4th Month on Accutane.. Getting Better but Long Way to Go - Ontario, CA

I have been getting acne since I was about 12...

I have been getting acne since I was about 12 years old. It was never a huge issue, but at the time it seemed like it and I tried out all the cleansers and toners and acne fighters on the market. I am 16 now, and the acne that I had in the past year was the worst so far. When I first visited the dermatologist about a year or so ago, he prescribed some creams but nothing worked. So, inevitably, I turned to Accutane. I am now on my fourth month.

I have noticed a significant difference in breakouts, I am having much less. However, I have terrible scarring that is red and blotchy and I am not sure if the Accutane will help the scarring. As for side effects, I have experienced the usual chapped lips and overall dry skin. At the beginning, my nose was really dry and I had to use nasal gel. I have severe back pain at times and my joints hurt. My derm tried to up my dose at one point and I had heartburn-like chest pains every day that I took the higher dosage.. So I had to go off of it. Other than those symptoms, my experience has been alright. None of those symptoms compare to the way I felt about myself and my skin before I started Accutane. My confidence is increasing. My goal is to help whoever's reading this to gain confidence in the decision to take the medication, because I know I was doubtful and nervous to take it. If you have any questions or comments or similar experiences or tips with the scarring please feel free to share. Thanks. By the way the picture is before starting Accutane and how my skin looks currently.

Your face definitely improved! And you're very beautiful! I took Accutane before and had clear skin for about half a year, then it all came back. I'm thinking of taking it again but I don't want to go through the "it get worst before it gets better" phase. Did that happen to you when you took Accutane? Did it become worst first before it cleared up? Thanks!

Wow your skin looks more great than before ! Thanks for posting ! I am also in Accutane since two months ago, really i was very depressed because i did not see the results quickly but now i realized that i have to be more patient and now I have more hope to continue! I have a doubt, can I use moisturizer for dry skin while accutane treatment? well my dermatologist did not tell me that, well for my lips yes but i forgot to ask him for dry skin .. What did your dermatologist say to you?
Don't worry! I didn't really see results at the beginning either, but I'm slowly getting there. As for the moisturizer, yes yes yes! My derm gave me a special skin care cleanser and moisturizer specifically designated for people on Accutane (oily skin made dry by overdrying skin care) and the moisturizer is my life. I went through 2 bottles already and I cannot function without it. Your skin needs to refresh itself and have a good balance so you should definitely go for the moisturizer! Makes you feel good and fresh!

Accutane: best decision I ever made

I am now 6 months off accutane and I feel great. I am so happy I took this medication, only regretful I didn't do it sooner. I recommend to anyone struggling with acne to go forth with this drug, however keep in mind the potential for harmful side effects. Personally, I didn't experience any serious side effects but know the risks.
I am finally comfortable in my skin. Never felt better.
You look awesome!! It will help the scars, at least it made mine fade and the discoloration got much better.
You look beautiful!!

So glad to hear you are happy with you results!! Thanks for the update :)

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