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I had a full t/t and a breast lift with silicone...

I had a full t/t and a breast lift with silicone implants on 1/28/11. I had a hard time waking up from the anthesia and then my lungs were not working right and they couldn't wake me up for a long time. I was suppose to be an out patient but I ended up being in the hospital for 2 days and the 3rd day a nurse stayed at my house. I didn not feel well from that whole expierince. I was just thankful that is was over and by the 5th day I started to feel much better!

I took off 2 weeks from work to recover. I sit so when I went back to work I was fine. If I had to stand I would have stayed home 3 weeks. From that point on I felt great. I got amillion compliments and looked great in my clothes.

As the months went on I noticed that under my implants they were rippling a little bit and they were small. I still wasn't able to fill out my bathing suit top and sun dresses. I was really dissappointed with the way they turned out. Also my tummy under the belly button never got completley flat. Eash month I went to the Dr and he said my bell would go down. He tried with a large needl to remove fluid. It wasn't a fluid build up there was nothing in the syringe. I did look much better in my clothes but I was not happy with the way I looked naked. I finally said something to the dr. I told him I was dissappointe with the results at the 6 month point. We had a long discussion and he said that he would replace my implants and do another tummy tuc, not as extensive. He was going to tighten the muscle and do a little lipo. My belly button looked great so he didn't touch the top area. He said it wouldn't be as painful but there would be pain.

At first I was going to have to pay for the anestecioligist and the implants. The dr said it would take about 3hrs in the O R. I told him I couldn't afford to pay any more money after spending the 10,000. It was going to cost me about $2,500.00 I told him I couldnt afford it and couldn't come up with the money for the revision surgery. A few days went by and he called me to let e know that he wanted me to have perfect results. He wanted me to be happy. He made the decision to pay for everything. The implant co did supply the new implants for no charge. The dr pd the O R cost and the insurance. I thought he showed so much integrity. I was thrilled.

So on Tues I had the revision suregery. The implants went from 250CC to 375cc's. He did the t/t too and didn alittle lipo on the hips and the mon area. I thought it would be much easier. This time it was at the Lankenau hospital. The anesticialogist was much better. We had a long discussionand he said he would not let that happen to my lungs and I would wake up much faster this time.

He was right about everything. I fell so much better in the recovery room At first I was admitted to stay over. That evening when the dr came in I told him I felt pretty good and wanted to go home, so I did. I was pretty good that first night Tues. At some point in the middle of the night the pain was very intense. I had tears in my eyes. I feel like it's been more painful this second time around. I have 2 drains instead of 3. I was all taped under the garment and the tape was killing me.

The P A came to my house yester and tonight. She said it hurts more this time because I'm much more alert. I don't know why but It is just as painful this time or maybe even more. I go to the dr on Wed. I am lucky that the PA comes to my house and checks on me. I have a tight garment on around my waist and a tight bra. The tape wss killing me so they removed it tonight. I'm just really in alot of pain still . I have a fentinol patch and amd taking dalaudid valium kflex and anti nausia. With all that I am still hurting. I know each day will get better. I already had a peek at my breasts and they look great! My tummy seems much flatter but I am still bound. The drains won't come out for 7 to 10days.

I will post pictues as soon as I upload them .

With everything I have been going through I still think it was worth it. I am 57 and I should have done this 20 yrs ago. I look like I'm in my 40's and work out and will continue to when I get the ok in about a month. I love the way I look now. The surgery gave me back my self esteem. I feel sexy and I feel like a woman again. Can't wait for all the bandages and garments come off. I don't know how I am going to hide them under my clothes when I go back to work on Tuesday. I hope I am much better by then because the first time I took off 2 weeks and this time it's only going to be a week. Time will tell how I do.

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My doctor has a woderful and compassionate bed side manner. He showed so much integrity after I wasn't completley satisfied the first time. I have recommended him to my friends. He treated me like a relative. He is taking great care of me!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thanks it's been almost 2 months I feel great glad I went back. The hardest part is not able to be back at the gym yet
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Yes that was definitely brave bit I don't blame you for going back. Glad it worked out for you this time
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Glad it went better this 2nd time around.. you are very brave to have gone a second round!! Not sure I could go through that first week of hurt again!! Here's to a quick healing!!
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Dr Jonas has an excellent reputation. I know someone that had a t/t from him and they look great!!
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Thanks so much for the information -- and for sharing your story!
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My great Dr was Kevin Cross in Wayne & center city
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I just feel like he was a better dr with more expierience. He has been at Lankenau for 19 yrs.
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wow I am sorry to hear how much pain your in~ that's scary for me only because I'm only 18 day po and I my dr and I already know I need revisions~ and the thought about going back into surgery is so not exciting for me~ I hope your doing better today~ please keep us updated~
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I am glad to hear that you are (so far) pleased with your revision results. I am having a tummy tuck in three weeks at Bryn Mawr Hospital and was wondering if your original surgery was there (you mentioned that the revision was a Lankenau). I have only ever had general anethesia once before and had a similar experience with a slow waking -- so, of course that aspect of surgery is making me nervous. What did the Anethesiologist do differently the 2nd time? Just curious... I plan to mention this to my Anesthesiologist, too. My PS is Dr. Larry Jonas (Chief of Plastics for Main Line Health). May I ask who your PS was? Thanks, in advance for your help!
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My original surgery was in Phonixville hospital my second surgery was at Lankenau Hospital a much better expierience!! Good luck!! It was all worth it!!
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Thank you for posting your review and sharing your story.  This is very helpful information for women to read.  

So glad you are with us here on RealSelf:)

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Glad to hear your revision went better than the first time. Hang in there, I am sure your body has been through a lot this year so be kind and take time for yourself. I can't wait to see your post of pics.
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I had my revision surgery on 7/26 so it's almost one month later. I am completeley satisfied!! The surgery went well and I am healing and feeling great!! The first week was rough, but it went by quickly. I have to post some pictures I'm just being lazy. If anyone out there is not completely satisfied with their results I hope they have a dr like I did with so much integrity to fix what I felt wasn't right. I gotta say for a 58 yr old I look and feel great!! Couldn't be happier no regrets!!
Ps I am in great health!
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