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My 27yr old implants were replaced i told my...

My 27yr old implants were replaced i told my surgeon i wanted 400cc i had shown her a photo from this site.She refused and said her reputation was at stake as to me looking natural...I ended up with 300cc her choise after 3months they have shrunk and one implant i can feel the egde near my cleveage espcially when i lay on my side it feels like a saucer.untill i manipulate it flatter
on my 3month visit to my surgeon i sugested a bigger implant on that side.but was told no it would be worse.and.i had to live with it..Please tell me is this so..Thankyou

Lacy, Miami ,Angie: As compassionate board certified plastic surgeons,we feel awful when you have an unexpected outcome. I see revision patients from all over the world and a few things are certain. If you have saline implants (which I rarely insert but frequently replace) you can have them DEFLATED in the office. The breast will reshape themselves in a couple if weeks and you can then choose the size that suits YOU best. I don't use sizers in the OR to determine size. Patients are assisted in making their choice in the office in advance. Thirdly, if you feel the lip of the implant medially (along the cleavage line) the muscle may be comprised there and it may need to be repaired. One should also consider a silicone implant. Finally, "natural " breasts are overrated and can be many sizes. Nice (aka HOT ) breast may also be different sizes. The costs for pretty breasts is exactly the same as it is for "natural". If you really want pretty breasts , don't be afraid to ask for it. And see a couple of surgeons before you accept that your request is unreasonable. I am pulling for you. Keep me "abreast" of your success. Larry Leverett ,MD

Dr Leverett,thankyou for your message.I went back to see my surgeon on friday,to reshow her my breast when lying down on the right side it comes up like the side of a saucer the implant is INSPIRA TSF ALLERGEN 345G..she made two suggestions to correct the problem..one being to cut away some skin on the already made insicion but that would pull my nipple down and it would look deformed..or to replace just one implant with a larger size but it would be bigger than the other breast.and heavier.she has given me a month to think about it..how much extra gms should i go if i had a replacement .Thankyou
PS. The picture on my profile is how they used to look, now they look like 1 pancake breast and the other like a baseball!
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