Devasted After Revision Rhinoplasty - Pennsylvania

This is my experience with revision rhinoplasty. I...

This is my experience with revision rhinoplasty. I want to say that each experience is different so i'm not going to say rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty is generally "worth it" or not. In my experience, my first rhinoplasty was certainly worth it but my revision was a bad decision, on my part.

i also want to mention that i suffered from depression when i was about 16 until about 18 and i just got a relapse about a year ago and am still suffering from it, (i'm getting help) and i realize that getting the nose job during this time was NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO. so if you're depressed, wait until your depression is under control to do cosmetic surgery, please listen to me.

I had a bump on my bridge when i was 14 years old, my mom took me to a surgeon to talk about getting it off. i was ecstatic because i was starting high school and had wanted the ugly bump gone. like most people i liked myself from the front, but was so self-concious and felt unnattractive from the side. Of course, I came down to dinner one night and my mom said she didn't want to get me the nose job because i was still too young, which now i understand was the correct decision. i cried right there and ran upstairs to my room. years went by and when i was 23 my mom said if i would like to get my nose job, she would pay for it and i could pay her back in small payments. i said yes. so i got the first nose job when i was 23 - i specifically told the dr. i did not want the tip touched. i just wanted the bump removed and he did that and i liked the result. there was a small bump noticeable, though, where the surgeon had stopped right at the top of the tip, but it wasn't too bad.

years went by and when i turned about 30, as the face changes, the small bump became more noticeable because my tip was starting to droop. the first time i got my nose done i had seen several surgeons, before i made a decision on my doctor. i remembered one that i had seen, that wanted to take in my tip, which i didn[t want in the past, but was considering it for a revision. so again, this time around, i saw several surgeons and decided to go with the one who wanted to take in the tip, as my nose was a little long. he also found a very deviated septum and wanted to repair that. i wanted it too although i could breathe ok when i was awake but found that when i slept on my back, it was hard to breathe while sleeping.

i didn't hate my nose. just a note to those that don't hate their noses: maybe rhinoplasty is not worth it for you. i even liked my profile but i had just noticed this bump and some people would make comments that i had a "big nose" or a long nose, bs. it matched my face beautifully, as i have an oval face shape. so i got the revision septo-rhinoplasty almost exactly 2 months ago and now i feel like a shell of who i was. i regret this thing every single day. i am devastated about it and i miss my old face so much. i think the tip is too short for my face and the bridge looks higher and has no slope, which my last bridge had. i made an appt. for next week to talk to my surgeon about it.

i will keep everyone posted and eventually post pics.

i lost my self-esteem since this and i noticed that men don't even look my way anymore, when i used to get looked at a lot. i know, that is vain but i can't help but enjoy getting looked at once in a while. i blame it on this ugly nose. because i tried to give it a chance and upheld my confidence but i was not getting the same attention, and i lost my self-esteem. when i look in the mirror, i don't see the face i saw before, i see someone different, and plainer, and less attractive. its like this nose made me plain or something. i feel like i spent all this money to make myself plain. another thing that bothers me is that my boyfriend, my mom and sister all like this nose. they don't see what i see and vice versa. i am confused if this is due to my depression or if they just didnt see my face the way i saw it or what. i just am devastated right now and i want to go BACK IN TIME to undo what i did. this regret is one of the worst feelings in the world. this nose, by the way, is not botched or a bad nose job - i just am not used to and do not liek the change.

i really need to get a better perspective on the whole thing. i'm depressed right now and i had this big change so i'm just trying to be patient and wait. i just wish i didn't do this right now. Thanks for you and the community's support.

Oh, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way about your revision! That is SO disappointing. I had a similar experience with my rhinoplasty, small bump on tip, then revision.

I'm wondering if it's possible that 1. Men aren't looking at you as much because you're not projecting the confidence you used to or, 2. That you're just perceiving that men aren't looking at you because of your current depressive state.

I don't think men notice noses that much in general (unless they're really, really extreme).

We would love to see pictures and maybe help you put things in perspective or just give you some support. You can lean on us as much as you need to.

Hang in there! And remember that your nose does not make you beautiful or not beautiful. That comes from inside.


I'm feeling a little better after talking to my...

i'm feeling a little better after talking to my surgeon. He reassured me that he didn't touch my bridge and showed me the before pics so now i'm feeling a little better.. i'm exactly 2 months post op now. i still don't feel confident but i think i will gain my confidence back eventually

I think what I don't like about this rhinoplasty...

I think what I don't like about this rhinoplasty is that it is too straight for my face. It is so straight that it makes the rest of my face look even more asymetrical. everyones face is naturally asymetrical and this nose is unnaturally straight. i think thats what it is. i'm not feeling "devastated" anymore but i still regret the 2nd rhinoplasty. the 1st one was well worth it.
I would also love it if you posted pictures, I bet u look better than you think and than your just having a hard time getting used to it. Im considering a revision someday because of a little bump right above my tip also, i hate my profile and the only part i want touch is just a little bit more septal cartilage taken out. My tip projects a bit but i think once i get some more of the fullness out of the area above the tip it will help.

Its been 3 -1/2 months since my nose job and i...

its been 3 -1/2 months since my nose job and i have no confidence i can't believe this happened to me. i lost all my strenght and confidence and just quit my job. i can't believe a nose job can actully make you ugly. i wasn't a "beauty queen" before but i was attractive and had been called beautiful by people. since this, i don't even remember a guy checking me out. it doesn't even seem possible for this to be.
Sorry this happened to you. Could you please e-mail the doctor you went to because I was checking out a doctor in that area also.
my experience is just like yours.i didn't hate my nose but i wanted my profile to look better.i started to notice it wasn't so good after some people said it was too the rhinoplasty in a bad moment when i was feeling kinda i HATE my nose.i think i t doesnt suit me. people around me say it looks good on me but i HAAATE it and i also know it has defects my natural nose didnt have. im feeling so depressed
I am going to see Dr. Dan Becker in Sewell, NJ who corrects bad nose jobs. I like his before after pics posted on his site.. Some tiimes the tip is still swollen and makes the nose look long. Let it heal at least 4 months and it will look less strange. The bridge up top between the eyes takes a while too. How long has it been?
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