42 YO - Bye Bye Big Boobies! - Oakville, ON

Very excited! I can't wait to welcome the new...

Very excited! I can't wait to welcome the new girls home! A long time coming! My final straw came when I ended up in a neck brace last summer with no logical explanation for severe neck pain and muscle tightness. I came to the conclusion that the girls were trying to take over. On April 3rd, 2014 I will be letting them know that it is I who is in charge!!!


You go girl!!    I can promise you that everything will feel so much better once this is done.  
What size are you now, and what are you hoping for a final size?
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I'm a JJ right now and hoping for a generous C.
Now that would be a nice change, and you would feel so much better.

10 Day Countdown is On!

Two pre-op appointments down and one more to go on March 28th. Spending the day getting the house in order and creating my post-op care list. Will post my list here once complete :0)

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Hope all went well...just waiting on my referral to go through to this doctor.
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She is fantastic! You will love her! Keep in touch and let me know your surgical date.
Hoping everything went perfectly, and that you are now on your way to a speedy, uneventful recovery!!!
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4 Days Post Op


Well Girls...the surgery was august 18th and I couldn't be happier...so far, so good...just waiting to get these drains out...hopefully saturday :)
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how r u doing???
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Hey there how are u coming along I hope.fine well as for me im doing great loving these new girls lol.
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Dr. De Kleer

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