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Hi, 5 weeks ago I had a breast augmentation...

5 weeks ago I had a breast augmentation revision with a lift and new implants.
I went back to the same surgeon who did them originally 7 years ago because at several consults with other surgeons I was advised that revision surgery is best performed by the original surgeon, and they all said that my original surgeon had done an adequate job the first time.
Before revision 370cc teardrop silicone over muscle.
After revision 445cc teardrop silicone over muscle.
Now at 5 weeks post op I am thinking that the surgeon has seriously disfigured my breasts. Looking at the before and after pictures I feel that they look far worse now.
Main concerns:
1) Areolas are no longer matching size
2) The scars are messy and all over the place! The vertical scars are not even vertical!
3) My biggest worry: the breasts are different sizes AND sit completely different from one another. They do not match at all. Honestly I'm wondering if somehow he ended up putting only one 445cc implant in and leaving the 370cc implant in the other breast!
Some opinions would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know what to do.
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Dr T (I'd like to keep anon for now)

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go to another ps as soon as possible;...a noticable difference in size n scaring!...we r all here for u..ive had 2 other augs and neither looked like yours..i feel so awful for you!#/
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Just checking in to see how you're doing? We'd love an update to your review when you're feeling up to it. Thinking of you!
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I'm sorry for your results. I just had a lift and my old implants changed to gummi bear ones. My nipples are uneven and one is bigger than the other but my scars do not look anything like yours. I'm not a ps but your incisions don't look correct . I think you should really go to another ps and please put ps name so this doesn't happen to someone else. I really hope you get the results you want. I know how emotional it can be when you don't get the results you want. I cried so much when I saw my nipples and breast size were uneven. Best of luck to you and hang in there. ❤️
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Hello and I'm so sorry that you are upset and I can understand why. I think you should see another surgeon about your results and get some advice. Things will settle I'm sure and scars will fade. Hopefully you will get some answers. I'm thinking of a revision and you have confirmed for me that it is important to have the absolute best when it comes to choosing a surgeon. Its tempting for me to go with my original surgeon due to cost...but at what cost to me in the long run? I wish you all the very best. Hugs Shelly xoxo
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You poor thing! Here you were putting yer confidence into yer original PS and he gave you such disappointing results! I wonder how he could have done the lollipop so uneven? Obviously you've been back to him haven't you? What does he have to say about this? Needless to say you most definitely need to see another PS and let them try to help you make some sense out of this. Don't worry tho honey I'm very sure it can be fixed by a good PS who's good @ revisions. I wish you the best of luck in finding some answers and in the meantime please know that you have a great support system right here on realself :) XXXX
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So sorry you are having such problems with your revision. I understand the stress you must be going through. I would also recommend going get a different surgeon's opinion on the results so far just to ease your mind. I had cap con after only one year, so I had a revision with a new surgeon and I understand how stressful revisions are and how attached we are to the results being what we want more so than for just the regular BA. Best of luck. Keep us posted. We are rooting for you for good results.
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Hello HungreeeKitten, So sorry to hear what you're going through! I have to be honest, a similar situation happened to me a little over 2 years ago. I received a "lollipop" breast lift and implants. The results that I initially got were nothing that I even came close to desiring! At that time, I became an emotional mess. I remember running back and forth to my surgeon and others surgeons, in complete worry and sadness of what my initial results were. All the surgeons ended up saying the same thing: I'd have to wait at least six months post op before any other plans or accurate opinions could be made. I have to say, they were right. Long story, made short: Over the course of time, my implants began to drop and level out and the scars began to flatten and fade. Your revision may look undesirable for you now, but it does get better over time. I understand that no one can truly feel and understand how you are feeling at this moment. Hang in there, and give it some time. If you are not happy with your results after 6-8 months, then get a consult and see if a revision has to be done (hopefully this will not be the case). Good luck and stay strong! It gets better!
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Thank you Sunshines for your words of encouragement. You know exactly how stressed and worried I am right now!
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You're welcome :)
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Hi... thanks for your post and I am very sorry to say that I have the same perceptions as you.... your lift and augmentation revision surgeon did not follow adequate surgical procedures. In your place, I would certainly seek out and consult with an experienced surgeon whose primary practice is correcting surgical botches. I would do this as soon as possible so that any advice that the consulted surgeon may have regarding the best course of action can be followed sooner rather than later. My best wishes to you and good luck...
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