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Dr. Agha Knows His Stuff - Orange County, CA

After losing 170 pounds I searched high and low...

After losing 170 pounds I searched high and low for a plastic surgeon who would be scrupulous with his/her craft. I make my living as a researcher so trust me when I say I did my due diligence when choosing Dr. Agha. Once I vetted him online, I even went so far as to read articles written by him published in medical journals. I wanted to find someone who was truly attentive to detail and who thoroughly cared about his/her work.

Once I met with the good doctor, I was stunned by his calming manner. He was not the first surgeon I consulted with so I was well versed in the different types of personalities I could have encountered.  I have one recommendation for all those who go ahead and decide to work with him though. Trust his advice and suggestions. He’s done this before.

I had a boob job, an entire body lift and then some. I am a big boned, broad shouldered, sporty person and because I live such an active lifestyle I didn’t want to get gigantic breast implants. Dr. Agha told me that because I’m tall and big boned I should go with the larger implants because they would make me more proportionate. I thought I knew better and I said no, I wanted smaller implants. Now that I’m about three months post-op, I completely know what Dr. Agha was talking about. My breasts look and feel great, but I probably could have gone larger. So trust the good doctor’s opinions. He knows what he’s talking about.

Hi Jackie, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Firstly, congratulations on your weight loss! How did you do it, if you don't mind me asking?

I'm so glad your surgery went well for you. How has your recovery been? Did you have much pain and downtime?


Hi Kirsty! Well as for the weight loss, it wasn't easy! I tried and failed so many times. And then one day I just woke up and was tired of the way I was living my life. I was fed up with using my weight to hide from the world so I decided to get up and get moving. At the time I felt like the gym was all about "looking good" and I just wanted to start "feeling good" so I decided to exercise outdoors. Looking back, this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. At first I simply started with walking. Then I started jogging ever-so slowly. Eventually, when I got faster and stronger, I entered a 5k. Finishing (even as slow as I did) was the best feeling in the world and I just kept chasing that feeling. I started hiking and mountain biking and the pounds just kept rolling off. I lost the first 80 pounds simply by eating better and getting physically active, but the rest of the weight loss I think is directly associated with my mountain biking. I didn't care how I looked out there, I just cared about being able to bike up the hill that I couldn't bike up the week before. As for the surgery... the recovery was long and -- let's face it -- not a walk in a park. My first surgery (lower body lift, fat transfer to my bottom, liposuction, and more) was in August of 2012. The second surgery (upper body lift, breast augmentation, arm lift, and more) was in November 2012. It is now March 2013 and I am just now feeling somewhat back to normal. The amount of surgery I had was extensive and I actually suffered from a few post-op open wounds along various suture lines. That was VERY unpleasant, however it had nothing to do with the doctor's skill. This is simply one of those complications people need to be aware of and accept as a possibility. The open wounds I got after surgery #2 took 3 months to heal. As for pain, oddly enough, the only consistent pain I remember having had to do with the open wounds. I had one large one on my lower back which made sitting and sleeping practically impossible. Many tears were shed regarding that. But it did get better and, like I said, it did heal eventually. The recovery period immediately after surgeries like this is not fun by any means, but you have a great deal of pain medicine that helps you along. I remember being more sore than anything else. But believe me, when I say "sore"... this is a soreness unlike anything you have ever felt. Also, with all the surgeries I had, I am practically sewn together at every joint. This means I'm not as flexible as I used to be, but but that will come in time I'm sure. And I should also say that as of this point (3+ months post-op) I still cannot run or jump rope. I can hike and bike, but for some reason, when my butt bounces up and down, as will happen with these exercises, it becomes too uncomfortable to proceed. I think that has to do with my body's slow attempt to accept the fat transfer into my bottom. Again, I am more than sure that will change given some time. As you can hopefully tell by my response, there were complications and hard times, but I don't regret either surgery in the slightest. If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to ask away!!!

Thanks for your very detailed update, that's so awesome!

It's clear that you've worked really hard to get to where you are, which is a huge achievement. I would love to see some before/after photos, if you have any you feel comfortable sharing!

I'm in the process of trying to lose a large amount of weight myself, so stories like yours are very inspiring and educational for people like me. I think exercise is definitely the key. It's hard to start exercising, when you have a large amount to lose, but it's something I have to begin doing.

If you don't mind me asking. What was your starting weight, before the 170lb loss?

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Dr. Agha comes across as caring, well educated, and dedicated to making you the best “you” possible.

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