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Great Results on Lips & "11s"

I had my first experience with dermal fillers a...

I had my first experience with dermal fillers a couple of years ago, when I went to a med spa for Botox to treat my glabeller “11s” because I was tired of being told I looked “angry” when I wasn’t. While the spa was run by a licensed physician, I didn’t find out until I got there that a nurse does the injections. I was told that visible results could take at least four weeks. Frankly, I didn’t end up with any type of result, so never went back.

I don’t know if the product was diluted, the nurse unskilled, and/or Botox just wasn’t the right product for me. I later looked into Juvederm at a different med spa and tried it because of the immediate results and a bad result could likely be reversed. The injections were done by a licensed physician this time.

The area between my eyes was numbed with ice before the injections and the needle was so small that it wasn’t painful. While I could feel a tiny ridge at the site when touching it with my finger, it wasn’t noticeable when I looked in the mirror. There was noticeable improvement in the lines immediately, but after a couple of weeks, I went back because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result, as there was still a faint line in one area. A little touch up did make a big difference.

While I have read that some physicians don’t like using Juvederm on the forehead area, I was very pleased with the result I obtained, as the area between my eyes completely smoothed out after the treatments and there was no bruising or swelling. I’ve always had nicely-shaped full lips, but have lost some volume with age, so opted to also have Juvederm injected into them shortly after having rhinoplasty. For this area, I had to be injected with Novocain in my gums to block the pain. While the results were immediate, I had to go back yet again a short time later because my upper lip was noticeably uneven on one side.

After the treatment, my lips were swollen and had small purple bruises around the edges for about a week, making me look like I took a punch to the mouth. Overall, I am very pleased with the final results, which tend to last nearly a year for me. It has made me look younger and helped balance out my facial features after rhinoplasty. However, I feel I shouldn’t have had to pay for the two follow-ups related to the unevenness. I should note that the $500 I put in the cost box is the charge per syringe - I don't recall exactly how many were used over the course of initial treatments and follow-ups.

When I asked about treatment options for hollowness in the under eye area, the physician told me that Juvederm could be used very carefully and sparingly in that area, as the skin is very thin. Because it is the eye area and any number of things could go wrong, I took some time to research it and after reading about others’ experiences on this site and the fact that I can’t seem to get things done right the first time around, I am not comfortable doing it in that area and will be looking into other options.

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Thanks, Megan. I'm pleased that the product seems to last a long time for me. While the hollows aren't too bad yet, I've determined that I'll just have to live with them:(
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You look AWESOME! I love how natural it looks and also that it doesn't look "over done".
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Wow, your lips look GREAT!! I love the fullness the Juvederm adds to them!

I'm in the same boat as you with the under eye area...so tempted, but a bit freaked out.


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To Megan & TeguilaMokingbird- EXACTLY what you said Tequila re: under eye hollows was what my PS surgeon told me & he actually said NO WAY as it would push the fragile thin skin upwards and could make things look worse. Instead he used Botox around crows feet and asked me to wait until we saw how that worked out. It worked VERY WELL, I LOVE IT... So I am also in that same boat, as now that the eyes are ironed out there is still that loss of collagen (age related-39) under the eyes. I'm back to see my PS the first wk of July and am quite interested in what he thinks is the best thing to do...Perhaps just leave the sleeping dogs "sleep" is best for now...Until I'm in need of my eyes surgically being done...
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