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Im Sadie, im 16 years old. ive hate my nose since...

Im Sadie, im 16 years old. ive hate my nose since i was 12 years old. since i was younger i would always get made fun of becuz of it. now im going to be a junior, & my parents are totally fine with me getting it done. my surgery is scheduled for july 26th! so on a tuesday.(tho we r trying to get it for earlier). i am so excited for it, but also VERY nervoous. my dr told me tht i might have to get my nose packed. that makes me terrified!! thinking tht i cant breathe out of my nose scares me a lot!!!.

can someone explain wht their packing was like? please... :)


Hey guys!! i just got back frm my surgery! my dr...

Hey guys!! i just got back frm my surgery! my dr said it went great, uhm i actually feel no pain right now, & i dont have any packing in my nose!! YAY:)..
i actually have no bruising , which is weiird. so yea. just a little update. & il post some pics

I was very nervous before the surgery!! i couldnt...

i was very nervous before the surgery!! i couldnt stop shaking & i felt dizzy & i was breathing heavily! . . but i got through with it.
whn the doctor gave me the anesthesia he was all like "alright now ur going to feel a little funny!". lol. thn he was like " its going to fee like u had just have 5 margaritas!" haha & then thts all i remember , then i woke up & i was perfectly fine! .

Ommgg i wana rip this cast off me right now!!!. im...

ommgg i wana rip this cast off me right now!!!. im not in any pain, its just tht my nose gets relli itchy underneath the cast, & i cant ITCH IT!! ahhhhhh.
&& i can barely breathe out of my nose becuz there is so much dried up blood!. also i cnt fall alseep ! cuz i have to lay on my back, & i can only fall asleep on my stomach. ughh.
im misserable, & its only the 2nd day.. . fmllll.

Just got the splint off, im really happy with my...

just got the splint off, im really happy with my nose! i love it.
he did an amazing job,,

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Cool running into you here Sadie, fellow redwood city ex woodsider. You looked great regardless, but I'm glad your surgery went well, and it looks great! Seeing youre alive and well makes this surgery seem much less scary. Rock the new nose!
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Looks great!! Do you have any more after pictures?
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Wow you were pretty before the surgery even and now really pretty. :)
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Hey! You look amazing! I'm going to turn 16 this summer, and like you, I've always hated my nose, and have been considering rhinoplasty for a long time. Similar to you as well, my parents fully support me. However, I am really nervous to see how my peers/friends will react. No one has ever gotten a nose job in the middle of high school at my school. I don't want to be known as "fake" or anything. What was your experience like&how did everyone react to you getting your nose done?
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my friends were happy with me either way. i ONLY told my really close friends also... so nobody else knew.
& nobody else can tell i got it done either,, becuz if u think about it nobody is really just paying attention to your nose.
thats what i learned , becuz i thought people were going to notice right away. but no one has said a word.
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You look so vibrant and happy (nice nose, too!)

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It really fits your face and looks "au natural" :-)
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love your after photo's. You seem happy with the results :)
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mine cost 8,000$.
but yeah i kno how u feel, ive hated my nose since i was younger, just be patient & one day maybe it will happen:)
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Hii Sadie, it looks amazing! They've done a really good job. I really want mine done and I'm only 14, my nose really does bother me. How much did this cost you?
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Wow you look great!! And you're still so lucky, you have like no bruising! (I seriously hope I have that kind of luck but I kind of doubt I will haha). I love that your nose fits your face nicely. Question for you though, would you be putting up any frontal pics? And did your surgeon ever mention that you have thick skin on your nose?
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Looks great from the side!! Did he narrow the nose from the frontal view as well?
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Wow, amazing!!! And it looks like very little bruising and swelling, congrats!
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You are so pretty! I can't even imagine how you will look with the nose you've been hoping for. congrats!
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aw thank you!
i cant wait to get it off, 3 more dayss!!
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You should ask your surgeon if you can clean the dried bits out of your nostrils with q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol. I can't remember when I started that, but it helped immensely!

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Sadie, I wish I was able to get my nose done at your age. I waited until age 45 LOL. Well, I am happy now. Please just be prepared for residual swelling that may last longer than you anticipated. I am now 7 1/2 months post-op and still have a bit of swelling at the tip. Just be as patient as possible, it will be a work in progress. Please update us with future pix. To a speedy recover...
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Hey! I'm glad everything went well. You're lucky, so far it seems like you barely have any bruising, and I can already see the change in your nose's shape through the gauze. It looks great! Keep us updated :)
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that is so funny what your anesthesiologist said!! I think mine said something along those lines as well.. "it's gonna feel like a beer and 2 shots of tequila" and then I asked him "How long does it take for it to kick in?" & He responded, "Ohh just about 4-6 seconds.." & literally after that I was out!!

Good Luck on your recovery!! I just got my cast off 2 days ago (Monday). As the days go by you see more bruising and more swelling but it's actually not that bad. My brusing is prob 95% gone, just a little bit of a dark reddish tone on my upper eye lids along my lash line. Not bad. :)

Keep us updated!!!
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lol well one the nurse was like "okay honey u just had about 1 margarita, "
then the anesthesiologist was like "hah no more like 5".
then everything started getting blurry & i was out.
& thankyou!
i feel no pain!, but just a loottttt of blood in my nose!. its like black tho& relli hard ! idk should i try to clean it out, or leave it as it is?
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Good luck and I hope all goes well!
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hey guys, my surgery is tomorrow at 1pm!.
i will keep you guys updated with everything, & tell u how it is, && post some pictures..
im scared ,, but i gotta go through with ittt ahhhhhh
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Good for you for getting it done now! I wish I had.

I had my nose packed and it's like extreme congestion. Not comfortable, but you adjust. And usually it's only in for a few days.

2 more days to go! Please come back and let us know how it goes.

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I was also worried about how I’d be breathing after surgery. It wasn’t scary, just, annoying! Like when you have a cold and your nose is stuffed up, you have to breath through your mouth. But you can’t blow your nose, so you just have to wait it out. You can try it, just "pinch" your nose closed and eventually you have to breath through your mouth, thats basically how it feels.
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Hi Sadie! July 26th is coming up really soon, I hope you're excited! I have my surgery scheduled in late October and I feel the same way as you do. Sometimes I get really nervous to the point of wondering if I should go through with the surgery or not. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help with the nasal packing issue, but I noticed that your nose is actually quite similar to mine. Would you be able to post up pics post-op, just because I haven't seen the results of many people who have noses similar to mine before? Or even consider PMing me some? I hope it's not much to ask, it would just help with the nervousness and give me a better idea of what kind of results I may be able to expect.

Thanks and I hope it goes well!
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