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First off I have to say how much I love this site...

First off I have to say how much I love this site and it's members. What a supportive community. OK now for the stuff all of you already know and have felt yourself. My nose has always been a 'big' problem for me, it was the root of all teasing throughout high school. So now I am a mom and a professional and I am taking control of my destiny. I have saved and finally I am able to get some time off work and school to do this for me.

My pre-op appointment was last Tuesday, still can't believe this is really happening. They gave me a goodie bag full of some things I will need right after surgery, which I thought was really thoughtful of them. I will still have to gather a few things other community members found helpful. My biggest concern right now is making sure my kiddies are taken care of after surgery and that the little guys don't hurt mommy's nose. Thank god for grandparents as DH will be taking care of me. I guess I should say I am having a septorhinoplasty with an open approach, my tip is a little bulbous and has a cleft due to my thin skin. Hopefully everything goes well as I haven't told anyone I am having this procedure done, just took some vacation time.

The goodie bag included socks to keep my feet warm in the OR, ChapStick, gauze, hydrogen peroxide and freezes. Thought this was a great idea.

I'm so glad you started your story and glad RealSelf has been helpful for you! A goodie bag sounds awesome. What was in it?

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your journey. I haven't for one single second regretted getting my septorhinoplasty!


One more week. I can't believe the wait is almost...

One more week. I can't believe the wait is almost over. Had an awesome microdermabrasion today, heard a lot of people breakout afterwards, god I hope not. Well this week should go by quickly, have to study for an exam for school plus I work full time. Oh yah and take care of my six kids:) Actually right now I am more anxious to finish the exam then anything else. O h well back to studying. I hope microderm before rhinoplasty was OK, just thought of that.

So four more days till my surgery, now I'm really...

So four more days till my surgery, now I'm really starting to get anxious. Just finished my exam for school, what a relief except know my mind isn't as occupied. A least I have to work, that should keep me busy. My next course for school starts Monday so I can focus on that. I have spent sometime on a rate your doc site, really should stay away from those. They're nerve racking. I just pray all goes well.
Hey good luck with your op. get some arnica pills and lip balm for your recovery. I had my op 3 days ago and would say its well worth it. It's doesn't hurt just uncomfortable. Can't wait for the plaster to come off.

Well today was the day, so far I feel great. I...

Well today was the day, so far I feel great. I actually inhaled through my nose for probably the first time in 30+ years...yah. The whole surgical team was AMAZING! They really took great care of me. Know it's time to wait and see how things turn out. Hope my babies aren't scared of their momma:) As the good Doc said take it easy, take it easy , take it easy. So that's what I am going to do. Thanks to the real self community for all the support.

Day 2 post op. My son said I look weird, boy is...

Day 2 post op. My son said I look weird, boy is that an understatement. I am swollen all over my face, especially my eyes and cheeks. It doesn't hurt though, just a lot of pressure. Have been resting a lot which is really hard for me since I usually insanely busy. I have to resist cleaning up but it's difficult. I really want to try to study for school but it's hard to see out my swollen eyes:-) Maybe I should let my kids read to me. Oh well off to rest again.
Hi glad your op went well. I heard sea salt water nose spray is suppose to be really good for cleaning your nose, I'm off to buy some today.
Thanks for the advice, my face is so swollen. Hope this gets better soon. My cheeks look like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. My eyes are barely open. My nose is so stuffed can't breath in or out. Still so worth it.:-)

Day 3 post op: Well I haven't be able to wash my...

Day 3 post op: Well I haven't be able to wash my hair since surgery, so my awesome daughter who works at a hair salon is going to do it at the end of the day. Don't want to scare anyone! My face is so swollen, anyone else's face swell this much. I look like beast from beauty and the beast. Still pretty tired throughout the day.
Goodluck with the recovery. I don't know about you but it took me like, 3 months for me to see the change as an improvement! Can't wait to see pics!
I couldn't breath either for a few days that's soon gets better though. Hopefully your swelling will start to go down in a day or two. i had my strapping off today, nose is a bit swollen still and bruised but looks so go. Septoplasty when well too. Let me know how your recovery goes

Well today the cast comes off and frankly I rather...

Well today the cast comes off and frankly I rather leave it on. For a few reasons, first I have six kids, enough said there:-) Secondly I will be back to work next week and I work as a nurse with kids, scared of accidentally being hit or kicked (I work with severely ill and/or disabled children who are palliative) So i have been kicked and punched in the past. Thirdly it doesn't bother me at all, not itchy at all. It's my new security blanket. I guess the final reason is it's really scary to see actually what's under the cast, is it what I have imagined it will be? I guess I will have to put on my big girl pants and just do it!

My cast is off and so far it is awesome! I hope it...

My cast is off and so far it is awesome! I hope it only gets better, my doc told me he would have liked to shave my nose down a bit more but the way my facial structure is that was as far as he could go, which looks good if I say so. They said I I'd a great job of keeping my nose clean:-) I feel so vain very time I walk by a mirror I stop and smile and think how thankful I am. Holy cow your skin looks like crap after the cast comes off. First thing I did was wash my nose, can't wait for my next microdermabrasion. Great start hopefully it only gets better. Off to bed, so tired.
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