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In 2008 I had a squmos cell ca removed from my...

In 2008 I had a squmos cell ca removed from my upper rt. lip. actually in the area at the lipline and between my rt. nostril. I had no real choice as to doing it. It numbing process was painful (lots of needles) but I managed to survive. They removed the tumor in 2 passes. The same day they did a flap closure (my term I know it was a flap but the official name is gone from my mind) I looked awful at the time of surgery and for a few day after. The face and lip area really swells so it is a great shock at first. However, within weeks I was presentible and back to work. I went back to teach within 2 weeks. Now, 4 years out, I have an excellent result. I have a scar where there is a natural crease in your face from your nose area and beside your mouth into the chin. People who do not know me have no idea I had this surgery. I can see it but it is not in anyway disfiguring. I tend to form something called keloids (raised bumps that look like a bump) and I do have one small one of those above my lip where the actual tumor was removed. Again, it isn't bad. My life is changed in ways that I can't name as I removed the cancer and didn't live withit... My one complaint about Moh's is that after you see your regular Dermatologist and the biopsy shows bcc or scc you are sent to the Moh's surgeon. That appointment is for the actual surgery. So without much discussion the process is begun. I am always so tense that I don't question...and perhaps can not process what is really about to happen. Then I find myself in the middle of a serious procedure. I like control and I feel out of control at that time. Trust and belief in the doctors ability is what I rely on. I feel as if there should be a consultation office visit... time... then another scheduled surgery day. However, the plus side is that it is over and done... and the anxiety is short lived. So, if you are having your first Moh's you may want to schedule a consultation explicitly. I am certain that is possible and may/or may not be payed for by your insurance... so check first. I have checked out the info on this sight and the pictures. While it was helpful in some ways in other ways it created much anxiety. I have learned the end result isn't that bad. (that may take a few months) My family has a history of this problem (irish skin) and really while we are changed by the surgery externally to some extent we don't look distorted or ugly. I have had two other Moh's experiences since this first one. I will add more of my stories at a later time.


I am not sure I now have pics of the 2008 procedure but of course I have present pics... where you can see the results of the surgery. My current procedure was on my scalp and I do have the now... but it still needs healing time to show the results but as I see it already it is all good. I will post when my dear husband downloads the pics to my computer. Thanks MagB
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I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel fully prepared or ready when you found yourself at the surgeons office. That can be a scary feeling when you feel like something major is going on, and you don't feel like you are fully in the know. I'm so glad that everything turned out ok for you.

Looking forward to hearing more of your story, and if you feel comfortable I would love it if you would add some photos so we can see what the areas look like.

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Bother had him first... He is a "TOP DOC" in the area. Wait time depends in large measure on your particular tumor... and how many others are having Moh's by the Doc that day. Plan your entire day at the office. I can recommend Dr. Miller of U. of P. in Philadelphia, PA. He was "TOP DOC" in 2011. My brother and I both have had numerous experiences with him... and while we don't want any more... he does a great job!

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