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So, I've been wanting rhinoplasty since I got...

So, I've been wanting rhinoplasty since I got aware I've gotten my fathers big nosetip, my mothers wide nostrills, and a larger version of her nose bump for a nose. I have a pretty low self esteem from before, and I know that this is something that will really give it a much needed boost. People have said to me I should just try and "wear" my nose with pride, but I am too weak of a person to be able to do that since it's quite obvious that my nose sadly has these not very feminine flaws.

I've taken all pros and cons seriously into consideration. And I've done my fair share of research on this. I've also given it a whole lot of thought, since I'm actually not a big fan of fixing up your natural appearance with surgery at all. If it was just a small flaw on my nose, then I would just stick with it, but this is bothering me to the amount where I feel like a rhinoplasty would be a positive thing for me.

Now, I'm young and poor and don't have the money for a rhinoplasty yet, but when I do I want it to look something like in the two pictures I've attached when it's "done". I do not want a perfect nose. I want my nose, but slightly more feminine, so I've tried to just straighten the nosebridge, and push the nose tip in a little (shrink it I guess). I want a natural and not too noticeable result in the end. So what do you think of the after-photos? It's not too much or too small of a change?

Hello! I'm 19, and I'm in the same situation, I don't know what to do. Like you my nose has always made be feel insecure. I haven't seen any surgeon yet, because I don't feel ready for such a procedure. And like you said we're young and poor haha, my parents provide for me but it would be quite selfish to involve the whole family in this. I have to be sure first...
I don't feel quite ready yet either, so we're in the same boat there I guess. I'm just planning on waiting it out for a while, and seeing how things go with a job and so forth, then I will consider it more seriously again when and if I get the money for it. I get that you don't want to involve your whole family, and agree with you that you have to be completely sure if you want to do this first. I'd suggest waiting a year or two, a lot of things might change in that time. But of course it's up to you. :) Good luck with your decision.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. You're a beautiful young lady and if you do a lot of research and pick the right surgeon (don't be afraid to consult with more than one), I think you'll love your results.

I haven't regretted getting my rhinoplasty at all. And that's after choosing the wrong surgeon the first time and needing a revision.

Here's what doctors say about choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you. Please keep us posted!


Added another before/after picture. I've been...

Added another before/after picture.

I've been thinking more and more about how skilled these plastic surgeons must be. Sure, I'm just using Photoshop to edit, but it's really all about the tiniest details with this. A tiny change to the tip for example, can make the biggest difference to the whole appearance of the nose. The surgeons are highly skilled artist.
When and if I do this, I really hope for a good outcome. I'm pretty certain it will go well though, I'm very confident this surgeon I've chosen is skilled enough for what I want done.
Well I think you will feel better about yourself if you do go through with it, that is what it is about ultimately. If you are so unhappy then go ahead, as newnose4me says plastic surgery is not a good idea if you don't really need it, but I think your photo shopped pics look good, like you say still you but just a little bit improved. I have been grappling with the exact same problem as you and nearly everyone on here, and all the what ifs, but have come to the conclusion that I will be a lot happier in my own skin if I do it. My family don't get it, but this site as helped me loads, I hope you find that support as well. Best wishes.
Thank you for your opinion. :)
Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. How have you been feeling about this whole thing lately?

Sent the clinic a mail with pictures a few days...

Sent the clinic a mail with pictures a few days ago asking if it was possible for the doctor to assess my images and to see if my edited after picture was something that would be realistic/possible to expect. Now I'm waiting for the answer. :) I explained I didn't plan on doing this in the nearest future because of my economic situation though.

I'm still a bit unsure about this. I am a quite anxious person, and I would be really scared on the operation day, and possibly after it too because of the swelling.

And I've decided to, if I go through with this in the future, that I want to ask if they can take a picture of my profile straight after the operation so I can se how it looks before the swelling kills my face. :P
I have been in the exact same position as you. It really is such an overwhelmng and life-changing decision to make. My nose was something that was constantly affecting my life and depleting my confidence. If its something you think about on a daily basis and cant see yourself accepting then I would say to go for it. For me, having a rhinoplasty wasnt about looking prettier and being vain, it was something that has changed the way I perceive myself and the way I now live my life. I am so glad I ended up doing it. For the record, I think your proposed changes look very achievable and realistic and I'm sure you will have a positive outcome provided you choose a well qualified surgeon.
I say go for it.. I would've done it years ago had I known it was a totally pain free, easy procedure. If your doc can't morph on the computer, I'd find someone else who can. It is a common practice and you want to k ow exactly what his plan is for you. I had one doc morph me into a sloped one. So not me and glad I went to a doc that gave me the straight profile I wanted. I think you want the surgery but you haven't clicked with the right doc, giving you hesitations.
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