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When I was 20 after having my first baby I was...

When I was 20 after having my first baby I was very saggy and unhappy with my breasts. I was a flat saggy 34B barely. I decided to get breast implants to improve my self image. Boy was I wrong. The first doctor I went to suggested I go in through the nipple and get 450s overfilled to help with sag. Um HELLO huge boobs. I can't even remember how big I was but lets just say the hopes for a nice C cup were gone plus I had this horrible double bubble on my left side so I couldn't even wear swim suits. I was about to get married and HATED my xlarge boobs so I went to another doctor (couldn't stand my cocky 1st doctor) 6 months later to get a redo. I begged for a lift but he wouldn't do it saying that I was too young. He suggested 380s overfilled high profile and internal stitch for double bubble. I was sooo excited.... Until I woke up from surgery with still xlarge implants, double bubble and 5,000 less cash. 8 years large, 3 more kids breastfed and I'm a very very unhappy 34F. Double bubble is still there so no luck with the swim wear. I can't find a comfortable bra to save my life. I hate wearing tight clothes. I have neck and shoulder problems and headaches...oh the headaches. I am currently breastfeeding my last baby and I'm at the uncomfortable can't wait any longer stage. I am looking for a doctor to deflate them while I'm nursing until I can get them removed. Long term I either want just a removal and lift or implant exchange (much much much smaller) and lift.

I'm very scared about implant deflation because I have heard of people feeling the sharp edges and being in pain. I plan to nurse at least until January of 2015 but I can't image waiting that long with these huge bags in my chest.
My husband and I measured out 800CC of water and he couldn't believe how heavy it was. Thank You but yet he is still wishy washy about me getting anything done. What guy doesn't like huge boobs? I want to feel attractive to him but this is becoming more about daily comfort and less about how I look to him or anyone else. I'm also afraid of the comments I'll get from people because no one here in my new town knows I have implants.
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I am still breastfeeding my almost 14 month old! I'm in that can't-wait-till-it's-over phase too! I breastfed my oldest till she was 18 months, so I'm hoping I don't have much longer to go so I can get mine removed too! Hang in there!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! You definitely have to do what's right for you and your lovely body. I'm sure your husband will be okay with whatever decision you make and will probably be surprised by how erotic smaller breasts can be (especially when they are also more perky). :) We are here for you so please keep us posted throughout your journey. I want you to be pain free!
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Hello, beautiful. Thanks so much to share you I story I would like to tell you I really knew how you feeling right now I was in the same position 3 month ago before get my explant ( I had BA and was extra big size I was unhappy for 6 month and horrible...) I just was looking for had a full pole not big breast so I got 460cc and I am petite girl , so now after almost 4 month I am planning to get a BA with 175cc over the muscle maximum 250cc so don't worry everything will be ok and sweet heart don't worry about other people think is your body, your money and your own decision so do what you really wants and makes you happy that is the most important thing here you can be happy at all... I will pray for you and I hope all will going great for you and finally enjoy your new breast. Bye kisses...
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