34-year-old Mom of Two | 5' 4" 113 Lbs | ReAug in 2014 After Double Bubble in 2013 | Not Looking Good

I had my first aug in July 2013 after...

I had my first aug in July 2013 after breastfeeding two children, 19 months apart, for over a year each. I was deflated. I went from an "almost B" to a "full C". I had Natrelle silicone implants - style 15, both 371cc implanted with a peri-areolar incision under the muscle.

Overall, I am happy with the size for my frame. (I'm 5' 4" and 113 lbs). However, from the beginning it appears that my left pocket was either naturally more deep, or my surgeon made the pocket too deep, therefore I have a "double bubble" on my LEFT side. My surgeon waited for it to heal, but it didn't. Today, I also see a slight right-side double bubble, as well.

My option is to have the original PS merely make an in incision at the lower portion of the breast fold and tighten the pockets internally.

I have instead opted to increase the size of my implants to a full D, or DD. I purchased a few D bras after my surgery when I was swollen and over time, my implants have dropped and "fluffed" and I've also lost about 10 lbs. I'd like for my D bras to be full. My PS will take precautions prior to implanting the new implants so that the double bubble doesn't happen again.

Am currently deciding how big I would like to go, am thinking no bigger than 492 cc's, but am flexible. Confirming with surgeon soon.

Surgery tomorrow morning!

Met with the surgeon and his office twice this week. I feel really comfortable that the next aug will fix my double bubble as much as possible. Because of my internal anatomy, we have some challenges, but the larger implant should actually help with the matter.

My goal is to be a full D - but NOTHING larger than a DD. I have 371cc silicone unders now and he is thinking anywhere from mid to high 400 cc's.

I'm hoping that the "less pain" and "faster recovery time" is true of secondary augmentations.

Will post when I can!

Day 1 - About 8 hours post-op

My surgery lasted about an hour and a half. I was very concerned about the anesthesia, but I have a patch behind my ear and had zofram at the surgery center.

I'm currently sitting up in a lazy boy and cannot get over how much more range of motion I have after this surgery. I can already put my hair in a top knot.

The soreness is primarily at my rib cage where my PS had to work on my pocket and put a few sutures. I've only looked once, but the DB looks FAR better. My implant size increased from 371cc's to 492 (or 491) cc's.

Will take a better picture tomorrow, but this time my incision point is under the breast so the shape is a little... off. I'm hoping that's normal.

I'm optimistic, sleepy and feeling good.

Day 2 About 24 hours post-op

Far less pain than the first procedure, however definitely can feel discomfort at the creases.
Still feel far better than the first aug.

Am happy with the results so far. Looking forward to showering.

Day 3 Post Op - feeling good!

Overall I feel good, I had forgotten about how difficult it was to get up from a reclining position, but aside from that I'm feeling great. Completely went off pain pills after Thursday (day of surgery) and Friday (Day 1 Post Op) and have been on tylenol every six hours for Saturday(Day 2 Post Op) and Sunday (today). It's like my body knows within 30 minutes that it's time for some relief.

I also forgot how DIFFICULT it is to get a good night's sleep after a breast aug, yikes. Good thing my two little ones had me prepared for this.

Thus far I am really liking my results. I am waiting for the drop and fluff. I'm definitely enjoying not wearing a bra. My first aug was peri-areolar and my nipples were in so much pain. This time since I had pockets to fix, the incision point was inframammary and the "discomfort" is quite different.

Overall, the husband and I can definitely see a difference from my before (371's) and after (492's). At this point, I'm happy I went through with it.

So far, so good. I visit the Dr. for my post-op on Thursday.

Six weeks post up - a little nervous.

My right side looks exactly how I want for it to look... but my left side... The double bubble has been fixed, but now it appears that I have two completely different shaped breasts. The left breast has settled far sooner and far lower than my right. I'll be honest, I'm nervous about it and can't imagine that my right side is going to "drop and fluff" and be symmetrical with the left one. When I lift up the left breast a bit, it's exactly where I'd like for it to be, but at this point, doing a THIRD surgery to raise this breast makes me ill. I'm trying not to be emotional and merely wait for the results to settle, but I at this point I'm disappointed in the shape; the size I LOVE. I've emailed/contacted my doctor and am waiting for what he has to say.

Conversely, I am VERY happy with the size of my implants and how I look in clothes. In swimsuits, not so much. I'm very self-conscious and unfortuantely, I wasn't before with my double-bubble.

Again, hoping I can find a resolution.
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Hi honey just found ur story x hope u hear from ur surgeon real soon and hope they do something RIGHT to make u happy xx I pray that if u do have to go a Third time it will be wxactly what u want x who knows in that 3/6 month period they may bothe settle and not need anything xx I'm here if u need to chat xx glitter dust to u for happiness and rainbows full if glitter for a magic time xx
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Just found yer question to the Drs on here. Well at least you know what yer dealing with now. I sure hope you hear back from yer PS today. Didn't he use some kind of matrix to support yer breast from this happening again? I mean it was a revision to correct bottoming out and it seems like it would be a logical thing to do esp since you were going larger too. Sorry you have to face this again and sure seems like he should have made precautions to keep you from going thru this again! He deserves to owe you some sort of restitution, although not sure I'd even want to have him to be the one to fix things! Let us know if he responds, be thinking of you. XXXXXX
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Hi Emme..just checking in on you to see how you got in? Has dr revis got back to you yet?
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Hi there! I am waiting to hear back from my original surgeon and will be writing him soon. (I'm moving this week and today is a holiday so I haven't heard from my original surgeon - I believe he took a long weekend.) I did also post some pics and question and have had several PS's respond. Seems like everyone is saying that I need an additional revision (sigh) and that first and foremost, I need to wait 3-6 months. http://www.realself.com/question/ohio-going-weeks-after-aug-after-double-bubble?utm_source=umnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=qans&utm_content=question#1463132 You are SO kind for asking how I am doing. **THANK YOU**.
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Not a problem! Just do all you can in the mean time to support that side. You can see how perfect the other side is...so stop any further damage on the skin due to the bottoming out. I wouldn't want to wait 6 months ...I'd be doing something asap to avoid further skin stretching. Big hugs Shelly xoxo
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Be persistent. If you need to take someone to your next appointment with you. Make sure he addresses your concerns. You will be in my thoughts. Keep us updated.
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Oh your out of the states. Reading your comments below. I agree with what Shellysmall is saying
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Thank you so much.
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Hello and I can understand how you must be feeling. I would suggest that you go back to your surgeon straight away and also seek the opinion of another doctor too. Your breast is definitely bottoming out and the longer you leave it the more the skin will be stretched out and harder to repair. Don't delay this as you have beautiful breasts and get it sorted while you can. You may need some sort of strattice or dermal matrix to give it extra support. We are all here for you hugs Shelly xoxo
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Ah, this situation is so complicated. I live out of the States and my surgeon is IN the States. :( Sigh... I'm so nervous about this. :( Thank you.
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Oh gosh....I can see how that makes it even worse. I can understand how nervous you are feeling about it. How far away are you? Do you have a local doc that can at least confirm your suspicions? The best you can do is super support it at the moment...perhaps even in bed at night so no more skin gets streched until you can get to your doctor. I completely feel for your situation. I'm fretting about deciding to get a revision myself and I don't have a situation like you had. I just want bigger boobs and an off centre boob fixed up...but nothing major that I can't live with. When I see what can happen it makes me think am I being crazy...just be happy with what I've got. Im having trouble trusting any of my local docs so I'm thinking of coming to the States myself from Australia ( am I mad) and going to dr.revis in Florida. He does the internal bra technique which stops bottoming out and displacement. ..he uses permanent sutures like they use in tummy tucks. So therefore...one way good..but then I read your story and think ...what if something happens and I'm on the other side of the World lol! Guess the internal bra is the insurance policy. How close are you to Florida as I know dr.revis could help you im sure. An internal bra would solve your situation for sure. You can even email him your pictures. He is so amazing at getting back to you. Promise me that you will email him at least to get his opinion. ..he is very honest. Biggest hugs shelly xoxo
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Shelly, I will. I'm going to google him tonight. I've heard his name before. I'm about a day's worth of travel (2 flights) from where I had my previous surgeries. However, I'm pretty close to a major city (L.A.) - so that's an option for me. Sigh. Thank you again for your support. And I sympathize with you not knowing what you should do. It's hard to know when to be ok with what you have and when to try for something else. I hope you're able to figure out your decision! At this point, I'm thinking I could have lived with a double bubble. Sigh.
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Actually no!! We get one shot at this life and we deserve the best. There is nothing wrong with striving for anything less than perfect to us. As ive said before...imagine if it were a female doc telling a guy he should just put up with his wonky penis!!! I say go for it girl...aim for best results you can get. Thats why I'm thinking of giving all the lazy and sloppy docs here a miss and going to someone who has promised to give me what I want. I have also emailed dr . Pousti and he is very prompt in his reply. He is in san deigo ..so very close to LA. He might be a closer choice for you...hugs Shelly xoxo
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When you email him...tell him that michele from the gold coast Australia recommend you...friend of mrs.500. Write that in your email and he WILL look after you...we might get a group realself discount happening lol!!!
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You honestly just made me feel SO much better. Thank you, again. HUGS back.
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I will! Thank you!
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Yes dr.revis will sort you out in no time and at least give you answers...big hugs shelly xoxo. When my husband and I emailed him I was crying when I was reading his responses. Xoxo
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Good advise Shelly :) I sure feel for you emme, but like Shelly says you deserve the best possible results you can get so I hope you find a way to do that for yerself! have you got a response from the PS who did yer surgery yet? I agree about supporting them just to prevent anymore drastic changes. It's odd because yer nipples seem even and it's just the tissue under the one breast, so it may be bottoming out darn it! Have you put a question to ask a Dr on here with pics? I know they are good at responding and it may help get a confirmation about the bottoming out and help you decide on yer options. You'll have to compare the price of flying to yer original PS if he's willing to admit there's an issue and fix it at no charge against going with someone new and closer to you. In the meantime you know you have all of us here for support :) good luck hun I hope it all works out for you. XXXX
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You are so right - You're so right.
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Hi Mrs 500 - I'm still waiting for my surgeon to respond - I emailed him on Thursday before the long holiday weekend, so hopefully I hear from him tomorrow (Tuesday 9/2). I asked a question here on realself and it appears to be the consensus that my implant (left side) is bottoming out already. (After six weeks... sigh.) Thanks again for all of your support! You're too kind. Here's the question I asked: http://www.realself.com/question/ohio-going-weeks-after-aug-after-double-bubble?utm_source=umnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=qans&utm_content=question#1463132
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So sorry for your troubles. I agree with the comments below that you should just support with a good bra at this point and see what happens. I went with Strattice (and bigger implants) for my revision for cap con, but Strattice can also help prevent double bubble and bottoming out, acting as an internal bra. I am also cautious that I don't mess these up as the cost of my revision with a new doc was twice the first BA, but I feel as if it may be worth it if it prevents all of this. Perhaps that can help if it comes to the point where you think you need another revision. My doc advises even a medium support sports bra at night to sleep in, so that may help also.
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I'm worried that the right breast is going to not "drop" if I wear a bra all of the time. I will look in to Strattice, though. I appreciate your comment and I'm hoping that I can find a resolution. :( Sigh. I can't imagine having a third surgery.
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I can't imagine a third surgery either, honey. I thought that getting Strattice for my first revision was a bit over the top because I only had cap con one time and it was most likely from a skin infection, but the thought of continuing revisions and recoveries nauseated me so much. I'm still in great financial debt from the original BA and this revision together, so I am not happy, but if this fix lasts a long time, then my next revision will be an explant for sure!!! Check out my reviews for the whole story when you get a chance.
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awe poor sweetie i just read your update and saw your pictures i totally understand why you're concerned!!! i can't make a diagnosis, but your left breast seems to have a less common type of bottoming out that comes from the lower pole of your skin to give in too much to the weight of the implant. at least that's what it looks like to me. i know the feeling of not wanting more surgery just to have two healthy breasts, and the conflict of liking something more now versus before, but also having new gripes. (hugs) i really hope you find a solution with your PS or another one, or make peace with your results. and i hope things get better on their own too, it'S possible they get a bit more symmetrical, as your right breast might settle a bit lower too. i'd suggest wearing good support when possible, if your PS allows you to do so, as it may help to keep things from getting worse. that's what i'm doing post symmastia repair, i've decided to wear a thong bra as my daily bra to avoid letting my implants migrate on their own from the weight and gravity of implants + pectus excavatum chest.
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Thank you, daPhie79, I appreciate your kind words. I'll look into a thong bra and mention it to my PS. Am trying to remain positive and see what happens within the new few months. :( Again, thank you for your kindness and support.
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