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V-Beam Burns - Portland, OR

I was burned due to a V-Beam laser treatment...

I was burned due to a V-Beam laser treatment around my mouth and nose. The laser also "splashed" on my face in areas where I was not treated. A burn specialist used this term to describe how the laser traveled to other areas of my face. One example: I was treated for a broken cap on my nose and the laser traveled across my face almost to my ear. One year later, I'm still suffering from the physical and emotional trauma of this event. I will never get another laser treatment of ANY kind.

Which doctor did you go to in Portland? I am currently searching for a doctor to do VBeam in Portland, and want to stay away from whoever did this to you! Thanks for you help.
I am so sorry. I hope you were compensated. At least post something in the paper, on-line or with the Better Business Bureau about your doctor and your experience so no one else goes thru this.!
That is very sad!! Even my small children know to admit their mistakes!!! Why would the doctor's office not admit they made a mistake and try to help you!!????

I hope you have complete healing!!!
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