I'm scheduled to have surgery in the middle of...

I'm scheduled to have surgery in the middle of January and I'm so nervous. I am very happy with my looks but my nose is always something that I'm self-conscious about. It's wide and flat and kind of has a bump on it. Overall, it just needs to be changed. lol

My parents are NOT HAPPY with my decision to get rhino but I lied and told them it was for a deviated septum (like celebrity lie about...) so they kinda bought it.

My boyfriend (who is caucasion) is kind of worried about the outcome as well.
Im kinda nervous about this surgery because the doctor seems to have a vision of how to shape my nose but is telling me that he'll basically do what he finds best to narrow and lift my nose while the surgery is performed.

I'm really worried but VERY excited because I've wanted this forever. I just wish my parents weren't so offended. They keep on telling me I'll look like Michael Jackson and they keep on telling me that I'll hate how I look afterwards because Im a pretty girl now.

Any words of advice? Any encouraging things to consider while I'm at the pre-op stage? I'll post pics after the surgery!

u look good:)
I to am happy with myself, but I always wanted a more feminine nose, I also have my Dad's nose. Twice I had the funds and went to consultation, but was talked out of it by my husband (now and ex!!) and i always regret it. It's perfectly okay to look your best. Am am back to planning to go to consultation and this time doing it for me. I know you will be fine.
I'm looking forward to hearing about how your surgery came out! When I read your story it sounds almost exactly like mine, so I'm really eager to see your pics, I hope it works out because I'm trying to decide on which doctor to choose for my surgery.

Hello! It's been almost 2 years since my rhino! I...

Hello! It's been almost 2 years since my rhino!
I am very happy with the results. It looks really natural so no one even suspects anything was done until they see my drivers license. Even then, they assume it was because I was younger. Turns out he didn't use any inplants, he just used grafts from my own nose so I got 1000$ back!

For the first...maybe 2-3 months, my skin broke out REALLY bad from the selling and I felt self-conscious about that more than my frozen smile and stiff nose. I went on Accutane in April (which is less than 4 months after my surgery) and didnt feel anything strange with my nose. So for those on accutane who are withholding on the surgery, I dont know how big of a deal it is.

Anyways, so I'm going in for a scar revision. Its minor. No breaking this time. The tip of my nose has some scaring that is causing residential swelling (something like that).
It's only going to cost me 3,300$. The doctor (the same one) is going to be taking off a bit of fat/scar tissue from the tip. He said nothing will change from the profile, it will just define the tip a bit more. I'm very happy about the way I look now so I'm hoping it won't be TOO drastic. I really kinda nervous about this one but I trust the doctor since he gave me such good results the first time!

If you have any questions, just ask!!

Looking beautiful, as usual! :)

Just make sure your surgeon has experience with working on ethnic noses since their structure is weaker than non ethnic noses. look at his/her patients with noses similiar to yours. Good luck!

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Let's hope its not too too...

Let's hope its not too too drastic or too hard of a recovery as I have plans for my 25th bday on October 6th!

Fingers crossed!
Good luck, hope all goes well. I have surgery on October 3. My first. My doc is actually in the other building from yours. Take care and easy recovery.
Thank you! Oh thats awesome. I tried creeping your profile but there was no pics:(. But good luck with your surgery and thanks for your well wishes! Keep us updated!

Day of Surgery So I woke up this morning really...

Day of Surgery
So I woke up this morning really anxious. I took a long nap and then headed to the hospital. It was a long 2 hours wait before I got checked in.
My surgery was a bit delayed because the doctor had been working on a patient all morning. When it was finally my turn, he was really gentle and nice with me. I absolutly love his bedside matters. He makes you feel like your the most important person in the room. Anywyas, so then, they hooked me up to an IV and I was asleep! I came to and they made me wait in the recovery room for about 2 hours. Then, I went home. I actually feelings really great. I'm walking around all over and I can eat normally and there's minimal breating. I can also breathe out of both nostrils! I never knew I had a problem with breathing until now!!

So ya, I'm going to be careful obviously but I'm anxious to see what the results are like. The bridge (from what I can see) looks narrowed even if he didn't break anything. Everything just looks smaller. I'm actually really nervous because I was fairly happy with my primary....
My 25th bday is also coming up, let's just hope that I'm presentable enough to look bangin'!!
Hope you are feeling well!

Week 2- Ugh, it feels like I started back from...

Week 2-
Ugh, it feels like I started back from square one.
I snuck a peek early and saw that my bridge was more defined and it looked really cute. As soon as the doctor officially took off the bandage, POW, my nose exploded into this swollen mess! My nose looks even more swollen then before my primary! I know its just swelling but it makes my nose looks like a potato!

Also, the left side of my bridge is kinda piggy. But I trust the doctor when he said that it's all just swelling because if took me over 3 months to even see any results for my primary. However, this time he just removed fat and there was no breaking so...how much change could there be?

He did say to massage and press down hard on the side of my nose to diminish the swelling and to avoid that it scars that way. I feel stupid even posting my "after" pics becaue it looks just as wide as before!
Hi when you got your primary how long did it take for your bridge swelling to go down?
Oh gosh, for maybe 3 months it was really puffy and had no shape whatsoever and the swelling was crooked. Slowly but surely after...5-7months I could actually smile properly with some kinda definition as the months went by...After 1 year I FINALLY saw some shape which continued to improve but I wanted something more drastic so I went for a revision.

3 weeks and 3 days I can finally see signs of my...

3 weeks and 3 days
I can finally see signs of my nose kinda thinning out. My nose still gets swollen during the evening and in the mornings but throughout the day, it will show somewhat of a shape. My nose sometimes will start throbbing and feeing "tight but other than that, I'm excited to how it will look a few months from now!
Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your healing!

Well hello again! When i last posted I was going...

Well hello again!
When i last posted I was going in for a second revision. Let me tell you....WASTE OF MONEY. Nothing to do with the doctor but I think once again, it didn't give me the results I wanted. The doctor took a really conservative approach and only removed fat tissue from the bridge. Unfortunately there is absolutely no difference. I think my nose is even crooked. See for yourself!

This time around (this sounds really vain), I want some nostril work and a bit of narrowing of the tip.
I went to 2 consultations. The first consultation, the doctor was soooo rude. He basically told me that I should also consider fillers for my dark circles. Also, he quoted me 11,000 and seemed like he was trying to charm me into going with him for this surgery.

The second consultation was with Dr. Ellis who was very sweet and sat me down and asked me if I had any questions for him. He just took his time and I didn't feel pressured. He's also a facial plastic surgeon so I know i'm in good hands because he's really experienced and teaches other surgeons different methods. I didn't feel pressured at all or rushed. His staff was really pleasant and this time, I got bloodwork done and was shown pictures of other clients who had their nose done.

I'm pretty pleased with my nose (even though its been 2 revisions but I want something more streamlined. Just because my parents would freak out if they found out I'm going in for a 3rd time, I didn't even tell them!! I moved to Toronto so they have no clue!!

I'm a bit nervous about the results because this is THE LAST TIME. Im generally happy with my nose. The only thing is that its still really..."sloppy" looking though and though I'm content, I want to be satisfied.

Keep in mind, the second time around was only to remove fat from the bridge, as in, remove scar tissue. Nothing was broken or touched other than that. It was a closed approach so I don't even consider it rhinoplasty.

I'll post pics to show the before and after of my last two surgeries.

Btw the surgeon will be Dr David Ellis in North...

Btw the surgeon will be Dr David Ellis in North York Toronto. Message me if there are any questions.
I think your nose looks nice and is very close to fitting your face (not that it doesn't already!) but I understand the feelings you have. Have you tried to consult outside of Canada? I agree that your nose looks very natural and I don't think it will look fake after a 3rd one. I think it will be the best one yet. Good luck!
Thank you:) Ive actually never wondered about travelling to look around. Guess I always assumed it be more expensive and a bother going back and forth to the consult and surgery and post ops. Its alot of money for all that. But fortunately this surgeon has all the good requirement to handle my nose (facial surgeon, experience with ethnic noses, good years of experience) Im excited!! 2 more days to wait
I personally think your nose looks fantastic, to be honest, but ultimately it's about what makes you happy, and if you're still unhappy, then I hope for nothing but the best for you, and I hope that you finally get the results that you want. Just remember that the recovery period gets longer with each revision typically, so it may feel this time around like it's taking forever to heal.. how was your healing process and rate with your second revision?

Surgery Revision Day: So I'm done. This...

Surgery Revision Day:

So I'm done.
This morning I went in. The doctor was waiting for me all smiley along with his nurse. Honestly, he went over a few things that he would do with my nose and we all went upstairs to his private clinic.

After a few minutes of discussing the academy awards and making jokes about my IV being my breakfast, I was out.

I woke up and have no idea how I went home. lol. My landlord is taking care of me since I'm here alone in this city (I moved). She's so sweet. lol.

So I took a look at my nose while changing the bandage and I'm seeing that the bridge is REALLY skinny. I'm kinda nervous. On one end you can REALLY see my eyes. On the other end, its REALLY small compared to my old nose.

I can't believe I'm never going to look the same as I did. I'm kinda feeling excited and half depressed depending on how it looks like. Preseently I'm just dripping blood but suprinsingly, no pain! and no bruising. Well..it IS only day one. We'll see how I feel tomorrow...I'm nervoussss ahhh. This could either looks REALLY nice or like Latoya Jackson.

Anyways. First day gone. We'll see how the rest of the day goes...
I think it is going to look great!
Lol. Speak of the devil! I was just reading your review! I think your nose looks amazing and it looks so natural and pretty already. Imagine in a few weeks! I'll be sure to follow your journey. I'm excited for you:)
Haha thank you!! I'm very happy :) I willbe sure to follow yours too, it's looking great already even though it's wrapped up :)

Uh. Wow. Cast off. I don't know what to make of...

Uh. Wow.
Cast off.
I don't know what to make of the results. I feel like there's a huge difference. I'm not sure what to think. One part of me thinks it makes me look cute. Then I miss my old face. I look...less "friendly.
Well, I'm not wearing my hair extensions so I look a little different by default (im wearing my afro out. lol)
Like, my face just lost it's chubbiness from my nose being so wide.
I'm just sitting here in front of the mirror trying to envision how my nose will look in a few weeks but I'm nervous...I'm feeling a bit of MJ vibe with this nose...ahhh. Honest opinions please:S....I dont know what to think

Should I tell my parents now or wait till they see...

Should I tell my parents now or wait till they see it and blame it on my last revision? Ahh the change is so dramatic to me.
Your nose looks really good, I think the change is suddle! No worries it looks great. Not mj at all!
Hello! Thanks for posting this...It's been interesting to follow your changes, as I am contemplating rhino, as well. I really enjoy having access to a site such as this... That said, there are few postings from patients of African descent, so it's hard to visualize changes that I may expect in my nose shape, bruising, etc. As we know, dark skin tends to react differently to surgery than lighter skin, and the shapes of our (original) noses tend to be wider and flatter, yielding a WIDE range of post-op results. BTW, I think you're gorgeous! Best of luck to you.
Thank you:) Oh yeah, I know what you mean about there being few black people nose job stories out there. I think its because when we seek out to change out appearance, its interpreted as "trying to fit the standards of western beauty" whereas sometimes we just want more harmony to our faces despite being blessed with bigger features. Anyways. tangent right there. lol. Yeah, I was REALLY nervous about the change a plastic surgeon will do. My first surgeon understood how he didn't want to give me a "White" nose so just changed the width not understanding that I wanted to also have refined features and not just "a smaller" nose. That's why my second surgeon understood "ok, your nose looks small but its still "sloppy" and could use some further refining to balance out my features and bringing out my eyes. I think my biggest mistake was going to a non-facial plastic surgeon because 1) I could've saved some money instead of going in those 2 other times (though he did set up a good blueprint for the nose I have now) 2) He couldve REALLY messed up my face. Thankfully he didn't. But I feel like alot of surgeons who don't have that experience will try to throw in the "implant" when sometimes your nose has enough cartilage for that. The first surgeon wanted to use an implant but didn't have to. and the 2nd surgeon wanted to use some ear cartiladge and also didnt need to. Thank you! Anywyas. if you have any questions, feel free to message me and I could tell you more or send you more pics of my "before" and after of my first two surgeries (sounds so weird saying that. haha) hopefully this is the last time though. At the end of the day, having the perfect nose is not THAT deep. lol. But it really helps in feeling really confident in dating, pictures, and overall when people talk to you and being ok with them looking at you straight on! Goodluck!

It's been a few days (a week post-op tomorrow) and...

It's been a few days (a week post-op tomorrow) and honestly I'm still feeling a little weird. I don't know. No one noticed anything but today I went to the mall and bought makeup at Sephora. I feel like when I made eye contact with people, I would just put my head down and walk faster. I don't know. I just feel paranoid. I know its sounds soooo ridiculous because I know it doesn't look ugly. I should even be happy because this guy came up to me and said I was cute and was trying to get my number. I was sooo flustered. lol.

Is this normal? I feel like you can tell that I had a nose job. I can't handle this. I do like the nose though. I just feel really insecure. It's not BDD because I don't want to change anything else about myself (including my nose) but I feel like when people look at me, they just see my nose.

Anyways, everything else is going well. No pain, a little swelling. I'm just not used to this nose. That is all.

Ahh. Is this normal? Help a sista out please!

Btw. I'm a bit gaunt because of all the weight...

Btw. I'm a bit gaunt because of all the weight loss. I usually look a bit "meatier" haha.
I'm serious, you're absolutely beautiful and, you lucky girl, it STILL doesn't look at ALL noticeable that you've had any work done on your nose.
Thanks Sarah. I was looking at your before and after pics and your nose looks so cute! I have a question for you, I'll post it on your page! Thanks again!
That is true!

I feel way better! Especially about the pre-op...

I feel way better! Especially about the pre-op care. Just went in for my 1 week pre op and he wants to see me again in 2 weeks and track the swelling and progress! Yay I feel better:)

Thanks for all the support!!!
Will probably update in a month

Email me for any info.

Email me for any info.
I would love to see your pics. I'm in ontario ang considering having rhino. There are not very many ethnic rhino examples so it's difficult for me to make a decision. Thanks in advance. You can pm me.
You look beautiful! Your nose looks great! If this is your third nose surgery, I would say dont have anymore. Your nose can only take so much of that. Even if there is something not EXACTLY perfect (and I'm NOT saying I see anything like that) about your nose, it is OK. People's faces are not semetrical naturally anyway. There are things about my nose that are not perfect that I would not even ask to have fixed because they dont bother me. I would just ask to have the stuff that really bugs me changed. Anyway, you look great, dont change your nose any more! ;o)
hahah:P thanks for calling me out:P. Yeah no more surgery, my wallet can't take it no more! lol. Thank you:)!
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