeks 1 hour post-op, 24 hours post op with make up and 28 hours post op after removing the make up.
I know the end results take time and I guess I was surprised the filler was not massaged into place, I expected it to be smoother when I walked out of there. But I know from experience with other cosmetic procedures that the end results take time. So I will update when I can.


Congrats on the weight loss!  So scary that you passed out, glad it was just one of those random things.  How is everything now that you are a couple days out?  Thanks for posting pics!
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Its great, now that that bruising is pretty much gone, I can see the difference in my face. Thanks for asking

3 days later

It's been 3 days and the bruising is almost gone. I have been applying arnica cream to areas twice a day and I think it helped a lot. I can still feel the juvaderm under my skin and I called my dr's office and they say it will take time for it to go down. My skin is peeling around the injection area which made it difficult to hide the bruising with makeup. I am using arnica cream twice a day and I think it helped a lot with the bruising. Posting a picture

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3 days post pic


Wow! You look fabulous. I had restylane injection in the nasolabial. The worst part is when they numb the area. It hurts so much. But I think it makes a BIG difference in my appearance. It also lasts about a year. So in the end it's worth it. Thanks for sharing.
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Arnica is amazing, glad you knew about it.  You picture looks great!

7 days after injections

Looks great and I am super happy with the results. The 'rope like' feeling of the filler is still there but it's definitely going down day by day. Posting pic day 7.


You look great! That's the only place I would ever have fillers done. I got bitten by the "filler bug" having the same area done. Then I went to the hollows under my eyes--BIG mistake! I'm back on real self.com finding a doctor to undo the huge bags placed under my eyes by both filler and hyalaunderase
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Well done! Maybe I should try Juvaderm next time. thanks for the update.
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juvaderm has an anaesthetic mixed in, so it doesn't hurt - other than a very slight pin-prick when the needle is inserted. i've had a lot of it done, and not found it ever to be an uncomfortable experience. my doctor uses a ballon that's frozen to ice. she rolls the area where she's injecting with the ice balloon first. she tells me it has 2 purposes: one, it helps reduce and feeling, and 2, it shrinks the small blood vessels, so getting brusing from the injections is minimized. in 2 years of treatments i've never had any post-injection bruising, and i've had juvaderm done in all the parts of the face, except the forehead. you got good results with just one 1-cc syringe, so you didn't need much correction.
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one month post op

LOVE the results!


I like your lips too!
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You look great!
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Thanks for posting the update! Sooooo glad you're happy with the results!
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Dr. Rothrock

He was awesome, very conservative and did not try to up-sell me other services. The nursing staff was great too.

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