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I'm 25 I been working out all my life I always had...

I'm 25 I been working out all my life I always had abs after my daughter four years ago almost five. i have loose skin but can't tell if its all skin or both fat and skin .its so depressing looking at this mommy tummy I'm determined to find a miracle solution even if someone tells me there are none ,I work out every day Pilates yoga but just started about a month ago I'm consistent and eat healthy I won't have any surgery for this issue of mine therefor I believe I can tighten this up in a short period of time please comment and tell me your stories below are some photos .remaining positive .

My stomach looks the same after birth, the lady told me she can only guarantee a 60 persent change.
It sounds to me that your ab muscles ruptured during your pregnancy ..this can only get corrected by a plastic surgeon with the procedure called tummy tuck. I have seen this and the results are 100%

Any updates on your experience with Venus Freeze?  I had a c-section and my lower abs are pretty lazy, despite the fact that I work out a lot and eat really healthy.  I'd love to hear how things are going for you.

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