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The reason why I did the surgery was because it...

The reason why I did the surgery was because it was necessary before any further trauma was caused by the tearing of the implants. My advice to anyone having any procedure done is to always go with your gut instinct & before you decide have a second opinion! Only you know your body better than anyone else!!!!

I came to Dr. E for a second opinion on a breast implant procedure & revision I had done &  it went wrong. When I arrived at the office it was nice, quiet & cozy. I was greeted on a first name basis, everyone knew who I was before even getting there. Immediately, I met with Dr. E, he came in & hugged me hello, then asked how can I help you. I did not tell him my situation, as I needed to know if he saw what I was experiencing! He took a look, wrote some things down & asked me, tell me whats wrong. I explained & he went in depth about my complaint & that it was imperative I have this corrected before any further damage occured. I was furious because, the Dr. who had done my surgery told me it was all in my head. Dr. E explained, it was not in my head & yes what I was seeing, feeling & experiencing is occuring! whooo, I was relieved, unfortunatly there was no guareentee how i would look afterwards. We discussed the procedure & 2wks from my 1st visit, I had my revision. In Dr. E's words "let it be the last"... & so it was, Amen

My revision entailed a special procedure known as strattice to ensure that there would be no further complications. I awoke to happy group of people, who dressed me & even put me in a cab home! That same evening I recieved several phone calls from the Dr. & the days to follow. When I returned for my follow up, I was explained in depth what my procedure entailed & why. Then he checked my scars which were already fading, removed my drainage tubes to prevent excessive swelling & showed me my before & after. I was in shock!!! Everyone was in awe, even the new staff, thought I was there to have my breasts made smaller. when told I was a revision follow up, their face drop, they thought my breasts were really mine! Now that speaks volumes. He was able to correct my implants that tore thru the capsule & sutures. I can genuinely say with all sincerity after 2yrs & 2 surgeries with a diff. Dr. & 1 final surgery with Dr. E, he is in my opinion the best surgeon in NYC you can be blessed to find. Dr. E not only provides you with his skills, but also with mental & emotional support before during & after your surgery. He goes above & beyond his job description. He is worth every visit. Im proud to say I'm a patient of his =) 

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Oh my!!! There is so much I can say about Dr. E, but I will let his work speak for itself. He is truly a gifted & phenominal surgeon with blessed hands. He loves what he does therefore will not steer you wrong. He does not sell you a dream, he tells you what is right for you based on your needs & expectations. I trusted him enough to allow him to perform my revision surgery of my breasts.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I just ran across a woman who found a Doc in NYC. She is posted under... Round 2 Breast augmentation from bad to worse & now to #3......
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Hi Kiwi6! Unfortunately, although I loved Dr. E and wanted him to do my surgery, he is the surgeon who told me he thought I would be better off working with someone who is more familiar with strattice. I am still really disappointed, because despite his own doubt, I think Dr. E is an amazing surgeon and I would have loved to have him do my revision.
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Wow you look great! I had revision surgery w my NYC ps but if I have any further problems I would seek him out. I too am curious as to the other ps was since I am in NYC.
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May I ask who your previous surgeon was? I would like to get a revision of a revision gone wrong- and I am desperate to find the right surgeon. You can send me the name privately if you'd like... I just want to avoid them at all costs.
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Nice revision results I had a revision too about 1 week ago u can checkout my pis if u like
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Did you also have rhinoplasty? Do you have before and after of that also? I need a revision rhino. Are you still happy with implant revision? I need to replace leaking silicone implants from over twenty years ago but don't know ho to go to. I was lucky that the results from my first surgery was so good, don't remember who doc was though.
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Hi!!! I did have a rhinoplasty due to a broken nose & breathing issues, but i'm not sure if I have a before and after pic. Will need to check or ask the Dr. :-) As for the revision yes, I' am extremely happy & it's 2yrs later. Plus a great part of my revision is my implants are insured & if there are any problems with them or there make & model, I will be informed & so will my Dr. My advice to you is if you already have your mammogram showing the leak that will def. be in your best interest, if not the Dr. will request one. The next step is scheduling a consultation with a Dr. you can trust & feel comfortable with. Dr. Engler is great great for this, I highly recommend you have a consultation with him. On occasion if needed I can come in & meet with a patient if it helps per the Dr. & patients request. :-)
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sorry for double post and meant to say $16,000 rather than $10,000. Oops!
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I am most likely going to need stratice to revise my breast implants too (old implants are practically in armpits!). Is the stratice why they were so expensive / was the $10,000 for one surgery? Also, does it bother you that your nipples aren't centered on your boob? My nipples are naturally very far apart like yours. I want cleavage, but would like to also have my nipples centered.
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Yes the strattice does increase the price of the procedure seeing as it must be aquired from an outside source. Strattice is very difficult to aquire as it is in limited supply & takes time to grow... its is usually referred to as gold, lol but it is well worth the investment in the long term for many reasons. As for the nipple placement, no it does not bother me at all. That is the way I am anatomiclally. Each womans nipples are different & located differently on the breast. No need to change what isn't wrong with you naturally, unless you are concious of it & want to change it, always do what makes you feel good & happy with yourself. I understand your position all to well concerning your implants, as my 1st implants were gravitating to my armpits & I was only post operative 3mths...
The pictures as you can see of the 1st surgery not by dr E. Were at 4mths post operative & the second set of pics of my final revision with strattice with dr E. are only post operative at 2mths & now come june it will be a yr. Hopefully I can post a pic at a full yrs healing time =)
My recommendation to you is do your research well on the strattice talk to your dr about the price & ask about the nipple palcemnt. Ask of the pros & cons. Concerning your particular procedure. Remember although most procedures seem similar, each one is tailored to the individual as the dr sees what best suits you. Once you are satisfied & comfortable with everything then move forward.
Wishing you the best of luck!!!
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I am most likely going to need stratice to revise my breast implants too (old implants are practically in armpits!). Is the stratice why they were so expensive / was the $10,000 for one surgery? Also, does it bother you that your nipples aren't centered on your boob? My nipples are naturally very far apart like yours. I want cleavage, but would like to also have my nipples centered.
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