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I Need Complete Honesty!!! - Philadelphia, PA

I have hated my nose since the beginning of high...

I have hated my nose since the beginning of high school. Every single time I look at a picture of myself I look straight at my nose. I feel that the width of it is too wide for my face and I wish I had more definition in the tip. My parents are not supportive AT ALL of me getting rhinoplasty and they think I'm crazy for wanting it (as do several of my friends who claim they never have thought I had a big nose). I just don't think they would tell me the truth anyways so I'm turning to complete strangers to give me an honest opinion. I also don't know if I just really don't photograph well at some angels because in some pictures I think it looks fine and other pictures I think look horrible. Should I do this or do I just need to start accepting myself and move on?


Do your research. Sorry I ever touched mine..
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Yeah, I agree with everyone else. I see absolutely nothing wrong with your nose, it really suits you. I know we all have concerns, especially when it comes to our physical features. However, you're the one that has to live with this nose. I'm getting rhinoplasty in July, and even though everyone tells me I don't need it, I decided to go through with it because I know it'll make me a more confident person. Good luck with your decision!
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It's so proportionate to the rest of your face. your current pictures are what an "after" rhinoplasty should look like! I think you look great the way you are.
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Hi All- I really appreciate all your comments and...

Hi All- I really appreciate all your comments and your advice. I added two profile pictures for those who asked. I do have a small bump seen from the side view but honestly that doesn't bother me at all. It's more the lack of definition at the tip and the wideness of the tip. If I got surgery maybe I would only need a tip plasty...I'm not sure. I know the doctor I would use who has over 30 years of experience and my boyfriend's sister is a nurse who works for him and also got a minor rhinoplasty which looks great. The negative reviews about people's experiences with rhinoplasty definitely make me think twice about this. My biggest fear is a) I'm the .001% who has a freak reaction to anesthesia and dies in vain perfecting my nose haha or b) I hate the results.


Can you repost the photos? Thanks
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Did you remove your photos? If so, please, please put them back up. This thread makes no sense without them and makes all of us commenters feel little used.

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Odd, don't see any photos and what I do see gives me photos of many people.
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