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HI Ladies.... My story...I had saline overs...

HI Ladies....
My story...I had saline overs 450CC 18 years ago, and they were AWESOME. I became a figures competitor and went from a 140lbs to 113, (I'm 5"4") As a result my breasts began looking rippled. I called my original PS and he stated that it was probably a result of the lack of breast tissue (fat) from my weight loss, which camouflaged the rippling that had likely been there for years..

Move ahead to this summer. I consulted with my original PS whom I really liked (and still do) and told him I did not want a LIFT due to the scarring. He said that we would have to go to a bigger implant, a 600CC (mentor) and recommended cohesive high profiles, and that under the muscle might be better in further camouflaging any rippling. Also that it might help to take up some loose skin that had developed from the years of the over the muscle salines.

I went in on October 21rst for my surgery. having a rather developed pectoral muscle, he stated after that he had a hard time fitting the implants but that would be fine. when i first saw them, I nearly freaked out! NOT at all what I had expected. It looked like 2 loaves of bread had been inserted into what used to be my nice round breasts.

He said that it would settle and drop and might take several weeks. Although the staff and my PS were wonderful, my husband and I detected some worrisome looks around the room after my first weeks post op check up.

Now I am three weeks post op..and although they seem to have taken a slightly rounder look compared to day 1-week 1 they are still.... well?? horrid!

I am sooo nervous that they won't get right ...I have scanned every site on the net for photos and have yet to find anything quite like these.

PLEASE if anyone had boobs that looked like this for the first while that actually turned out ok....I would love to hear from you.

I have managed NOT to get too depressed and haven't been reduced to crying jags yet, but need some positive feedback. Ohhh I haven't mentioned, but my Plastic Surgeon practices a 1000 miles from our home. My husband drove me there as I trust him and was not comfortable trying to find a new one. His staff has checked in with me several times on his behalf, and we have sent photos. He's asking me to be patient and send again at 6 weeks.
I have put photos below so that you gals can get an idea of what i am talking about ...

Thanks so much for any feedback... CVS

Yes, I'm still going back to my surgeon.My breast have changed alot since the begining not as grotesque as they were but still sitting a bit high.Since further communication w surgeon we have a good understanding as to what has to be done.I have faith in him..if this was my first time I would have second thoughts but I know he will fix them! Thx for the blessing and good wishes!
I am sorry that you are going through this! I am not an expert, however, I think you may just have a law suit on your hands. That would not be okay, if it were me. Are you sure you want to go back to him??? Just saying!?? Don't settle until you get the answers you need and the results you were looking for! Good luck to you and God Bless!
Hi ,
i agree with you 100%..i needed a breast lift as well but i really didnt want to do it either but my doctor warned me that my breast would look so bad because the implant would be sitting high and the actual breast at the bottom so i went ahead with sure your surgery when the time comes will be perfect this time round witht he breast lift so do it lol...

Well has been 12 weeks today since my...

Well has been 12 weeks today since my surgery. Although my implants have become MUCH better... i am scheduled for a revision (lift and re position implant above muscle ) in two weeks... wish me luck...posting updated pics now and will again after revision...
Your implants fell within 12 weeks. That gives me hope as I am at 8 weeks and swollen to my bone
CVS, I am in the process of going about having my breasts redone. One of mine set up high as yours did (snoopy dog effect I think?) So, did placing it over the muscle help you out??
Yes, going over the muscle did the trick. I should have done it in the first place that's how my originals were done. Now they look great natural and not under my chin lol. The surgery was less painful as well. Going under hurt a ton more. Good luck with revision.
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I still consider my Doctor excellent. I am just not sure if he has preformed this kind of surgery on an athlete ...that is getting replacements and going under from over well as moving from 450's to 600's....saline to cohesive...

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