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This was not my first experience with breast...

This was not my first experience with breast augmentation. I was blessed with my mother's high metabolism which means I have always been very thin. Unfortunately, my breasts were always small too. I had my first augmentation at the early age of 18. At that time, I went with silicone, 200cc.

It was a great improvement, considering I started out with nothing! I had my second augmentation 8 years later. I wanted to go a little bigger and tried saline. I had 400cc behind the muscle (again). I thought they were perfect...until four babies later and years of breastfeeding.

At my consult, I asked my plastic surgeon "Where did the 400's go!?" He explained he felt my breast tissue had basically sagged off of the implant. After several consultations, my husband and I were at complete ease with the surgeon we chose. My surgeon commented that he liked how I left no "gray" areas to what I was looking for. I basically wanted him to go as big as my small frame would hold, behind the muscle, using the new cohesive silicone.

He discussed he would take several sizers into the OR and see which looked the best proportioned for me. We also discussed the need for a breast lift, especially on the left, since it was obviously pointing down. My PS said he didn't think it would take much of a lift to correct. He measured the width of my breast and explained my breast "pocket" would only be able to accommodate one so wide. He thought he would insert between 450 - 550, with 475 being his best guess. I was not worried about going too big. With my past experience, I know they settle and I would end up hoping I would have gone larger.

Therefore, as I said, I wanted to go as big as my body would accommodate. Fast forward to today, the surgery went great. I was thrilled that my PS only had to do a crescent lift instead of the normal lift. My nipples have healed with no visible scars at all. As we discussed, my PS went through the old incisions (under the breasts).

I knew going in that my scar on the right breast was up higher than the left. I was fine with that instead of having an additional scar located beneath the breast. The original scar was higher dating back to my first surgery when one breast was noticeable a different size. I used the same PS for my first two surgeries and a new PS for this one.

I am 100% satisfied. It has been exactly 8 weeks since my surgery and I feel great. I have no more swelling or discomfort of any kind. This surgery was completely my desire. My husband (of 20 years) supported me every step of the way, saying I was perfect before surgery. My children (ages 14, 13, 9 and 7) only knew that I was having surgery to "make me feel better about myself". I thought it would be a big deal, but they were more excited about staying with their grandparents for the weekend after my surgery. I would recommend this to everyone. I remember growing up in school being made fun of for being too thin with no chest.

I'm happy and no one can take that away from me now! Oh yea, I am 5' 1'', wear a size 1 and weigh 98#. For those of you out there considering what size to go with, do not go by just the cc's. As you can see, I went with 500's and am not "huge". I wear a 32D and am happy to finally be able to fill out a swimsuit. I am also so pleased that my PS was able to even out my nipples. Although I would never go braless, at least I would feel confident now if I chose to.


I am getting 525 silicon on April 17 so excited yours looks good. I hope it would fill up like your ?? I breast feed all four of my kids 2 now at age 41 I think I should do what I think It would make fe good for my self
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Congrat on your successful surgery!  They do change much over the years even if you never had kids, I waited almost 10 after my original.  You are so right about don't let the cc number fool you.  They look different on all frames and plus different profiles, over or under, lift or not, so many variables that can affect outcome.  I wear size 1 as wel am 5'4" and got 700hp filled to 850cc's!  Sounds really huge but they aren't, just makes me look curvy not top heavy by any means.  I would love to see any b4 after pics if you have them to see how that size turned out for you! 
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I saw your photos. You look absolutely amazing! I posted several photos along with my review, maybe they take a while to download? I'm happy you were able to go with a larger size. My PS said he tried to fit the 550 but it just wouldn't work with the width I had. Thanks for commenting!
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My PS answered all questions and made me feel so at ease. I had no difficulty telling him exactly what I wanted. His staff was very caring and educational. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. He was able to achieve the look I described to him.

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