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I Just Wanted my Bottom Teeth Straight. - Pottsville, PA

I wanted to get my bottom teeth straightened...

I wanted to get my bottom teeth straightened because as I have gotten older my once perfect teeth started to shift, almost as if they were turning towards each other. I have always had very tight teeth and when I got my wisdom teeth, they came in on their sides, it really crowded my lower teeth together. My top front teeth were perfect but the tooth next to my right front was Very slightly turned, if I smiled you would have never noticed it. I told my dentist that I thought my teeth were starting to move and she said that was common as you get older, especially when your teeth are very tight. Then she said we have this new procedure that I was an ideal candidate for because, I have a perfect bite and only wanted to straighten my lower teeth and one top tooth. She also said it was less expensive than going to the Orthodontist, a big selling point for 6 month smile, and would take less time. Time wasn't the concern for me but if I could pay a little less that would be great, only later did I realize that it my area at least, it is actually a lot more expensive. Getting them on was pretty easy and I only had discomfort for 2 days. At some point between getting them on and my 2 week appointment I lost a rubber band on my left upper tooth and now my tooth had shifted to the right. They put the rubber band back on and she said that the tooth would go back into place. Then she said that they would have to do some minor sanding to get my teeth to fit together, at which time I told her I did not want my teeth sanded so that they would look like skinny tiny teeth, to which she replied that it was very minor and wouldn't even go through the enamel. I believe that she ended up sanding them a total of 5 or 6 times in 9 months. In October I noticed that my molars were starting to shift inwards making my arch on the bottom very narrow and making it hard to chew. I told her about this so she kept an eye on it and in January they put a bracket on my very last molar to widen the arch. It did not help and by March my bite was completely changed and it changed the shape of my face and not for the better. I saw her for the last time in March at which time she did a sanding that hurt my teeth, she asked if I wanted Novocaine and I said no I want you to stop. After that appointment I went to see an Orthodontist to get a second opinion. I did not even open my mouth when he said your bottom brackets are on wrong. When he did examine my teeth I was told my wires are the wrong size which is why my lower arch is so narrow, and my teeth should have never been sanded, and sanding is reserved for very rare case when the teeth do not fit after trying everything else. He also said my bite is completely off. I asked him if he could fix it and would he take me as a patient, thank God he said yes. I never went back to my dentist. After nine months the only thing she did was sand my teeth and my front tooth never went back into place so she now I have crooked front teeth. I will be in braces another 10 months to fix all the mess that was made with my teeth and to make matters worse had I gone to the Orthodontist in the first place I would have my braces off already. There weren't many pictures of the 6 month smile when I had mine put on but there are now and except for the ones that were put on by Orthodontist the center bite is off on everyone. Had all those pictures been on the net when I was doing my search I would have never had them done. Check into the Orthodontist in your area first if you want you teeth fixed. Most of them offer great payment plans are very up to date on the latest procedures, including the faster braces. After my first visit with the Orthodontist,he fixed my brackets and after two weeks my face is back to normal and so is my big wide smile, which I love. I know now that I will have the teeth I wanted in the first place and it will be worth the extra 10 months.

Getting There!

It has now been a month since I started going to the Orthodontist and my teeth have moved so much I can hardly believe it. My bottom canine teeth have almost completely turned and my lower front teeth are starting to look very straight. I am still trying to get my pictures from the Dentist so I can post them along with my new pictures. My upper front teeth are almost perfect once again so I am very thrilled with my results so far.
Dr. Jane Doe

Overall my dentist came highly recommended and I liked her very much. My whole family went to her for all our dental needs and she is a very good dentist but she is not an orthodontist. I also do not want to use her name as this is a small town and everyone knows everyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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When I read your review I was so moved. I am so glad you found an orthodontist that could help you. I also know what you mean about seeing movement within a month's time. It is amazing what can happen when you have a good doctor. I wish you all the best.
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I do so hope to see!  Congratulations!  It sounds awesome :D.  You can do mouth selfies of your current state, though!
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Thank you for telling us your story.  I'm sorry about how things went with the initial treatment, but very glad to hear your braces treatment is going well!  How much will you end up paying for the new braces?  Are you going to review that experience as well? :)
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I ended up paying an additional 1900.00, he took me on as a transfer patient since my daughter went there. If I had originally gone to him the whole thing would have cost me 2500.00 a thousand dollars less than I payed. I will keep you posted on my progress, but so far I am very happy and my teeth have already moved more now than they did in the first nine months I had the six month smile.
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It looks so weird, seeing 'nine months I had the six month smile'.  Were your teeth a difficult case at all?  Do you have any before pictures?  I know you said you just had some crowding and your teeth were very tight, but crowding cases can be difficult and require a lot of movement as well as IPR.

Also, do you have any idea how many cases your dentist had done with this product before trying it on you?
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I am going to get my pictures today so I'll try and get them posted. It was nine months and I wasn't close to being done. I did have tight crowded lower teeth but so did both my daughters and only one of them needed IPR work and that was at the very last stage of her treatment, Her lower teeth actually fit together but her two canine were behind the others. Her Orthodontist did IPR just the one time before he tightened up her teeth at the very end before she got them off. Her teeth are still perfect after 14 years. My youngest had very crowded lower teeth and her Orthodontist never did IPR work and her teeth are perfect, she was only in braces for 14 months. I did go to three Orthodontists before choosing the one my daughter went to and they all said the same thing, she should have never done IPR work on you and she put the lower brackets on wrong along with the wrong wire size. She has also changed your bite and it changed my face. According to the Orthodontists I saw they all said that my teeth weren't that bad. I did need to move my canines but they should have moved in nine month and they hadn't. I am not sure how many she had done before me I think they told me she had already done about 15 to 20, but I was shown the after molds from at least 4 different people that started before me and were done and their teeth look good but again their center bites are off. When the molds were put together the top and bottom did not line up. Both my daughters teeth line up perfectly.
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Thank you.  I think that all of this information will be useful for others as well.  I hope the orthodontist is able to restore you to a proper bite.  Please keep us posted, and I look forward to seeing your pictures when you your hands on them :).
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