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Juvederm Lip Filler--upper Lip Only - Portland, OR

Dr. Kim of OHSU is my doctor and I am so grateful...

Dr. Kim of OHSU is my doctor and I am so grateful for his work in helping me through my makeover. I am 42 yrs old and have two kids. I have worked out hard my whole life and recently decided to work on my face. I've had my nose fixed (it had been previously broken, had a bump in the top, amongst a few other issues) and had my upper lip filled with 1 syringe of Juvederm. It's been less than a week so there is still swelling, but I love having full lips. Dr. Kim also injected a very small amount of Botox around my eyes to get rid of the deeper crow's feet, but still retain the tiny wrinkles to look more natural. I have also been using some hydraulonic acids on my face and staying out of the sun, just using self-tanning creams instead. At this point I don't yet look as natural as I want to, as my face still shows some stress and swelling, but I do like the direction and am glad for the choices I made.
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kim is a fantastic facial plastic surgery artist. He is precise and works from the insides out to make sure the body still functions as it's meant to. I didn't bother with any numbing agents for my lip procedure and found the pain tolerable and at some points even a bit pleasurable. Dr. Kim and his entire crew are so helpful and charming. They have made my big makeover year a great experience that I would easily do again, and recommend to anyone.

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Wow, what a nice difference. You can definitely see an improvement on the top lip. Thanks for the comparison photo.
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Your upper lip looks great!
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: ) it's nice to be more symmetrical. I hope it lasts!
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Sometimes the body absorbs filler more quickly at first. But as you get more injections it does not. Also sun will make it last half as long. I get my lips done and they hurt like crazy when she injects me (and she is very good). But I really like the result so I endure. The rest of the face does not hurt when injected.
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I have never minded pain, I am more concerned with looking unnatural than anything else. You look very natural and it is such an inspiration to see your gorgeous transformation. How long is your lip filler lasting? Do you do much in the center, or like a lot in the center of the red lip? Do you always do the marionette line area at the same time? Thanks for posting : )
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Thank you, that is such a lovely thing to say. Sometimes I really cannot believe that I did all this. It is hard for me to say how long the filler is lasting because getting them done this time was purely optional. They still looked good from my last fill but I wanted to try a little bigger. Sorry that I cannot give you an answer. I think this time she did inject the center of my lip in addition to doing the four quadrants but I don't think she injected the center the previous time. Oh yes, I also do those darn marionette lines. Hate them!!!
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You will have to get it redone eventually. It doesn't last forever..... but hopefully it will last longer than shorter.
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Sounds like you are getting to invest in yourself, which is always so nice as a mom.  Your upper lip looks great!
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Thanks, and I agree about the mom thing. So much energy into other people, and so much wear and tear these last years, lol! But it's worth it.
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Yeah, and I know I feel guilty when I want to invest in myself.  Almost like I'm taking something away from my family and being selfish.  It shouldn't feel that way!  :)
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It's true. I think it might be that way if we were investing a lot of money in many areas . I try and counter-act it by going minimal on clothes and shoes, and by not going out to eat so much. My sister has a theory: Cute girl--ugly car is better than the opposite. I would rather invest in my health and body than material things.
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Totally!  And to be fair I had eyelid surgery a year ago which was pretty expensive so I probably feel residual guilt from that (although I'm so glad I did it).  I go minimal on the clothes too :)
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