Detirmined Not to Lose my Nerve - Ottawa, ON

So far no procedure date yet. I browsed this...

So far no procedure date yet. I browsed this website before I even looked up a doctor. Now I have an appointment for an initial consultation next Friday. (December 13th)

The truth is that I have had this secret anxiety about my nose for a very long time. It's long and doesn't really suit my face at all. And I probably think about it at least 100 times a day. I don't think I'm photogenic. I don't like someone seeing my side profile, I even go out of my way to sit in the back or at an angle that doesn't show my "weakness" or "bad sides", as silly as that may sound.

Now that I have made a serious decision to see what the doctor has to say next week, I finally opened up to my boyfriend of two years. He had never even fathomed that I had this insecurity, but was ultimately happy that I had opened up about it. He says I am beautiful but understands how I feel and is nothing but supportive. It made me feel good about starting this process.

I had never told anyone about this and I always felt like I was powerless in how I perceived myself. I am starting to feel some hope. Good right? At least it is progress. I will post thoughts as they come to mind. Until then, keep smiling.

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