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Dr Phillip Miller and his staff are the best!! I...

Dr Phillip Miller and his staff are the best!!
I had a previous rhinoplastry that was a disaster! i had two different sides to my nose. On one side it was flat in the bridge and the nostril was, lets just say NOT a Normal looking nostril! On the other side my nose looked like a pigs's nose! Put these two together and when you look straight ahead..well, i cried a lot! i stayed like this for almost 4 years, terrified that i could be made even worse..(NOTHING could be worse than what i had!) My ENT told me to see Dr Phillip Miller of NYC ,who in his opinion, was the best! well i saw him and he is a wonderful person, extremely intelligent, caring and has a gift i can only say comes from someone up above! He gave me a beautiful normal nose where i had NONE!! Thank You Dr Miller for changing my life!! if Dr Miller can fix my "deformity", he can do anything!!
Only 2 weeks post op and have sent before pics to real self! will
be sending after soon!

Dr Miller NYC

I waited 4 years to get my nose fixed! my ENT doctor who is also a friend of the family told me to got to Dr Miller. after 3 tries my nose finally looks normal and fits my face. it was a mess! the surgeon here did a horrible job! it was twisted and went over to one side! Dr Miller IMHO, is the best!
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Could you poss share some pics? I am thinking about DR M :) Thanks so much
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please could you share your pics? Would be really helpful :) thanks for your story!
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I'm happy for your positive results. Please share pictures.
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Do you ever plan on sharing pics at all, private or on your review?
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oh and yes I am thrilled with my result!
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the only pics I have are my own. I am still seeing him and I haven't gotten my pics they took yet and they show everything so well.
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Are you still happy with your results and considering sharing pictures, even if it is in private? I sincerely hope you are enjoying your revised nose!
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I am 39 and have been called " pig nose" my entire life. I have very very low self esteem issues. I'm always wondering if my children get teased at school when I come to a social function. Its very hard for me. I was very young when I was jumping on my bed slipped and fell and split my nose in half! Literally!!! I was told that I would need reconstructive surgery when I got older. Well I'm a mother of 5 and well as hard as it is I'm broke. My income will not allow me to afford this procedure that I so desperately need for myself to be secure. I stay inside a lot so people don't stare or call me names. At 39 I shouldn't feel like this but the way society is now a days I do. I guess what I'm curious about is how muchis the procedure and is there doctors out here that would do payment options to fix my pig nose. Or maybe even donate their medical time to help me. I'm so sad all the time cuz of this. Its not right.
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I also had a rhinoplasty 13 years ago, but very unhappy with the results. I had a hump which was removed but I ended up with asymmetric nosetrills, bulbous tip, wide base, in another words my nose doesn't fit my face. I didn't want to have another surgery at the beginning because I was terrified that it will be worse. But every time I take pictures I want to cry because my nose looks really big in photos. In the last few yrs I have been searching for a surgeon. I found one that I felt comfortable with in Washington, D.C. , I think I will go back to do the computer imaging. I will update you then.
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Was wondering if you had any pics to show,I'm interested in a revision but am afraid cas I can't afford a 3rd,right now can't afford the 2nd so want to make sure I see some1 really good¬ rush like my 1st
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That's wonderful! Congratulations!
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I can't wait to see your pics and am so glad you are happy! :)

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Thanks for sharing your experience! Would LOVE to see your photos!

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Can't wait to see your after photos! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and send encouragement. It means everything to me!
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LOL DON't worry as soon as I get the pin out if my nose (yes a pin) it was that bad, I'll be showing it off all over the place! good luck! I hope you find someone as talented as Dr Miller!
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