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I recently had rhinoplasty, it's been around 3...

I recently had rhinoplasty, it's been around 3 days since. My nose was really big with a hump at the bottom, and I just wanted a slight alteration to soften the hump, but nothing too drastic. When the doctor asked me what I wanted i said nothing too noticeable, I said I don't want my nose straight, just a softer hump. He said he would shorten it a bit and narrow the front, which I was fine with as long as my hump was shortened a bit and he kept saying no one will notice. Maybe it's too early to tell, but the tip is really swollen and I have a cast on, but my nose looks way too small. I've had a big nose my whole life, I just wanted it tweaked, I'm so scared it's too small now. But the cast isn't off yet so we'll see later!


Deep breaths. (Though you'll probably have to take them through your mouth for now). There is a phenomenon that happens to lots of people after rhinoplasty where your nose looks very weirdly different to you, but to the rest of the world, it's barely noticeable. It's almost a temporary dysmorphia.

Hopefully that's all your going through. It's really too soon to judge your new nose, especially with the cast still on.

Please come back and let us know what you think once it comes off. I truly hope you feel at peace with it.

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Okay so the cast is off! And I couldn't be...

Okay so the cast is off! And I couldn't be happier. The doctor didn't seem like he was listening to what I was saying, but he really was. I couldn't be happier! Love my new nose.

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I had rhinoplasty around 3 weeks ago, at first...

I had rhinoplasty around 3 weeks ago, at first when the cast came off I loved it, the front was really thin, my nose looked smaller and my eyes popped more. The profile was still kind of big, and I had a large hump and my nose curved downwards, so I just wanted a profile that would fit my face, but not totally straight - just a cute nose with a slight curve.

Anyways, I feel like my profile is still too large for my face and that it doesn't really fit my face. And the front of my nose is getting more and more swollen everyday. How much does the profile change over time? Will the size of the profile change? Is my nose always going to be this swollen at the front or will it get back down to when I first removed the cast?


Hey! If possible, I would love to see pictures! I'm seriously considering getting rhinoplasty, and am in Ontario. I don't personally know any one who's gotten one done, and can't seem to find many reviews for Ontario..
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I would like to voice a formal complaint on Doctor Lista and his services. Last year when I came in to do my rhinoplasty, I was very excited to finally be able to change the one thing that has made me insecure my whole life. I was a student at the time, and I barely had any money and I had to use all my savings possible (even some of my osap money) in order to even afford this surgery. The first consultation I had with him was very assuring, he told me he could do exactly what I was asking him to do with my nose, I asked him to make it smaller, and he said he would make it straighter as well as shorter. When I looked at the website before the consultation, I was under the impression that I would be receiving my digital photographing of my desired results closer to the surgery, or even before the surgery so I did not say anything during the consultation.

My surgery date was very far - so I put myself on the wait list. Next thing I know, the date available was extremely close, but when I saw Doctor Lista the second time before the surgery, there was no digital photographing, he had to ask me again on what I wanted with my nose - clearly forgetting the first conversation we had. He seemed rushed and unorganized - and then he was in the surgery room doing surgery on me.

My nose is not even close to being straighter and it is not smaller. I waited over a year for the swelling to go down so that I know for sure that I would need a revision - and when I came to see him, he took a 1 minute look at the nose and said, "it looks great." When I told him the profile is still a bit too big and needs to be shaped or smaller he said "nope it can't be any smaller...theres no chance of revision." and out he went. I know for a fact that there is a chance to do revision because when I posted my photo on real self - a lot of the plastic surgeons said they would shave off some of the cartilage on the bridge to make it lower. My whole experience has been extremely unpleasant, and I'm still stuck with the insecurity that I've had my whole life, only now, there's no way I can even afford to fix it.

I am the same had mine yesterday,and looks tiny but I asked for mine to be as small as he could make it as I always had a big nose too, I think it is going to be a shock when the cast comes off of how small it is think more to the point it wont look like me anymore yay....
I know a lot of folk ask for just a slight difference but to me then thats not worth the money I believe if you are going to make a change then go the full way xxx
Please Email me to let me know how you got on xx

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Just be specific with what you want with him, he does listen though!

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