I Am Getting Rhinoplasty and So Nervous - Ontario, Canada

I have wanted this for so long and have always...

I have wanted this for so long and have always hated my nose. Sometimes i feel selfish and superficial because there are so many worse things in this world than a nose that is disliked. I figured it's now or never. I am going through a transition in my life now at 34. Lost all my baby weight, lost 40 pounds, and I want to feel good about myself. It will be so nice to take pictures and not cringe every time I see a side profile shot or worse 3/4 shot. I have not told many people about this but i feel this will be a very resourceful community for me to have.

12 more days!

Can you see why I would want to do this? My husband says from certain angles, he understands why my nose bothers me. My family on the hand is not supportive of this decision...except for my dad. He says he knows I've wanted to do this for a long time. I am hoping hard that all will go well. the worst for me would be ending up with a nose too short or piggy nose. Some people like the upturned look, but I am not a fan.

hmmm let's see if this works.


11 days and i feel sick to my stomach with nerves

I have no one to talk to about this except for my husband. Bless him! He is the greatest guy out there and I am really lucky to have him. As I've said, my family is not supporting me in this decision and I know my dad does not "really" want to hear about it. My best friend is supportive, but she can't see why I am doing this, so I don't talk to her about these feelings. Every morning I wake up and am very scared of what I am about to do, but then the day goes on and I feel so aware of my nose all the time. It effects my confidence so much, that I feel I have to go and do this for myself. I nearly want to cancel after I read a review that has had a terrible outcome. I trust my doctor and feel ok in his hands. I am so, so terrified of GA because I think what if I never wake up again and leave my children without a mother. All i can do is hope all will go well. I am a little worried about post operative depression that I have been reading about. I hope I don't go through this and i think I will be ok.

before pics

Took down the video and will do one combined after surgery and a full review. I don't have the worst nose, but I am still very self-conscious. I know no one cares about my nose like i do. after reading more reviews, why are noses collapsing? That is pretty scary stuff.

More before pics


posting actual pics as opposed to 3rd party links, mods instructions :)

more pre op

I think I've finally figured all this out now...geesh. Will follow up after surgery. I am so excited, but so nervous.

pre op

The only angle I shoot at.

Just read a scary and sad review - please help!-FREAKED OUT! 6 days until surgery

How common is it to have collapsing and c shapes? This poor woman is so depressed and it's ruined her life. Why does this happen to these people? How could a PS let this happen to their nose? Do we need to worry about our new noses all the time or will it take some crazy shape two years down the road...I hope I mentally strong enough for this surgery. I hate my nose, but I would rather this nose than a lifetime of problem. This is what happened to me 10 years ago. I had a surgery booked and then chickened out last minute...I feel like I am scared shitless all of a sudden. Uggghh I hate my nose, but what if something happens? I trust my dr and he has been doing this for a long time. He's open and honest with me and answers my email personally. I wish he had a patient coordinator though.

4 days to go -omg. omg.omg.

Yep I am having mini panic attacks thinking about this. I keep asking myself those questions that everyone asks themselves before surgery. "IS my nose really that bad??!" I am freaking out inside. I only can hope and pray that all goes well. I am not looking for a drastic change. Slightly shortened, tip slightly raised (no piggy) and I want my profile to be smaller. Tip less big. If I don't do this, I will still hate my nose in every photo and feel conscious of people looking at it from the side. I hate that when I laugh I always cover up my face because I don't want people to see how big nose gets when I laugh. silly but true. I am ready for this. I wonder to myself if I am too old to do this. 34. Who does this at 34? Is that strange? These pics just make me appreciate why I am doing this. I can't imagine how I will look from the front. Hopefully not that different.

my family ugghh...

I know they care about me, but it sucks that not one person is supporting this decision other than my husband. I guess I won't be going to anymore family functions for awhile until I am healed. I don't want to hear, I liked your old nose better. Oh well. this is for me. They all think it's a midlife, could be, but this isn't something I just thought of. I have though about this since grade 7. that's a long time.

more pre op

don't like my nose in these pics.

Any last minute tips?

Fire away! I am going to get some arnica today. Does this really help? HOw about sleeping any suggestions on what to buy? my stomach is doing flips...so nervous.

This time tomorrow I will be in surgery

I have been stress eating for the last two days, probably gained 5 pounds. When were able to exercise again? oh I hope it goes well. I can't believe this is actually happening. Where did all this courage come from? Hoping never have to worry about my nose in a negative way ever again. Praying.


Well I am post of day two and this is the pits! I hate not being able to breathe. By far the worst part for me. I am so stuffed up and it's so hard to swallow. I look like an avatar with two black eyes, but I think from what I can see he did a great job. I did not want anything drastic, just de projection mostly. He said he had do a lot of work to my tip to deproject it. I am feeling so many different emotions right now.
I have not cried or panicked, but have had a few moments where I've wanted to. I can't breathe and it's causing me so much anxiety. I am having horrible dreams, I am feeling regretful at times, but then think how long I've wanted to do this. I have two little kids under 3, so I am feeling selfish and superficial that I can't be their mother right now. I hate that part the post. Sleeping sucks too! I can't get comfortable, I can't eat or taste anything. I have had a bit of yogurt and some soup. It's crazy! I've wanted this for so long, but now that it's done, I've had WTF moments. like wtf did I do to myself. I believe this is all normal. I like what I see on the other hand and feel it looks promising and that he did a really great job. I also keep having moments like what if something happens to my nose down the road, what if it collapses or something funky happens to it. i can't handle that. I never want to do any sort of plastic surgery again. I've recently had a breast augmentation and also had those wtf did i do to my body moments, like full freak out. I should have expected that I may have felt the same way. I still feel I look like me right now from what i can see. I am scared to see my family or friends and what they will think. I look too scary from the front. Please tell me when I will be able to breath again. I have no packing or splints.

hard times

I am having an extremely hard time excepting what I did to my face. I was happy before. why did i care so much about a stupid nose. It's crazy how much you miss your old nose. I don't know why I ever did this and why I let this bother me to the point of plastic surgery. wtf! I made my bed and now i have to lie in it. I absolutely hate what I did to my face. i look at my children and feel sad. I don't feel good inside about what I did. I keep wishing this was a bad dream, but it's not. I think the results look ok, but so weird from the front. I don't like the way I look from the front. I hope this tips drops and all this swelling probably doesn't help. I just want to forget this even happened. Now I have a year of healing when nothing was wrong before. ugh! If I could go back in time, i wouldn't do it. My bruising is minimal at this point and I am starting to get some air through my nose. My nostrils don't look even and my tip is up.

mixed feeling kind of day

I have so much pressure in my face, my cheeks are so swollen above my upper lip is swollen. Smile looks really funny. I feel like I sort of look like the kid from the movie mask at the moment with the swelling in between the eyes. I think my profile looks good, I think the tip from what I can see looks good. When does the tip drop a bit? I look piggy for sure. I think my dr. did a great job from what I can see. He said he my tip was a lot harder than what he anticipated. All I can say is thank Goodness I chose someone with his level of experience. I just hope nothing crazy happens to it. Time will tell. For now, I have to focus on work and kids and let this healing process begin. I may add photos back up again, once I feel a bit more normal.

don't know ever what I was thinking.

I hate the way i look now and wish I never done this. I still have the splint on, but my tip looks too small now from what I can see and too upturned. hate it. I know cast removal will be the ultimate depressing day and Now I have to live with this ugly face. All i can say now is I wish I could go back in time. I have to face all the people who told me not to mess with my face now. should have listened to my family. I am going to have to get off this site because it is depressing.

feeling better this morning

Don't feel so crazy today. Such a total mind game. my husband thinks I am going to love it, but right now, it's so hard to see that with the splint, bruising, chipmunk cheeks and swollen bit in between nose and lip. my nose had a big tip and was long before. My dr said he was conservative, but could be all in my head, but it just looks small. This is what I wanted right? I talked to my family, bless them. I love them and they are all supporting me now to help me get through recovery. My dad said you've always a smaller nose and now you have one. Be positive.
I am taking arnica, but never needed any pain meds aside from regular tylenol. Nose is pretty much done dripping and and I can breathe pretty well between both nostrils. I feel so much pressure in my face and just want to press down on my cheeks and underneath my nose to alleviate the pressure. The worst part about sleeping is that you keep waking up and your mouth literally feels like sandpaper. weird. Anyways, just wanted to update, that my mood today is a bit more positive. I have to say my dr has the patience of a saint. I have emailed him so many times and he must think I am a crazy woman. He always replies back and he deserves credit just for that. I am praying that I like my nose under this splint.

hate it and myself

I will never forgive myself for doing this to myself. My nose wasn't that bad before. Some stupid kids teased me in public school and gave me a complex and now I will have to live with this fucking face. My family tried to tell me that I don't need it and that's not what is important in life. And stupid. Why the hell did it take a nose job to realize what really is important. I hate myself for this and will never forgive myself. I hate it. Likely my last post here. Don't do it. Totally not worth it.

had best friend over

Finally let her come over today because She insisted I see what I am talking about. She thinks I am going to love it when I am past the crazy stage. She doesn't think anyone is going to be able to tell. I keep thinking all my clients are going to know what I've done. I've been trapped in the house all week and it's been really tough. I never for one second thought I would feel like this. So crazy. I hope she's right and that I will love it. I keep thinking my nose is too small and she said he barely took that much. I get this cast off on Tuesday and I hope the fog begins to lift and I appreciate why I did this. I am stuck on the why did I do this to myself.

Fog is lifting - Now i have questions for people that are post surgery.

One of my commenters below mentioned something about once the fog lifts, you will start to feel better. I am mentally much, much better today. The emotional aspect of rhinoplasty is crazy. crazy, crazy, crazy. I have general anxiety and am quite normal 97% of the time, but undergoing this surgery definitely brought out the worst in my anxiety. No panic attacks, but just some crazy thinking. I am getting use to the way I look, splint and all and I think from what I can, it's going to be really beautiful. I am fulling expecting a wide, swollen nose tomorrow so anything less will be a pleasant surprise. Tomorrow I get the cast off. I am so nervous, but so very excited. I am sure my dr. thinks I am total whack job, but surely I can't be his only patient that has responded to surgery this way. I think my profile is going to be lovely. I can breathe somewhat, smell a little bit. swelling in my face is going down. Still feel a lot of swelling in my cheeks and upper lip. feels really weird to smile. dripping has pretty much stopped. I finally slept in my own bed which was amazing. First good night's sleep since the surgery.
My sister came over this morning and she said that from what she can see, everything looks great and that I am going to be so happy down the road. She kindly mentioned to me that she would have never said this to me before, but she always thought my nose was big for my face. She said these little changes to my nose fit my face better. Bruising is going away, just a little yellow in colour now. I've lost about 9 lbs since Monday. Crazy! I know that is only temporary though.
Here are the questions I have for you:

My nose feels like someone is pinching it, but it doesn't look pinched from the outsides, is this likely swelling on the inside of the nose?
When did your full breathing come back?
did everyone notice when you went back to work?


Worst decision ever. My face someone looks like they hit with a frying pan, My eyes looks so funny. I can't even talk about this. I am so scrard now. I have to go a year like this. My bridge is so wide. The cast just came off yesterday and I have been in tears all days yesterday. I know there is swelling, but I did not expect my nose to be so wide, my eyes look so weird because of this. It looks like when I had my before nose, i would press down on my tip to do a funny face and that's how my eyes look now. Is this because of swelling? Or will it look like this forever because the nose was deprojected? PLEASE HELP.

swelling question

I've read your nose will look very much like what it looks like when your cast first came off. When my cast came off, I looked like their was a potato on my face. so crazy swollen like an avatar, so this is what I should expect?? wtf I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror.

worst decision of my life

I am not ready to post pictures and accept what has been done. my face is destroyed. The dr promised, I would look better. I look like shit and hate everything about my face. this has led to a very deep depression. Do your research or just don't do it. I fucking hate what this dr. has done to my face. I am now 5 months post op and feel shittier than I have ever felt in my life. Thanks Doc for ruining my life.
Name not provided

so far so good. Very attentive and answers my emails personally.

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Hi. I am seven years out and still hate my face. It was the worst decision of my life and irreversible. I have been to a dozen docs and my nose is such a mess, nobody will touch it. I went from a vibrant socially active person to someone who sits at home most of the time. I have been in counseling for years but hard to get over something you have to look at every day. I am sorry you are struggling but know you are not alone and perhaps one day you can forgive yourself. I keep trying knowing Dr did this to me...but I made the decision to trust him. Best wishes!
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Hi there I had mine done at the same time as you. I hope you start to feel better soon, mine is not how I wanted it yet but is changing slowly.... I have good days and bad days. I think we have to be realistic and realise that it takes time to heal
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Hi there, I am so sorry you are unhappy with the results. Believe me, I feel your pain. Read my review and see my photos to see what happened to my face... Don't let it take over your life. Hopefully, it will improve with time. Take care and stay positive :)
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I can't believe I chose him! He ruined my face!
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Btw I still want to get my nose job but I'm scared that I'll hate it too no mater what the result is because I'm never happy with my self no matter what ...it's called bdd.
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I am very sorry that your results are not what you expected. I hope in time it will look better ...I don't think you should hate your face because of this..you have beautiful eyes and great face structure. If you don't mind sending me the pictures to my email I would like to see your results..ashdod09@aol.com
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Don't panic! I posted photos on my revision review that show how much my swelling decreased over a month. Even now, 8 weeks after surgery I'm still seeing my nose shrink down. My nose was HUGE when my bandages came off. But given that it was my second rhinoplasty, I kind of expected it and just knew to not spend too much time looking in the mirror. Your nose just went through a very traumatic experience so swelling is the natural reaction. You just need to relax and give it time :)
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its safe to say that 99% of ppl hate what they see when the cast comes off and then two days later the swelling gets even worse. Im telling you this from my own experience. Dont stress too much, its swelling and everything looks exaggerated when swelling is involved. Just take it as it comes, stay away from mirrors, try stay positive and things will get better. Im one month post op and i swear i thought the swelling was permanent but its not... when you compare progress on a weekly basis its only then u see how much it improves.
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Hi, I am so sorry the surgery gave you these feeling I guess I was not very specific about thoughts etc in my review but I think everyone has doubts and moments where you wish you hadnt done it - I do believe thought that this is mostly a thing of the first days after cast removal when the nose looks and feels like a potato. I learned in research that it takes a while for the mind to get used to a change in the face. I guess it takes some time to get used to the new look. I really wish you all the best for your recovery and I truly believe that you should listen to what you loved ones say. - TO your questions ; ) the pinching in my experience comes from stitches inside the nose, I still have it sometimes. like stephanie I am not 100% back to my normal breathing but it has improved much in the last week - I am still on vacation so I cant tell you anything about that ; ) I wish you an easy recovery and sometimes distraction is the best medicine ; )
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I'm thrilled that the "fog is lifting" for you. It is seriously one of the hardest journeys mentally, especially for those of us lucky enough to suffer from anxiety ;) I didn't get any depression, just anxiety and horrible obsessive thoughts which made me physically ill and super crazy. The pinching is normal it will be the swelling inside for sure. I'm 3 weeks post op today and only in the last couple days have i felt my nose relax and feel like a part of my face. My breathing is back, but not 100% and i still can't smell.. takes some time. I didn't have the work issue as i was open about what i was doing but at university people either didn't notice or they did and chose not to ask! I want to say that yes, expect swelling, expect to not like your nose and have a few more "blue" days but i found the BEST thing for me was to stay positive with my thinking even if i felt stupid and remember that its not possible for your nose to get bigger so even if it looks it, it's all swelling!
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Hey how are you how's the nose, I would love to see photos if you can show me them , maybe message them to me if you'd like
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I just had a revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and It took almost 4-5 weeks for my breathing to return. And the best part is, not a single person who I didn't tell about the surgery has noticed! In fact, I keep getting compliments on how I look like I've lost weight haha. I really hope you love your nose and just know that it will look a bit strange the first few weeks. Your smile will look off and you won't really be able to move your mouth correctly. But within a month, you'll start to feel normal! And you'll continue to see changes for the better for a long time :) Happy healing!
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Thanks Tarah. I can't wait to follow your new story. It feels like someone is pinching my nose and that's why I can't breathe fully. Is this just swelling inside? I can barely see up my nose.
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I never lost my breathing actually. I was always able to breathe and taste my food. I had a really easy time physically. It was emotionally that I struggled. Will post pictures!
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can't wait to see. The emotional part is so, so very difficult. HOw are you doing now? what day are you post op now?
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You are going to love how it looks. I felt exactly as you did but the fog will lift.
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Hang in there! It will look so much different In time
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thank you x
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I'm so sorry to hear about u having such a hard time with this. But let me tell u that I was exactly the same. Everything u are saying is like u took the words out of my head!!!! I was so upset and disturbed with what I had done to myself.. I felt vain and so regretful. I was so scared of what I had done and wish I could turn back time. But now that I'm 3 weeks post op I am starting to see the fruits of all the misery I had endured the last few weeks. Please hang in there.. Ur nose will go thru daily changes so it's best not to get too caught up in it. I drove the ppl around me crazy with my depression about my surgery but it's definitely getting better xx
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Thank you. I couldn't help but laugh about the driving me people crazy part. My poor dr., my poor family and husband and friends. I am sure they will be sick of me soon. I spoke to my dr yesterday and he said all the changes were conservative and just to relax. Tip will drop. It's such a head game. thank you. right now I am just use to seeing a much longer nose, so I feel like i have no nose if you know what I mean.
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I had all those same thoughts too. depression and anxiety and regret and guilt are the worst because you feel not yourself, and you arent sleeping and you are exhausted. once you get a good night sleep, a good meal and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will feel better. you got this far because you wanted this. stay strong!
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Thanks for your sweet comment
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Hang in there girl! I didn't have tip work so you are probably just recovering from that. I had bridge work so between my eyes was swollen and achey. I had an emotional day on day 5. It's completely normal! Try to just think positive and forward. Picture yourself looking fabulous...I know it's hard when it's fresh and you look like a street fighter. I looked like Marvin the Martian the first two days...it was quite scary...you'll look back and giggle I'm sure. Please just try to rest and think good thoughts. Remember that everything in life is started from a thought...so make it a positive one! Peaceful resting!
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Thank you. I will try. Marvel the martian sounds about right though.
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