30 Years Old - Successful septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction

I'm turning 30 this year, recently moved to...

I'm turning 30 this year, recently moved to Pittsburgh and getting married in 2015 to a wonderful guy who thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am. No one knows I'm considering rhinoplasty though I've been self-conscious of my nose since I was a teenager. As a child, I was clumsy, constantly falling and bumping my nose into things. In elementary school, a basketball flew into my face and I think broke my nose though no one took me to the hospital to get it checked out. As I got older, it grew more and more crooked. Fortunately I was spared the relentless teasing a lot of other people experience. I only had to field the occasional comment about whether my nose had been broken or would I ever consider plastic surgery. I guess I've been lucky that people have been generally tactful, however despite what other people's perceptions are, I'm constantly aware of my prominent nose. I'm nervous in job interviews and when meeting new people. My confidence is suffering more and more because of it. I have a bump, deviated septum so my nose curves to the side, and a large bulbous tip. Overall, my nose is too big for my face. As a yoga practitioner, I'm very aware that I don't breathe equally through both of my nostrils and I know I breathe loudly at night. I have chronic allergic rhinitis, congestion and sinus headaches which I'm hoping this surgery can alleviate.

I have done a lot of research and scheduled 3 upcoming consultations with well-qualified surgeons in Pittsburgh. I'm nervous about telling my family and my fiance that I'm planning to do this this year. It sounds silly, but I've always been known as the one in my family who doesn't care much about appearances, not into fashion or make-up- I'm the hippy, nature-loving, yoga-practicing vegetarian of the family. I used to think plastic surgery was a shallow or insecure thing to do- now after finding the RealSelf community, I've come to realize that that's completely wrong, plastic surgery is for people just like me. It's not about being superficial, but correcting something that isn't how it's supposed to be which can change your life in so many positive and beneficial ways. I realize how silly it sounds that I was afraid that taking this step would ruin my 'image' of being 'someone who doesn't care about images'. This is not the nose nature intended and there's nothing wrong with taking steps to correct it.

Everyone has the right to feel confident and beautiful, especially on their wedding day. Now is the right time for me. I'm in a transition period as I approach my wedding and my 30s, I'm ready for a change and I'm hoping a new nose will help me go forward in my career and have the confidence to make new friends.

Of course I have plenty of reservations - what if things go wrong? What if the outcome is worse than the nose I have now? What if I permanently lose my smile that most people say is my best feature? Is this is an insane amount of money to spend on myself when I'm of very limited resources, my car is ancient and falling apart, and I have a wedding to pay for? I can scrape together the money for an initial septo-rhinoplasty, but a revision rhinoplasty would be beyond my means.

Despite these concerns, I'm eagerly awaiting my consultations and I know in my heart this is something I want and need and those close to me will understand once I break the news!
you have such a pretty face. you're going to be stunning!
Thank you for the kind words! I don't expect to be a supermodel afterwards, but I do think the surgery will greatly improve the balance of my features. I hope that your recovery is going well, please keep me posted.
As far as Pittsburgh doctors go, Dr. Ray Capone is outstanding! A few of my friends have gone to him for cosmetic surgeries and highly recommend him. I was quoted rhinoplasty @ $5500 for everything included from Dr. Capone, however I'm going a few hours east for my surgery to be with family so he is not the one I'm choosing. I've also heard great things about Dr. Paul Leong. Good luck my dear!! Keep us posted!

2 weeks till my first consult

Nothing much new to report except I did tell my fiance this week that I was considering having this done. It went about as well as I expected, he told me there was NO WAY I was going to change my nose because he loves my nose just the way it is and there is nothing wrong with it. He never even noticed it was crooked! Could it be that all this time he's known me, especially the TWO years we've lived together where he's surely seen my nose from every possible angle, that he never noticed anything was off about it? I'm sure I scrutinize my schnoz more than anyone around me, but it's an objective fact that my nose deviates to the side and it's glaringly obvious when talking to me or seeing me in photos. Then again, love is blind and he did put a ring on my finger with this nose on my face so presumably he was willing to take the whole package on an as-is basis.

He said that I can't change it because it's MY nose. I have a hard time understanding this logic because any nose that I would have in the future would still be MY nose, I'm not going to all of a sudden have someone else's nose, just an improved version of my own nose. Also, the nose I have now is probably not the nose I would have had had it not experienced all that trauma in my youth. If nothing had ever interfered with it, I would likely have inherited my dad's nose - large, but straight.

I am not deterred because I know he will come around, he's open-minded and supportive, it will just take him a little while to get used to the idea. Next time I bring it up I will be armed with computer generated images of my potentially new nose!
I was so excited to read this! So many posts are about being nervous and ultimately taking the plunge. I was searching for someone who posts about the discussion with their fiance or their family. I've brought up wanting a nose job to my newlywed husband and he says no! I love you the way you are! (and by the way we are both lucky that our spouses answer with that!) My mother is anti-plastic-surgery. Flat out. She's always ripping on it and I feel like she sees it as a representation of superficial or desperate women. I don't know how my discussion is going to go with her. But your story gives me comfort! I'm not the only one who's not being taken seriously! I look forward to your process posts!
Thank you so much! I'm really glad I started my diary here. :) you are so cute now I'm sure your hubby just doesn't see any for improvement. Men can be way less focused on details than us... i do have good news though - a few days after I dropped the bombshell to my fiance, he just out of the blue said "you know I still don't see anything wrong with your nose but if this is something that would help you physically and medically then I support you 100 percent" !! That was such a relief. I think stressing the breathing and health benefits definitely helps sway people. It's not all cosmetic because having a well functioning nose is essential! Good luck ;)
*room for improvement

First consult down! So far so good

I had my first consult today with Dr. Leong and he is as wonderful as all the reviews say. We had a huge snowstorm hit this morning, so getting to the appointment was extremely stressful, none of the roads were plowed and I barely made it out of my street, but I got there right on time at 8:15. Because of the weather, he was running a bit behind and I had to wait about a half hour to see him, but it was well worth it since he spent a good hour and a half with me. He made me feel very comfortable and he was extremely thorough, went into great detail about the anatomy of the nose and different techniques and options for rhinoplasty. He took a lot of pictures, which was probably the most nerve-wracking part since those are the angles those of us with bad noses AVOID like the plague, but it was a necessary evil. He also did a thorough exam of the interior of my nose. The initial consult was a $100 charge and all follow ups after that, prior to the surgery, are free. So I scheduled a follow up for a month from now which gives me plenty of time to mull things over. At that appointment, he will go into more detail about the surgery and the specific refinements he will make to my nose since I have a couple of options there. At that point he will also print out my pictures and show me what the potential results could look like. I'm really happy with his before/after pictures as his results are very natural and never look 'done'.

Also found out that my septum is not that deviated and isn't really causing most of the crookedness to my nose. That was pretty surprising and also means this is more of a cosmetic than functional rhinoplasty and therefore pursuing the insurance angle might not be a worthwhile option. The cost of the surgery is more than the budget I originally set, so for this to be feasible, I will need to finance it, probably for 12-24 months. I plan on applying for the Care Credit card once I've made my final decision.

My fiance is being really supportive. The only thing he's hesitant about (and with good reason) is the cost, since we have our wedding to pay for. He asked me if I just wanted to wait until after the wedding for the surgery but I told him there is just no way this nose will be joining us in matrimony. His reply, which was perfect: "It can be your something new!" Yep, he's pretty much the best fiance ever.

I still have my consults with the other two surgeons coming up in the next couple weeks, so until then I will do my best to not spend every waking moment obsessing about this. :)
Before you go through care credit, take a look at other options(they have high interest rates! ) if you have a 401k you may be able to take a loan out against it for a low interest rate
First off let me say that your results are phenomenal! You have my ideal nose. It really makes all your other features pop. Unfortunately I have less than $1,000 in my 401K so not much of an option there. I would prefer getting one of the care credit interest free options but we'll have to see. Would be so bummed if I have to put this off because of money constraints :/
I think there might be a misunderstanding about how CareCredit works. They do have high interest rates but most, if not all, providers will offer you a lengthy interest-free period (on the order of 12-18 months). While CareCredit does set the interest rate, it's the provider that determines how long the interest-free period is. If you're sure that you'll be able to pay off the part of the surgery you finance within a year (or whatever your interest-free period is) CareCredit is actually a great option. Don't use your 401k!

First Consult, Round 2

I had my consult with Dr. Gillman Monday. I had decided to take the whole day off work and glad I did since it was about an hour wait, which he profusely apologized for. But that's pretty par for the course with any doctor's office these days. He's a practicing ENT physician so he's not just seeing patients for rhinoplasty all day. I was a little nervous that he was going to be somewhat brusque or wasn't going to have a warm bedside manner since I'd read a review online from an angry mother who said that he made her daughter cry and was not the surgeon for cleft palate surgery. Whoa! Fortunately, I did not find that to be the case at my consult. He was very kind and made me feel at ease, but he also knows his stuff since he's being doing noses for decades. I really liked all of his before/after photos; the results were natural and elegant, he really achieves harmony with the rest of a person's features. He's been consistently voted one of the top physicians in the country and one of the best for women.

He mentioned doing some kind of cartilage grafting in my nose to create more balance. I'd never really considered anything like that before since I was mainly focused on reduction, not adding to or repositioning the cartilage in my nose. But since this was a first consult, he didn't go into great detail about how that would work. He took photos and said he would do some imaging on them and call me back in a few days. Haven't heard from him since but I hope he'll call me this week to set up our 2nd meeting.

I canceled the first consult with Dr. Chiu. A few reasons - I read the negative review on here from someone who had a rhinoplasty with him, wasn't happy with the results and said he was unwilling to perform revision or listen to her concerns. It's a bad sign for me, I want a doctor who is willing to make me happy no matter what, especially since surgery with him is on the high end - $10,000+ and the initial consult is $150. Also I got a bad vibe from his office manager, there is only one girl working in the office who manages everything - taking calls, responding to inquiries, coordination, etc. I found her to be unprofessional, disorganized and unresponsive. She took 3 weeks to respond to an email, and I had to email twice to get answer, which doesn't bode well in case I were to have surgery with them and needed a response quickly. She also confused me with another patient and accidentally called and left me a voicemail which was not intended for me, then explained she gets so many inquiries every day it's hard to keep them all straight. I just wasn't getting a good feeling and I think it's important to trust your gut.

So I know I'm rambling a lot but I've been doing so much reflecting this week. It's strange to finally be "out" with my big secret (even though I haven't told the fam yet). This insecurity that I've been hiding from the world for so long, I'm now openly calling attention to, I'm letting doctors touch and closely examine my nose, I'm not hiding behind my hair and pretending my nose isn't an issue. It's very strange - I feel exposed! I also want to make sure I'm doing this for the absolute right reasons. There have been periods of my life where I haven't obsessed about my nose (for instance when I was backpacking across Europe I wasn't thinking twice about it). Since moving to Pittsburgh, I've been isolated, I have this demoralizing, dead-end job and no friends despite my best efforts to make them, I am now wondering if my nose has become a scapegoat for all my problems! But when I start asking myself these questions, the truth is this issue is going to persist the rest of my life until I get it fixed and I'm not looking for surgery to give me self-esteem. I think some people do fall into that trap with plastic surgery. Ultimately a sense of self-worth comes from within! but it's just going to give me that extra boost I need. :) So bottom line, I think I would want this regardless of other circumstances in my life.

If I'm not 100 percent sure after the second consults in March, I'm either going to expand the search to Cleveland and Philadelphia, or put the whole thing on the backburner.

2nd Consults Down, Decision Made

This week I had my second consultations with both Dr. Gillman and Dr. Leong. Both are fabulous doctors and I have no doubt that either one would have been a great choice, but after a lot of deliberation I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Gillman. So now I have about 100 days to prepare myself for surgery. Will post again as the date approaches!
I'm also looking at these two doctors and also Dr. Capone. I want to book for June in Pittsburgh!
Dr. Capone has done some amazinnng work on friends of mine! Definitely worth looking into.
Really? Great to hear. Wonder if any of them want to share pics!

2 months to go

So it's been a month since I made my decision and booked surgery. This month has flown by so I'm hoping the next 2 will do the same. I'm telling my family in person next week when I go back home for a visit. Keep in mind I've kept this a secret for about 15 years so I'm anxiously awaiting their reactions! I'm sure they knew I was self-conscious of my nose but never wanted to say anything to make me feel bad since I could never afford to do anything about it, so I imagine when I tell them, they will respond with variations of "It's about time! we always thought you needed a nose job!"

Will post more pics of my hideous nose soon so we can all bid it a fond farewell. ;)
It seems that you are organised and are doing your research very well. Because of this, the surgery will likely be successful & improve your nose
Thank you for the support!

Chickened Out On Telling The Fam

So I flew home this weekend to do some wedding stuff and my plan was to tell my family in person about my upcoming surgery...and well, with all the running around and wedding planning and meeting my little baby niece just born 2 months ago, there was never a good moment to bring it up. Or maybe I just chickened out?
the fam is hard... mine has known i wanted this changed forever, and yet they are mostly not supportive. saying i don't need it and it's not worth the risk and i have a daughter to think about.. and generally making me worry. thank God for those i know who DO support me, mostly friends and younger family like my niece and cousin. maybe you are best off not telling them? just wait and then call after? i have decided i'm not telling my parents the date of it, i will not talk about it again until i'm done, and then i'll call and say, "HI! i just had my surgery and I'm OK!:)"
I know. Im really torn! A part of me thinks telling them is the right thing to do because when you go under anesthesia, there's always a risk you won't come back out. So it's important to let people know right?But I dont want to hear anything negative or disparaging, so i'm going to emphasis the medical aspects. Both of my parents have to sleep with breathing machines so I think they will understand i'm trying to avoid having that situation down the line...

some pics of my nose today

My cubicle seems to be the best place to snap some nose selfies. Really cant hide any flaws under these awful florescent lights
When I had my rhinoplasty (also several months before my wedding) my family didn't even notice! No one seemed to notice! Lol you could get away with not telling anyone, I promise! And to me there is a HUGE difference. Also they fixed some internal issues and I can breathe better too.
Thanks. Youre probably right. The thing is I want it to be a noticeable change, but maybe nobody sees the issues as much as I do? I want to tell them but I'm going to wait until the date gets closer.
I think people, even those close to us, just really don't notice things like that. Honestly I felt uncomfortable that people didn't notice and say something until I realized it was just never something they paid attention to. I think it's a good idea to tell you're family but don't let them talk you out of it if it's something you really want. Wish you the best!

my time off was denied

So I requested July 3 through 15 off and my boss said I can't have the 3rd off for sure but maybe the other days, she will have to see. Um seriously? That is no good ad my surgery is scheduled for july 3! And there was no good reason for denying that day off. I may have mentioned before that i have a really demoralizing job with fascist management. So now I'm super bummed. I have no choice but to try and reschedule my surgery. Will be calling my doctor.
I have hope everything is going to work out. Most definitely look for a new job as soon as you can. It isn't healthy to be in that situation.
You are so right. it's very toxic and my health has suffered working here, everything from headaches to anxiety to serious indoor allergies in the dirty office building. The sooner I get out the better!
Sorry to hear about the crummy boss. Can you fill out FMLA (family medical leave act) paperwork that might protect your job, and at the same time, give you the time off you scheduled for? I'm not sure exactly how it works but I'm filling out the fmla papers just in case my absence from work runs past the two weeks I took off (in case of any complications). But in your case, it may protect you if you try to keep your July 3rd date. I don't know enough about it but maybe it'll help.?.? Or maybe somebody scheduled for the following week will take your date and you take theirs. Hope it all works out!

rescheduled for june 19

After playing phone tag all day yesterday with Dr. Gillman's surgery schedule, Heather, who is amazing by the way, and a sleepless night full of fretting, I finally got her on the phone this morning. I was able to move my surgery date up by 2 weeks which makes me really happy. The sooner the better! I submitted a new PTO request for june 19-june 27, returning to work monday, june 30, and it was approved! Hopefully that's enough time for me to recovery and not look like a raccoon...
Congrats on the new date and your approval! Let the preparations begin : )
Yay! I have already started my stockpile of recovery goods :)
Your boss not giving you time off ended up being a blessing...:) You get your surgery sooner. :))) I'm excited for you!

Sometimes less is more...

I had a long chat with Dr. Gillman today because I had a few more questions about the surgery to go over with him, he was very patient answering all of my silly questions and I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose him. We are completely on the same page with the desired changes and I feel like he just really gets me and what I'm after. I completely trust his aesthetics, skill level and expertise. Some people would only trust their face with someone who does 500 rhinoplasties a year, which I totally get (hey, practice makes perfect!). But for me, it's quality over quantity and I'd rather have a doctor who does fewer surgeries and is going to take his time really getting to know each patient and their desired outcome. I think he's not afraid to tell a patient that he may not be the right fit for what they're looking for. He's not into noses that look done, or have that worked-on look. He creates noses that have elegance, harmony and longevity (no breathing problems down the line). So our goals are completely aligned.

Choosing a surgeon is such a subjective, deeply personal decision. And I also think it's about getting a good gut feeling about your doctor. I've read so many stories where people push past red flags and icky feelings and then are horrified with their results. Well yeah, your intuition is there for a reason. Then I've also read stories where people go to the most well-regarded top surgeon in their field, were so confident that they were going to get the best, and then they end up with botched results. I've toyed with the idea of getting my under-eye bags removed, then I read the horror stories (there are some on here) of people who went to the best ocular plastic surgeon in the country and he ruined their eyes. So you just never know. So much is out of your control, all you can do is make the most educated decision possible and full steam ahead.
Great to hear things are coming together:)

pics coming down temporarily

Just a little paranoid about being recognized by someone from work, so pix coming down until after surgery

I told my family!

My family now knows about my procedure and they are all being really supportive. My sisters and dad said they never noticed my nose was crooked, my mom said she noticed my bridge was getting more prominent and she can see where it gets narrower and more constricted just beneath the hump on my bridge. But they definitely all remembered how I was constantly getting hit in the face with balls as a kid and always had nosebleeds. My parents both have sleep apnea and have to sleep with breathing machines, so they were glad that this surgery should prevent me from having to deal with that when I get older. Especially my dad who has been to a lot of ENT's himself but was always advised surgery probably wouldn't help his case. As for the cosmetic part of the surgery, my mom said she thinks my nose is elegant the way it is and if anything, the surgery will just make me more beautiful. Which, of course, moms have to say but it still meant a lot to me!

I'm feeling really good with the family support behind me but am starting to get a lot of nerves about the actual surgery and recovery - anesthesia, pain, discomfort, what if I don't like the way it looks afterwards and miss my quirky Roman nose? And should I tell my coworkers the truth, or use some kind of 'cover story' ? Any one reading this who has been through the surgery or about to go through with it - what did you tell your work?
Well, I haven't been through this kind of surgery yet, but I teach so I have summers off. lucky me i know. but if people ask if i had it done I will admit it. and smile! but if they just say something's different I will just say idk! lol. I wouldn't worry about anesthesia anymore girl! listen, you are doing this surgery. worrying solves nothing. i look at it like this: i am going through with this surgery no matter what. i have a deviated septum so it's functional (so do you) and it's therefore necessary! why NOT have the cosmetic part fixed while you are under and the doc is all up in there anyway it makes perfect sense. I have had other surgeries and i never worried before about anesthesia. it's so safe these days. i have done lots of research. have you ever been hit by lightning? you have apparently also not been killed by a car so, the odds ARE on your side. it's so safe! don't worry. just relax and get excited! our dates are coming up soon yay. i have to go buy my stuff soon. U pillow etc.
You are so right. I need to get Zen about this! I think right now one of my irrational worries is something going wrong with healing and it ending up worse. I dont want to be in the 17 percent of "not worth it" reviews but like you said in your review a lot of it is trusting your doctor. At this point there is only so much we can control so I'm trying to focus on how I can give myself the best shot of a speedy recovery by being super healthy the next few weeks. And as you also said so much of it is mental. If I feel good and confident about my decision, then that will only improve the outcome, right?
Yes! The body heals itself, and the mind is greatly responsible for much of its healing. Stress erodes our systems and sends cortisol out, messes with sleep, weight gain, acne, etc. Simply staying calm and in each moment will add years to life and so im employing that here. I refuse to have fear! and when a fear seed arises and says "hey what about that needle" I say, go away fear! I will be relaxed and calm and enjoy my morning and laugh with the nurses, and I will look forward to waking up to see my big cast and new nose! yay. also, I will look forward to that morning coffee after its done YUM. I totally agree about staying healthy in these next few weeks. more greens, pineapple smoothies, less sugar and refined garbage, so your body is very ready to heal. ive even considered fasting a day or two in there ,because its supposed to be very healing on the body. what do you think? u wanna fast with me one day next week or soon?

Surgery Recovery Survival Kit

I've been working on my rhino-recovery stockpile for months now. Two weeks to go and I think I've amassed most of the supplies I'll need:

-Vitamin C (started my dosage today, doc has me taking 1000mg twice daily for 2 weeks)
-Arnica tablets (will start taking the day before surgery)
-Bromelain (will start taking after surgery)
-Arnica gel
-Lots of ice packs (ordered some items from Therapearl)
-Neck pillow
-Throat lozenges
-NeilMed sinus rinse recommended by doc
-Afrin nasal spray
-facial cleansing wipes, since I won't be able to wash my face
-dry shampoo since my hair is going to be NASTY after not washing it for a couple days
-bandanas for tying back said nasty hair
-comfy nightgowns
-my favorite sunscreen from Sephora for when I do have to go outside (MDSolarSciences broad spectrum SPF 50 - this stuff is amazing, feels like velvet on my skin)

Foods I plan to eat
-smoothies and fresh juice from my juicer
-lots of pineapple and other fruits
-popsicles and ice cream
-unsalted crackers for taking meds
-mashed potatoes
-soup (planning on making a big batch of gazpacho ahead of time. yay for cold soup!)

Any other suggestions?
Hi! I have a surgery scheduled with Dr. Gillman in 2 weeks, and am very nervous.. You will have yours less than a week before mine. Can we talk more about it?
Bandanas = good idea. I'll have to do that. How r u feeling? I'm getting excited and scared now Lol. 2 weeks

Surgery Paid for!

So there goes my life savings. Easy come, easy go, eh? Well not so easy come, but pretty easy go.. Still, it's a small price to pay for spending the rest of my life with a nose I'm not ashamed of. Here's the breakdown: Dr Gillman's fee: $5,000. Hospital Fee: $702.00. Anesthesia: $306.50. For a grand total of $6,008.50. My original budget was $6,000. So not bad that I only went over by $8.50.

Dr. Gillman's office takes credit cards, cashier's checks, and cash, and just requires that you pay in full at some point before your surgery date. I didn't ask whether they accept CareCredit since I decided to just use my savings and work as many hours as possible the last few months. I am living proof that plastic surgery is within reach for someone living on a very tight budget and not making much money, if you're willing to be frugal and thrifty for as long as it takes. It's possible!


Picked up a few more things - dry mouth spray, latex gloves (to make ice packs, saw it on someone else's blog), antibacterial soap, "real" ginger ale from whole foods and gatorade (I'm not a big fan of gatorade, but my recovery info packet says it's a good thing to have around, so just in case I'm in the mood for it).

Had one little anxiety attack on Thursday, sitting in a doctor's office for my annual pap exam, it all of a sudden hit me that I was going to be in a hospital undergoing a serious medical procedure in a few days. Almost like it hadn't really sunk in before then? Then I couldn't sleep all night that night, tossing and turning. Spent the weekend deep cleaning and disinfecting my house and felt a lot better about things. Did a really intense workout and rubbed arnica gel on my muscles afterwards and dissolved 3 arnica tablets under my tongue - and the next day, I had none of the soreness that I normally get, so I'm totally convinced this stuff works!

Now going into this with a positive, peaceful frame of mind, visualizing a smooth recovery and complication-free healing.

Night before surgery

Just got out of the shower and took a few before pics...fresh faced, no makeup, on my last night with this nose!

Yesterday the hospital called to take a detailed medical history, then today Dr. Gillman called to check in and see how I was feeling, if I had any more questions. I pretty much just wanted to know if I'd have packing or splints that I could breathe through, and he said I'd have the hollow splints so I should be able to breathe afterwards, other than the stuffy congested feeling. Yay. I was really worried about that. I also asked some dumb questions, like after I wash my face in the morning, can I put on moisturizer? I'm religious with moisturizing! He's so kind though, he didn't make me like any of my questions were dumb.

Around noon the ambulatory surgery center called to let me know my surgery time. It's at 9 am and they want me there at 7 am. Fantastic! Just eating a light dinner now and then relaxing until it's time for a good night's rest.

Pics not uploading with review?

Here are the pics I just took

yep something screwy going on with real self

It posted my same update like 4 or 5 times and then wouldn't post my pics?? Anyway sorry about that.
all i can tell you this will change your life it did mine :)
thank you! i was so ready for a major life change, and i hope this surgery just ushers in that transition!
Good luck Pittsburgh girl! I'm rooting for you and waiting for you to text :) soon as you're awake!

Day after

I just wrote my whole update and then real self froze so I'm starting over.

Ok, so I made it! I got to the hospital at 7, went through the full intake, answered a lot of questions, changed into a gown, took a pregnancy test (though I got my period on Wednesday), met with the anesthesiologist and Dr. Gillman to go over the surgery plan. They wheeled me back, started taping monitors to my chest and that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up in recovery in a lot of pain and discomfort. They pumped me full of pain meds which made me woozy. I was talking a little crazy and I had to pee but couldn't walk, so I had to pee in a bed pan. Honestly when you're in that situation, you don't even feel any sense of shame or embarrassment! I also threw up a little blood. I stayed in recovery a couple hours until I felt well enough to be transported to the car. I'm glad I live so close to the hospital because I just wanted to be in my home.

The swelling started immediately, much worse on the left side. The nurse told me not to ice...which was surprising...? I am taking arnica, bromelien and putting the arnica gel on. Not sure if it's working. My eyes are almost completely swollen shut. Basically I've just been sleeping about an hour at a time, then getting up, trying to drink some fluids, and clean my stitches and do the nasal rinse, take meds. But what I can see of my nose, it looks straight and the tip is cute. So all of this is definitely worth it!
How long after surgery did your eyes swell? That PIC? How long after? Looks like just one eye is bad. :) yay
my left side started within a few hours. the right side started last night. both are really black and blue and swollen today. big swollen spot on my forehead above my nose too. just annoying because hard to get my contacts in, can't really watch TV or anything.
Oh yea that would be tough and no glassew

well this is no picnic

As comfortable as possible in my little nest on the couch. The bruises around my eyes are dark purple, and I have this giant puffy bruise on my forehead. I look like a Klingon from star trek! My upper lip is stiff and numb which makes it weird to eat. I'm taking a pain pill every 3 hours because by the end of the 3rd hour, the headache and nasal pressure are pretty unbearable. Moving around makes it worse. Seems like I've got a long road ahead of me. Hoping I'll feel up to watching some movies tomorrow, but for now it just hurts to keep my eyes open.
So happy you can already see changes in your nose! I'm glad the surgery went well, and hopefully your swelling will ease up soon and you can watch some movies and be more comfortable :) When are you going to see Dr. G for cast removal next week? It's funny what your mom said about your nose but you know you are a very pretty girl to begin with, and people who love you will love you just the way you are. But I bet when she sees the new nose she is going to be impressed at how different it looks and enhances your looks even more!
Aw thank you for your kind words. I go back Wednesday for cast removal. I'm really having such a rough time with this recovery. Part of me wonders if I should have just stuck with a septoplasty and not gone with rhinoplasty? Are you still doing both?
I agree with icing. Full a plastic or rubber glove with frozen peas and drape it on your head with the fingers trailing over your eyes. Don't ice the nose at all keep cast dry. I felt like absolute poop with pain after surgery. But after I had a smoothie with strawberries pineapple and coconut water I took pain meds and a big 3 hour nap. Felt amazing when I woke io. And I'm staying in the pain stuff cause my nose bottom hurts when I skip it. You're so pretty! Much prettier than star treck lol

Just rolling with the punches

At this point...
Taped my glasses to my forehead so I could at least write an update. Thanks everyone for your tips and advice.
Feel like that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer decides to only sleep in half-hour increments around the clock. Except it really sucks. Wish I could get a few hours of deep rest in. My day has consisted of icing, applying arnica gel, cleaning the weeping from my eyes, cleaning stitches, and popping pills. I haven't had much of an appetite but have enjoyed some ice cream, popsicles and smoothie today. I'm really really looking forward to the part where the swelling moves down. Come on, gravity!
Your face looks so beautiful ! Sorry you're extra swollen. It'll be worth it :)
aw thank you, i know you're just saying that to be nice. raccoon face is not a good look for me. i don't even care how i look or if my nose looks the exact same when all this is over, i just want to feel even a slight bit better and i will be happy.
At 2 days post septorhinoplaty I was hardly getting any sleep which eventually led to the next 3 days of pretty decent sleep. The sleep fairies should arrive soon for you! The recovery is tough but it will keep getting better after maybe day 4 and I'm sure it will all be worth it. You'll be looking great and be glad you did both! :)

3rd night after surgery

Stiff, numb upper lip and zero sense of taste or smell. Normal?

Day 3

Migrated to my bedroom for a change of scenery. Still not sleeping. Was getting sweats and chills the last 2 nights resulting in shivering and teeth chattering and having to bundle up. Took my temperature today and i have a slight fever. Odd because I'm taking antibiotics and pain pill with tylenol as directed. Wondering if it could be a sinus infection because i have so much pain and pressure in my head. My body feels strange and I'm often disoriented, half awake but in a dreaming state. Going to call the doctor tomorrow if this doesn't improve.
The only good news is the bruising is turning yellowish under my eyes. Just kinda looks like sad clown make-up now. My fiance said my surgery was 4 hours long and it just seems like it was too much for my body. I'm a petite girl and this has been a lot to go through.
I've taken stool softeners but still no luck in that department...
You look better today! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling better though :( Have you tried taking probiotics to help with going to the bathroom? I just bought some strawberry yogurts with probiotics from trader joe's, I have no idea if it would help but it doesn't hurt to try… I'm still doing both surgeries on Tuesday, I'm very scared, especially seeing how you're feeling, when you were 100% sure you wanted the rhinoplasty… Oh well.. I'm glad to have found you and that we are going through this together, 5 days apart :)
You'll be fine! I had such a rocky road because I had such a rough time in the recovery immediately after surgery. One stupid nurse told me NOT to ice and then they practically gave me an overdose of Dilaudid, rendering me completely unable to do anything the rest of the day, such as keep my eyes open, or ice, or look after myself..I truly believe the last 3 days wouldn't have been so awful if it hadn't started off so badly right after surgery. My face swelled up so severely and my eyes were swollen shut from not icing that first day, which just created a domino effect of all the other problems I've experienced the last few days. Well, I'm finally doing a lot better this evening than I have this whole time. I forgot to get yogurt last week...but the stool softeners finally worked. Also since this is your 2nd surgery you're more prepared as to what to expect. I really underestimated how serious this recovery could be. So I think it'll go great :)
Glad you're feeling better tonight! Thank you for your encouraging words :) I hope tomorrow your swelling will be even less! I'm not sure if you are using the arnica gel yet. I went through your list to help me get prepared, and we have the same favorite sunscreen! I love it, it makes my face looks so smooth after applying it :) Hope you have a good night's sleep! Talk to you tomorrow

Raccoon to Chipmunk: An Evolution in Bruising

The swelling is moving down my face which is fantastic. I think I've finally turned a corner. Still not sleeping more than a hour at a time, but that's an improvement over what it's been.

There were a lot of aspects of my recovery which turned out to be worse than I was expecting, but then, there were a few things I'd thought would really bother me and they didn't, such as not being able to wash my face or hair. Just don't care! Those items are really far from my 'things i give a s--t about right now' list. Very liberating!

And I like my new nose. I pretty much promised myself though no matter what it looks like when the cast comes off, I never want to go through this again, so I'm keeping it.
You look great, by the way! This swelling makes you look younger :))
Haha, thanks. Nice how edema just has that way of smoothing out all the wrinkles! Just takes years off your face. Who needs botox when you've got severe swelling? Maybe we should just punch people in the face when they want to look younger :) My doctor called in stronger antibiotics for me. Doesn't sound like sweats and chills and feeling feverish are normal for recovery.
Maybe ask your doctor for an Ambien rx for sleep (for a few days?)

Just a quick request please to be nice on my blog

I'm going through some trying times here and I'm just going to make a pre-emptive statement..if you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say anything at all. A lesson that we all learned as children, but doesn't hurt to have a gentle reminder.

Constructive comments, tips and words of encouragement from people who are in the process of rhinoplasty and/or septoplasty are welcome, but please don't use my blog as a forum or platform for debate about plastic surgery. So far everyone who has posted on my blog has respected this, but that's not the case for all the blogs I follow, and that is unfortunate. Let's try to uplift and support each other. When you have a choice between being "right" and being kind, always choose to be kind. Doing otherwise just puts more negative, ego-driven energy into the universe, and hurts you to boot.

Really, at the end of the day, is it worth it? As Randall said in the movie, Clerks, "I hope it feels so good to be right. there is nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?"

Those of us in the thick of recovery don't need to deal with the internet trolling and overly opinionated commenters. Just kindness and kid gloves, please. :)
That is funny about not being able to smile. I just got my smile back this week and I think it has a more to go before it is 100%. Does the space between your upper lip and your nose feel and look bigger (longer)? Mine sure did, and I think that is why it was really hard to smile for so long. Hang in there, you are doing great!
Yes it does! It looks like there is this huge gap! Like my lips and nose are so far from each other. Every day gets a little better. I just started the high dose of antibiotics tonight and hoping for a good night's sleep. I napped a lot less today so I'm thinking that will set me up for a nice long rest tonight?
Cant agree more with your last post. Its starting to feel more like everyday social media with ppl sitting behind their screens abusing complete strangers instead of being a support forum. Checking my emails this morning (which is also the day my cast comes off, yay) i had 3 alerting me of comments on my review. All 3 were abusive...... on a positive note, well done with your recovery so far :) cant wait to see your cast come off

The only way out is through

Lots of drainage today, good signs of healing and progress. It's getting easier though the last few days have certainly been a roller coaster. I've had moments of emotional despair where I really questioned what I had gotten myself into, why I couldn't have just accepted my funny nose and gotten on with my life and spent that $6,000 on the honeymoon of a lifetime. Moments where moving my head a fraction of an inch caused tremendous pain that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and I couldn't bear any sounds or sights for hours. But then, maybe I'm just a wimp and have a low pain tolerance..

Anyhow, I was thinking back to this intense and grueling backpacking trip I took. It was a week of walking, the trail was almost a hundred miles, it was brutal and after day 3, blistered and bruised, I wanted to give up and turn back. BUT I didn't. I'd made a commitment and I had a destination to reach. I pushed on because sometimes, the only way out of something is through it. Of course, on that hike, I could have quit and taken the easy route back to civilization, whereas plastic surgery you can't just undo... But my point today is about perseverance. I'm tougher than I think and I can do this! No matter what, no regrets, everything is a learning experience. Everything can be transmuted into personal evolution. So, sorry for the philosophical diatribes. Writing this is a lot like journalling for myself, so if my little lessons and breakthroughs are boring for you, I apologize. Here's a picture of me eating chocolate ice cream, which is my bliss for the day.

And on a more practical note - Oh my god, the lowly Q-tip has become my best friend. I've easily used more Q-tips in the last 5 days than I typically use in a whole year. Q-tips, along with hydrogen peroxide and nerosporin are absolutely indispensable.
Hello! I've been following your journey through recovery. My surgery date is June 30th. It really helps to have such a supportive community to reach out to. Hopefully the hardest part is over for you and it is smooth sailing through the rest of the recovery process. Can't wait to see your results when the cast comes off!
Thank you! Good luck with your surgery next week! I had cartilage grafts from my septum for the middle third of my nose (not my tip), so I'm anxious to see how that turns out. The projected image of your new nose looks so nice, it really will make such a beautiful and subtle change for you.
I just read through all of your blogs, and I have to tell you they've encouraged me so much!! I'm 3 weeks Po and have had a really hard time with recovery. I thought I would breeze through this. I mean I'm a mom. I birthed a human. Nothing can be harder than that. Well, for me, this has been the one thing that's harder. But, you're right sometimes the only way to get beyond something is to go through it. Thank you for being so authentic in your story. Happy healing to you!

Day 5

I soaked cotton rounds in witch hazel and held those to my eyes for a little while, supposed to help the bruising resolve quicker. A lot of the skin around my eyes is peeling and flaking off. Especially on my eyelids.

Looking forward to getting the cast off tomorrow as it drives me nuts when my nose starts itching underneath and I can't scratch it. But then also nervous - what if the grafts in my nose look all swollen and weird? And once the cast comes off, is my nose going to throb more? Time will tell. I've kept my stitches really clean so hopefully it won't hurt when those come out.

Dr. Gillman has been great about calling and checking up on me. I took the high dosage of antibiotics last night. I think I slept a little better but woke up with a really sore throat and dry mouth, even worse than what has become normal. I really love the minty dry mouth spray I got at CVS. I can actually taste the mint flavor a bit so that's a good sign. Still having the sweats and chills at night.

I've been taking cat baths in front of my sink, I just haven't felt up to a real shower or bath, but I do have a hot date tonight with my fiance for my first hair washing. He's been amazing this whole time, I have relied on him for a lot of help. What can I do to make this up to him?
I can't believe you get the cast off already tomorrow, lucky. I have to wait til Friday. Didn't realise you were having sweats and chills nightly :( very sorry to hear it. I haven't been sleeping well either and it sucks sleeping upright. But hey I'm here thinking of you I'm glad your man is taking care of you.
Thanks. Yeah, it's been rough, it started on night 1 or 2, not sure which. Just can't seem to regulate my body temperature. So I'm bundled up in sweaters, scarves and blankets, with no air conditioning on...in June! Haha. But I'm in good spirits and I'm thinking about you too! Getting the cast off is kind of bittersweet - maybe i will miss it...it is probably what's keeping my nose so tiny and compressed after all... Worried it's going to swell up like a lumpy mess once it comes off. Ha! Hey, so one of the things I was so excited about for this staycation was watching bad daytime television. Do you happen to know when the Maury show comes on and what channel? I can't find anything online about it! I don't have cable, just the basic network channels, like ABC, NBC, etc... (watched the news and discovered someone was stabbed on my street last night - eek, but that's not unusual for the neighborhood i live in...) Anyway, I just want to watch the Maury show and thought since you're local and you have summers off you might know when it comes on...
I don't know for sure cause I'm not home or I could search it on my direct TV. Hang on I'll check it online. And u know I know what u mean about bittersweet cast removal- like here it is! Its very final! But also not since it'll take a year to truly show.

Day 6 - cast off day!

Last couple hours with cast, splints and stitches...
I keep getting shooting pains in the sides of my nose :(
Going to take some extra strength tylenol before going.
It was the best night's sleep I had so far in that I had the least amount of sweats/chills and probably only got up about 4-5 times. Glad I'm on taking the stronger antibiotics, I'm starting to feel more like myself.
Good luck today! You'll feel better with the splints out! Can't wait to see:)
Good luck with cast removal today! You'll do great :)

Cast off! Over the Moon!

I'm so happy right now. Ok, the splints coming out hurt like a b---, but then we all know I'm kind of a baby. I had no idea how big they actually are, I didn't think something that huge could come out of my nose! He also did a little suctioning of junk which was very uncomfortable. But he said I did a good job keeping everything clean and flushed out so the suctioning was probably less than a minute.

The stitches coming out was not painful at all and he was very slow and gentle with taking the cast off, it was just a little tender.

And voila! Here is the big reveal. I am so happy. Sure, it's puffy, swollen and a little strange looking, but it has a level of symmetry and normalcy that my nose has never had! I can't even describe how good it feels to like what I see in the mirror. I LOVE my profile now! And I'm only 6 days out, it's just going to keep getting better.

The only issue is there is this tiny little piece of skin hanging down from where one of the stitches was, I don't know if it's going to turn into a scar, it might have to be cut off down the road. I think it might be the only giveaway that I had an operation, but it's so tiny maybe only I can notice it.

I go back in a month for another follow up so we'll see then.

Your nose looks great! So cute! Can't wait to see the result when the swelling goes down!
Thank you! Me too! Now it's just awaiting game for both of us for the swelling to resolve..I'll race you!
*a waiting game

One week post

It's been exactly one week since the day of my surgery and I've made so much progress, considering where I was a few days ago. This morning was like Christmas - I couldn't wait to wake up and go look at my nose in the mirror! My sense of smell/taste is starting to return. I juiced carrots, celery, apples, ginger and parsley and could definitely taste the pungency of the ginger and parsley. Did some cleaning and household chores and could smell the cleaners, so that's a good sign. I'm still weak and trying not to over do it with all the bending down and standing up.

Took my first shower since surgery and it was amazing. Still some lingering bruising but I'm not in the mood to put on any makeup.
Like a dream :). So pretty! You're a butterfly now :)
Thank you! So sweet. I'm feeling like an awkward butterfly though :) Still unsteady, not 100 percent emerged! I've been reading your updates. Sorry you're so uncomfortable. Home stretch, you're almost there! Then you can join those of us on the other side of cast removal waiting for their big puffy noses to shrink. :-D Yay
Cute new nose! I was worried about the incision site after open rhinoplasty because it was raised and was like a little bump but eventually it flattened out after a few weeks. It was just a little swollen and irritated from stitches.

Day 9 - Feel like a million bucks

Today was my nose's first real debut into the world, other than my post-op appointment and a short trip to the grocery store last night.

So I put on makeup for the first time, got a haircut, and my fiance and I went out for dinner and a movie, which we really needed. Some of the hardest parts of this recovery are that we've had to sleep separately since I get up so many times in the night, we can't snuggle up with each other freely like we used to do for fear of bumping my nose, and I still can't pucker my lips enough to even kiss him properly. Another really difficult part has been trying not to smile too big or laugh because it pulls the muscles/tissues in my nose and really hurts! I love comedy, I love to laugh, and my fiance makes me laugh every day without even trying. I can't even look at his face without smiling (I know, it's sickening how in love with are). So anyway I haven't been able to keep myself from laughing though I try to restrain it. From what I read though, this shouldn't damage my end results. I'm just going to try to keep it at a minimum.

Still tender and swollen but really happy with the way it's looking so far. It's exactly what I wanted and always dreamed of, a nose that just looks normal, not deformed or out of the ordinary, and not a tiny little pinched up Kiera Knightley nose (that was like my worst nightmare). I finally feel like now when people look at me, they won't be staring at my nose, wondering what happened to it...they'll just be looking at me and hearing what I have to say. That's an amazing feeling.
I can't believe how rude some people are, forget them! They live a very sad life, I'm sure. You are BEAUTIFUL with an awesome fiance that loves you and people that care about you here! So glad you are happy with your results!!! :D
For some reason I can't see your pictures :( I'm sure you look perfect though! Happy healing :D
I don't like that u took down your pictures: ( because some ugly sad lost loser was mean? Real self is so great! I wouldn't have been brave enough to follow my dream without the help and support here. U could really help someone one day with your things.... But I know its what u feel is best. Love to ya girl

Swelling Swelling

So it's been 2 months since my surgery and I haven't updated in a while, because not much has changed. There has been a slight reduction in swelling in the bridge, but I feel my tip is still very swollen. There are a few factors for this...after I returned to work on day 11 post-surgery, I started working a lot of hours, not taking breaks, not sleeping well at night (due to trying to sleep propped up), so after a few weeks of that stress, I came down with one of the many viruses going around the office. This cold just kept getting worse and wouldn't go away, eventually turning into a sinus infection. So for about 3 weeks I was constantly blowing my nose and I think this contributed to the swelling getting worse or at least not getting better. Eventually antibiotics cleared it up and I am now well. At my 6 week follow up with Dr. Gillman, I was concerned that all that nose blowing caused permanent damage but he doesn't seem to think so. He says I will continue to see refinement over the coming months, even years. So for now, I'll post some before/afters for everybody.

Profile Before/Afters

And one of my scar

My incision site was very red and swollen for a while. I started putting a mixture of olive oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter on it twice a day and it's fading nicely. I'm not putting any make up on it, but I do apply sunscreen.
Your bangs are so freakin adorable and your nose looks amazing!! I've always wanted bangs like that but I think they make my nose look bigger :(
Thanks! I honestly think you would look good with bangs now but perhaps after your surgery you will feel more confident about getting them.
Your nose looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, such beautiful results :D
Dr. Grant Gillman

I could not be happier with my choice of doctor. Dr. Gillman is a skilled and experienced surgeon who I could trust completely with my face. He is meticulous, thorough and took the time to listen to me and understand exactly what I wanted. And then he delivered! My nose was asymmetrical, with curved and concave portions which he managed to even out flawlessly. His communication was above and beyond. If I had to leave a message at the office, he called me back immediately that day. He also followed up the evening after surgery and throughout my recovery period. He truly cares about his patients and this shines through in all of my interactions with him. Heather, the surgery scheduler, is amazingly helpful, patient and kind, and made the whole process that much smoother. All the girls in the office are nice, friendly and remember you when you call or come in. You're not just anonymous here, they really care and there is no snobby plastic surgery spa center vibe which some offices have. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gillman to anyone considering this surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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