9 Month Update with No Change from Pre-Op - NYC

In the summer of 2011, I underwent cosmetic...

In the summer of 2011, I underwent cosmetic rhinoplasty with a desire to straighten my nose. The surgery passed without complication. No excessive bleeding and minimal pain. My plastic surgeon did create a higher bridge. However, as the months passed, I noticed that my nose remained broad on the sides. I am now 9 months post-op and I am concerned that the shape I see now will more or less be the final result. If so, then my nose is broader than I requested in my consult.


would like to see the pics
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I cannot get the pics into the formats accepted by this website. I will keep trying.
Why are the unhappy patients not posting the names of the physicians, this worries me.
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Name not provided

I gave my rhinoplasty rating of "undecided" because I do not know if there is a possibility my final result will be a more slender nose. If it remains as is, then it is with a heavy heart and tearful eyes that I believe it was not worth it.

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