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$15,600 is what I paid out of pocket. $12,000...

$15,600 is what I paid out of pocket.

$12,000 for the "cosmetic" part that the insurance wouldn't cover.
$3,000 for the operating room
$600 for the anesthesia.

My insurance will be paying Dr. Rizk for the Septoplasty, Turbinate reduction, and whatever else he may submit for. The Dr.'s office is asking for $22,000. Now that, plus my $15,600 equals 37,600??? Ok so you tell me if I got my money's worth:

I am 11 days past my surgery. I know about "swelling", I've read all about it. I just don't think that whats left of my nose can be blamed on swelling. There's too damn much left. Way more than I wanted. It should be smaller.

I was told my nose would be shorter, narrower, closer to my face, as well as straighter, deviated septum corrected, dorsal hump shaved down. One of my main concerns was the tip area being too wide and bulbous. The doctor agreed "it's to big". So I paid for tip work. Not seeing much of a difference there, are you? Again, I know all about "swelling", but from countless hours of reviewing before/after photo's on realself, I'm just not convinced swelling can be blamed for this still LARGE nose.

Please be honest with your opinions, don't worry about sparing my feelings. There's nothing you can say to me that I haven't said to myself, and then some. I know the doctor had a big job to do, well that's why I picked a reputable, big job kinda doctor, and took pout a loan to pay for his expertise. So far, I really don't think I got my money's worth.

Unless "swelling" really is to blame, but to be honest, I"m not holding out much hope for that kind of miracle. Sooo disappointed. :(


Ah, now I get it. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience, really I am. But that doesn't make me "silly" my dear, even if my dilemma seems to pale in comparison to your own woes. I won't dismiss my own feelings, my own experience, my own expenses, etc, as "less than" anyone else's! Yet again, I DO appreciate your advice, and your compliments, and your "other side of the coin" perspective :)
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You just have no idea what kind of nightmare a bad rhinoplasty is. I am not a lone. The average of bad surgeries is over 30%. Consider yourself lucky.
I don't think your feelings are silly. I can easily see what you mean and, for such a price, I would also want to see my dreams come true rather than such a subtle change. I do not wish to hurt your feelings but u asked for honesty. It does look better. Just seems the things you mentioned are true. We don't know for certain if some could be swelling so try to stay positive and watch for changes. But that said, if changes aren't enough after 6 months I would insist he revise his work for no cost because u paid so much and he has his reputation. This is your face. Make him answer for the money!
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Front view


As the others have said, (well, most of the others, ahem), try try try not to fret too much yet. Your nose does look better and straighter. It isn't a super dramatic shrinkage, but hopefully you're a sweller and that's what this is. My nose took at least a year to show itself (if not longer). If you're not happy then, I would encourage you to communicate with Dr. R. about a fee-reduced (or waived) revision. Good luck and please know that we are here for you.
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I think your tip does look thinner but I agree that in profile view the nose looks like it has the same projection as before and all he did was remove the hump. HOWEVER! In those pictures you are only 11 days post op. Judging by what I experienced, the nose will get a little de-projected in a few months (mine did). I suspect it might not become as de-projected as you wanted but still I'm sure it will get smaller. Plus, at the one year mark there is skin contracture which shrinks the nose even more. For now, try not to let it bother you too much. Wish you the best! You have to stay positive though. If you feel like he took off too little that's good because it is much easier to reduce a nose than to augment it.
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I second what RozeRoze says. Also, my nose shrunk down so much @ the 5 year mark that I needed a tip augmentation. It looked like my tip disappeared. So I believe you will get some deprojection in time. If not you can always have more done. Whether you want to go back to the same Dr. Is a decision you will have to make. I would definitely wait at least till the 18 month mark. Maybellineo

Thanks for the comments

To those of you who are writing encouraging words to me, thank you. I appreciate it.

Some are saying "hey, it's better than your old nose".

Yeah, no kidding. Considering how horrendous my "old nose" was, that wasn't really an amazing feat to accomplish.

As you can probably tell, I'm still quite angry, so I'm not going to be posting on here much, because I don't think my angry "outbursts" are going to help me or anyone else. I have good days where I'm not so angry, and bad days like today. I expect that's going to be the norm for me for a while! Bottom line is, it sucks to go through this whole experience, pay twice as much as the "average" rate, and walk out of there with a big nose.

But despite my anger, rest assured I am trying to move on. I'm sure there will be a reduction in "swelling", but I'm not going to kid myself. Whatever happens in the 'end', and I know that will be many months from now, I'll deal with it, and I'll have it fixed, one way or another. That's all I'll say about that for now.

And for those of you who have chosen my review as a forum for your petty arguments, WTF? Go elsewhere please.

To those of you who have been kind and encouraging, again, I truly appreciate it.

Best of luck to you all on your own procedures! :)


Hi just checking how are you doing ??
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Not happy, nose is still big. But good luck with your surgery.
You're not far out in nose pretty much changes and shrinks daily and I am at 2 months post op....there's still a lot of changing to do. I look at photos of my 3 week post op and I can see a huge difference in swelling between then and now. I also had irregular swelling which has mostly subsided. Patience really is important. Give it time before reaching a full verdict on your nose. I'm really starting to like mine now as the shape is settling in a bit. I had a rhino/septoplasty, turbinates, etc. Hang in there :)
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