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I got a nose job on my giant Jew nose back in 2002...

I got a nose job on my giant Jew nose back in 2002. It was an improvement anything would have been I mean it looked like a clown nose. However, it is far from perfect. It collapsed on one side and became crooked as time went on.

I recently had a revision by the same doc which was in his words a simple alar graft. I had high hopes but it hasn't turned out so well. The scar tissue has madd it very flat on that side and the graft is showing through my skin. The other side of my nose is severely dented and makes for a large shadow. I wonder sometimes if I should have just kept the darn Jew nose I was born with.

Anyway, I am finding after reading hundreds of experiences and doctors opinions that nose jobs are a major crap shoot. It's funny to me to see that most people that are happy with their nose jobs are usually people who have recently had it done. They haven't had time to have their nose collapse, twist etc.

Doctors always have the same lines for people that are unhappy. Oh it will get better it's just swelling or it's easily fixable. It also seems that every doctor has many horror stories that go along with their work. No doctor has a perfect record. Some worse than others. For doctors who don't have complaints I have found they have just started their practice or have gag orders. As the old saying goes if its just to good to be true it probably is.

I guess my situation could be worse I could have started out with a perfectly good nose that I ruined. I have seen that many times on this site. So many people have perfectly good noses that they went and had screwed up. At least I can honestly say my nose was always a mess.

I guess my point is the whole nose job thing is a scam. The 74 percent of the people that say it's worth it. Well I say just have them wait a few years and see how happy they are in the years to come. If you are considering a nose job please think about why you are doing it. If it is for something very minor like a little bump or its just a little bit big. DON"T DO IT. Every doctor says they can help they just want your money. They all have the same canned lines and sorry they are all full of it. I really doubt that 74 percent of people are actually happy with their results especially in the long run. I am sure the numbers are much much lower. You don't know how many people work for these doctors who are leaving reviews for them. The photos they show on their websites are most likely photo shopped and they usually show results only one year later. I just really think the WHOLE BUSINESS OF NOSE JOBS IS A SCAM!!!!

Doctors promising things they know they cannot deliver. Anyways I needed to vent. I am sure I am going to get people saying I am so happy with my nose job etc. etc. And I say I am happy for you albeit jealous. But I do think these are the rare cases. Not the norm.

Well I worked up the nerve to visit another...

Well I worked up the nerve to visit another revision doctor. Dr. Frankel in Beverly Hills. He says I need spreader grafts because of mid-vault collapse. This is the second doctor who has told me that so I am starting to believe its true. I am upset about the diagnosis but I think I am more upset about my original doctor who obviously knew what was wrong with my nose but didn't tell me. I hate being treated like an idiot !! When I told them what the other doctors said he got mad at ME! Guess it's my fault it's collapsed. He also claimed I have thin skin which I knew was a lie and was confirmed by other doctors. I actually have thick skin. Guess he doesn't want to spend the time and money to fix it. I wouldn't trust him again anyway. But I think the jerk should pay for my revision surgery. I wrote him a scathing letter telling him he should pay for my revision with another doctor. If he doesn't he'll be sorry he treated me like an idiot. I wonder with my nose being so big originally how the hell he managed to take SO much off it collapsed?

So does anyone have any experience with spreader grafts? I have heard lots of negative things about them. Any positives?

This piece is entitled warning signs. I have...

This piece is entitled warning signs. I have analyzed my situation very thoroughly. I believe, in retrospect, of course there were many warning signs I missed. So for those of you considering a nose job or revision these are the things that were red flags. Some obvious some more subtle.

1. Doctor only performs the closed approach. My nose needed an open approach from the start. I realize now my doctor doesn't even do open nose surgery! From my extensive research closed surgery is for less complicated problems. If they only do one approach their skills are lacking.

2. The doctor's assistant,or receptionist has a bad nose job. I don't think I met my doctor's assistant until after my surgery so this one is not my fault. But my doctors main assistant has a bad nose job, looks something like mine. I assume he did her nose. So look at your Doc's employees noses. During my original consult I was introduced to another assistant who was beautiful not the one with the botch job. Very tricky of them.

3. The pictures on their websites only show profile before and afters. The profile is quite easy to improve while the front view is much more challenging. My doctor mainly shows the profile shots and not many front shots. Don't trust a doctor that doesn't show all views in their before or afters. Furthermore, his pictures are very outdated. He has the same rhino pics on there since I had my surgery in 2002 and probably before.

4. Does not do computer imaging. My doctor said he didn't do this because patients came out disappointed. Okay folks this was an obvious one but in my dazed ignorance I missed it.

If anybody wants to add some warning signs or comment feel free. Thank you.
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Don't get a nose job for something small you will regret it.

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I'm genuinely sorry for what you're going through, i can't even imagine what you must be going through. Are you considering taking your surgeon to court, and what has his response been? Also would you mind telling us what the surgeon's name is, please? I'm looking into rhinoplasty (a much needed one) in the States and i'd like to get as much insight as i can. Sorry if i ask to many questions. Thank you for sharing your story and i really hope you get everything sorted -and some kind of justice- soon.
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In this article one of the patients has written about his experience that he gained after taking the rhinoplasty surgery. It is very important for the patient to select the nose surgeon very carefully before taking such surgical treatments. The qualification, experience and the past records of these nose surgeons are the best way that helps in selecting top surgeons.

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Thanks for the update!

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Here's what some doctors on RealSelf have to say about spreader grafts. Hopefully some folks who've had them will chime in!

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Thanks alot for your reply, it did help me alot! I really appreciate your help, can't thank you enough!

The thing is, I've researched alot and realised that there is no doctor with a fairly stainless past. They all have terrible horror stories circulating on the internet, all of them!

I do understand that rhinoplasty is a very, very complicated procedure that takes alot of experience from the surgeons side. And that even the most highly skilled surgeon can make mistakes, after all, we're all just humans. (Even though some of those so-called rhinoplasty specialists treat their patients so bad that you doubt that they really are humans and not some kind of heartless aliens invading our planet. I'm sorry for my bad sense of humour) I do know that alot of things can go wrong during the healing process, which is out of the surgeons control. But the thing is, noone of them have enough moral to at least clean up after themselves and perform a revision for free. (Or give a full refund)

When I finally find a doctor who seems like a good one, I find a bunch of horror stories the minute after. This really concerns me, how will I be able to choose in this jungle of rhinoplasty surgeons?

People who knows about my rhinoplasty plans tells me to just get over it, but the thing is. I really can't. I can't live with this nose, it's a fact. But I wouldn't be able to live with a bad nose job either. I'll keep thinking, and try to be enjoy life as much as I can until I turn 18.

If someone even bothered to read all this, thank you, it means alot to me.

I'd love to have some rhinoplasty "good-to-knows" about choosing surgeon etc.

(I'm sorry for some lacking english at some places)

And by the way, I want to thank Angiemcc one more time for wasting her time on helping me, it means alot! You wrote that you've had a rhinoplasty earlier. Among other things you wrote "My story is similar to yours, in that my nose was awful and, even though I've been through one rhinoplasty and one revision, it's still flawed." But the thing is, I don't understand in what way it's flawed if it's you on your profile picture. Your nose looks absolutely great! (That comment came straight out from my heart)

Love from Denmark,
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Hi Cass,

Thanks for the kind words about my nose. Of course, I'm my own worse critic. But one side of it has collapsed and it's still crooked. It's still better than my old nose though, and I don't want to go through another revision, so I live with it.

I bet every doctor has some dissenters. It's the nature of the business and of nose jobs. They're very intricate.

Do you know anyone who's had rhinoplasty whose results you like? That would be a good place to start. Connecting with others on RealSelf whose nose jobs you admire and who live in your area is another good way to go.

Hope this helps!


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I saw your article "9 things I wish I'd known before rhinoplast" I ended up reading your rhinoplasty review and saw that video with you talking about your rhinoplasty story. Your nose looks absolutely great! I don't understand what you're talking about when you say that it's flawed and not anywhere near perfect. If I could end up with a result like that I would cry of happiness. It looks great on you, you're gorgeous!
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Hello everyone, I'm only 13 so far but I hate my nose more than anything else. I cry almost everyday but I need to stand strong since I really want to make myself a future. I have alot of dreams and ambitions so I am studying very hard, but It's so hard to concentrate on that when I'm crying about my nose. The reality is always waiting just around the corner. I don't think I could live a good life without having my nose done. It really is an issue in my life and I would like to get it fixed as soon as I turn 18, but after reading all thoose horror stories I'm not that sure anymore. It would mean the world to me if I could get my nose fixed - to the better. But I just feel like rhinoplasty is a big scam. The more I research, the more sad I get. How can I know what surgeon to choose? Is it really worth it? How can I get more confident about my nose? What do you guys recommend me to do? How many is really happy with their nose jobs? I would like to remove a small hump and make my bridge smaller. Maybe shorten one of my nostrils a little bit and remove some cartilage from my tip? What risks is related to this surgery? The hump is quite small and I only have it on one side, I don't want a too small bridge and I only want the nostril shortened a little bit and the cartilage in the tip I want to remove isn't that much. So, this is my questions: - How risky does my surgery sound? What risks is related to the surgery? - How do I know what surgeon I should choose? - Maybe you can give me a few "good-to-know's" - How many is really happy with their nose jobs? Alot of love from Denmark. (Please excuse my english, I'm only 13 and have a lot to learn)
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You're very well spoken for 13! Okay, so first, take some deep breaths. Second, believe that it is possible to get a GOOD rhinoplasty, because it is. Third, realize that this probably won't happen until you're done growing, which is somewhere between 16 and 18 years of age.

You can always start researching doctors now, so that by the time your face has matured you'll be ready!

Go with a board certified, rhinoplasty SPECIALIST. I can't stress this enough. Rhinoplasty is a very intricate procedure, and most of the people who end up with a bad nose job didn't go with a rhinoplasty specialist in the first place.

I hope this helps!

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I feel your pain. I also had problems with a particular body part at that age (read my review). However, I was able to keep it a secret. I believe there is no such thing as a perfect nose. I have read a lot, and a popular desire is to have the nose of a beautiful movie star, etc. Some others think that it is all about proportion, respecting your ethnicity, etc.
What I desire is my mother's nose :)

My wish for you is to not cry or feel too sad about your nose. I wish that this personal discomfort and unhappiness makes you stronger. That the the desire to change your appearance also encourages you to learn about the science behind the practice of surgery. I say this because I read many articles and books before ever consulting with doctors. I also took anatomy classes in highschool and university (which helped me become a nurse).

By now, you might be familiar with the terms "board certified plastic surgeon" (in the U.S.), so always aim to have the best and equivalent to board certified in your country. I would encourage you to wait a little longer than 18 years of age to get your surgery. This will help in confirming your decision and also in saving more money to get the best doctor you can afford.

When I was 17, I made a simple grid of my personal wishes. From top to bottom I listed my wishes in order of importance to me (fixing my appearance was at the top, feeling better about myself was #2). From left to right I wrote "WHY" i wanted the specific thing in my life and how it would change things for me. Next, I wrote what i would do to obtain that specific thing. I looked at that list for 4 years and I walways felt that the top 5 things on the list were of the most importance even as time went by. At 21 I had my surgery. This is what I did to make sure I was willing to go through with surgery.
I hope something here helps. Stay positive.
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Thank you so much for your answer!

Do you know what makes me feel happy, what makes me keep my head up and keep going with my life? It's people like you, people like you and Angiemcc. You treat me with respect and take my problem seriously, alot of people just laughs at it. It feels alot better when I feel that someone cares for me and take their valuable time to write me a serious answer.

That tip about writing a list about my problems sounds great! I'll definately do that!

Love from Denmark,
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after reading some people stories im very skeptical about the long term results of rhinoplasty.
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I feel the same way as you do, have you decided not to go for a rhinoplasty now? x
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Hi, sorry to hear about this. I hope you can let us know who your doctor was as to inform people of their record.

I am interested in a nose job, as I have an ethnic nose as well. I'm mexican and according to plastic surgery sites, the latino nose has a boulbous and wide tip.

I am 28, so perhaps I should just stay with my nose. I just can't help but feel a slimmer nose tip would make me look better.
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Hi Healthy girl

I am 28 also and considering a rhinplasty, I turn 29 soon and I'm thinking maybe I should just accept it...but then the little demons come along and I feel I want to be more beautiful but then theres a lot of unpredictions to the procedure. What are your thoughts on it now? x
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Hi ladies (and some guys),
Susancharle420 thanks for your private message containing the doctor's name.

London4689, I feel like my nose tip could use some improvement and I think it would be easy to "fix"... Yet some comments here argue that the cartilage (which has reduced blood supply), does not heal well and I would THINK this leads to tissue death (think Michael Jackson). Some others say that public figures (ashley simpson) had awesome nose jobs, yet the most dramatic change was the shaving off of her nose hump (which is bone, not cartilage).

I don't have a hump. Just a more wide nose base. I'm willing to spend double the average price... just don't want the fake nose look (look at Dr. Nassif's wife) or to have regrets.
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Are you able to post a discreet pic of your nose at all?

Have you spoken to other surgeons about a revision?

Maybe if you have the time and money you could speak to a lawyer and take your paperwork and they could find a little gap in the disclosure where you can seek compensation...there may be a way?
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I am super ashamed of my nose. Trust me it looks like crap.
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Hi Susan

Hope you're well. which year did you get the rhinoplasty performed? Did it correct your breathing problems? and did you do alot of research before getting it done x
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I had my nose done in 2003. I think it did help my breathing problems but doesn't look all that great. No I didn't do as much research as I should have. Back then there wasn't as much info on the net about plastic surgeons. However, reading people's posts research doesn't always matter.
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I'm thinking the same thing ALSF is. I haven't heard about nose jobs looking/working great for the first 3 years, then collapsing or changing on everyone. Is this true?
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Yes it's true. Docs don't want you to know that but the nose changes over the years. Especially after it has been fixed. It compromises the integrity of the nose making it more prone to collapse and twisting. Not to mention nasal grafts ARE NOT FOREVER and will reabsorb in most cases within a few years leaving the nose as it was before or worse. Trust me I know first hand because it happened to me.
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Thanks for your info/insight, I was thinking about cosmatic rhino to take my bump off but im reconsidering based on your input. i wish i could get moreinput like this from this website but their is not enough info on how safe rhinoplasty is?
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Taking a bump off can lead to open roof deformity. It seems like an easy thing to do but I'd live with the bump if I was you.
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