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This was my first revision with Dr Sam Rizk, I now...

This was my first revision with Dr Sam Rizk, I now need another revision but am scared it will get worse. He made my nose longer, bulkier and considerably less attractive. My lips have also dropped as a result, he narrowed my bridge in between my eyes too much without me agreeing to him touching that area - as the problem was with the tip. I now have a noticeable bump on my bridge which I did not have before. He gave me 6 kenalog injections as I was excessively swollen; although having checked with 4 other revision specialists he should never had administered so much - particularly not within 2/3 weeks of each injection. It has been 2 years and my nose still swells up and if anything the tip is drooping more with time. When I discussed my disappointment with him, he was rude, insensitive and rushed me out of his office so as to see other clients. In my case, all he cared about was the money - his skill is massively over-hyped and over-rated due to the amount of publicity / PR and self-marketing him and his team apparently do to secure new patients. Now if I call the office, the receptionist hangs up on me or says he is not available to see me. Please don't believe the hype, there are so many dissatisfied patients of his - choose somebody who is kind and caring, who genuinely cares and will listen to your concerns. Surgery with Dr Rizk was the worst decision I ever made.
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How is your nose looking now?
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It looks whatever,absolutely nothing to write home about, I am considering a revision in the future. Not one person complimented on it,people who knew that I wanted to do a nose job a few months after the surgery asked me when I was going to do it. When I said that I have done it already they looked quite puzzeled. Cause it looks the same. I was so upset and disappointed. So you can imagine
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I absolutely agree. I had a rhinoplasty with him,paid 15000 for it and disappointed with the result. Its very mediocre. I am considering the revision but this time I am gonna do my due diligence. Don't believe the hype. He is soo overpriced and overrated.
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What all did he do? Did he put in an implant? I am so sorry for what happened to you and also afraid I myself am having massive scar tissue formation around my own trimmed Medpor implant. I'm trying to recover after a bump--my nose looks horrible. What specifically did the specialists say about kenalog?
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Lucy, I feel so bad for you and I understand. I had my first rhinoplasty done when I was 16 due to a bump on the bone plus a big nose for my thin face; it was too long and I was made fun of. Then 9 months later went back to the hospital using the same doctor because during the healing time a small bump appeared on the middle of my nose, (it was a loose piece of cartilage that the doctor left in by accident). Then 8 years later I had a completely revision done by another doctor because it shifted to one side and still was too long. A year later I had this same doctor due a tip revision in his office using local anesthesia, (it took like 7 shots in the nose area to numb it). That was in 1993. NOW my nose I horrible! The tip collapsed making my nose too long and it shifted to one side, and the tip looks pinched on one side. I did tons of research since 2000 to now to have it completely redone. I found an excellent doctor that specializes in revisions, and he has done celebrities, and wrote many comments and articles in magazines like People, Star, etc. He said my nose is really bad, the tip is detached and hanging, it's way too long and uneven, and that I look robotic! He said it is going to be a complicated and in depth surgery and he has to remove the whole tip and rebuild a new one using cartilage from on or both of my ears and he will and can shorten it. He said I sshould expect to look very different, but I should be happy with the results. So now I am deciding when to do it. His name is Dr. Tobias and he is in Englewood, NJ. Check out his website.
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Thank you Lucy. This was very helpful!
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I'm so sorry Lucy...thank you for posting this review, you have no idea how many people you are helping
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I am sorry about your horrible experience with this surgeon. He charged you 25 k for a revision! And messed up your nose! What a greedy and careless dr. My prayres for you to be able to fix your nose.
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