Tracking the Healing Process of a Bulbous Nose - North Carolina

I am only on day 3 post-op of my surgery, but...

I am only on day 3 post-op of my surgery, but wanted to start to track my progress. I had a tip-plasty (no change to bridge of nose) and a chin implant to balance my profile. Growing up, two of my four siblings had a nose job because of "bad genes". They had large humps on the bridges of their noses and also very strange, thick tips. My other two siblings have fine noses, and mine was the unique one of the family, not as "bad" as the ones with humps but still unusual. I never disliked my nose until college. I had my septum pierced when I was 16 and it never healed right. It would bother me from time to time and the hole never closed. The way my columnella was shaped allowed you to see into my nose and people would tell me all the time that they could see light coming through the hole in my nose even though I stopped wearing a nose ring when I was 18. That really bothered me because I was not into the "alternative" lifestyle anymore. Also, at the end of high school, my nose got bigger. It really is true that your nose does not stop growing until you are probably about 22-23.

I liked looking "ethnic" and "polish" and there are nice pictures of me from certain angles but I hated seeing pictures of me smiling with my bulbous and drooping tip hanging down. Still, my goal was to retain some roundness on the end of my nose, not pointy-ness, and still keep some "ethnic character."

It was a long time in between my first consultation and my pre-op, because I traveled out of state for this surgeon, and at my pre-op I told my surgeon that I wanted to keep roundness in the tip of my nose so that I still look like "me". He defintely gave me some strange glances. I'm not sure if he listened to me. I trusted him from all of the wonderful photos of his patients but he did not give me a computer image or really discuss what was going to be done. So while it is still healing I am nervous about what it is going to look like and hope that the change is not too dramatic.

I also did not like my weak chin profile from the side and took up his suggestion for a chin implant. He said he has never removed a chin implant in 20 years of practice because people are very satisfied with them, so I am not as concerned about that, although 3 days after surgery my face is so swollen I can barely recognize myself!

I get my tape off in 4 days and I will keep updating during the healing process. I knew that I really wanted this nose job but I am still nervous about the outcome and worried that people will judge me.

My surgery experience was good, I was awake the whole time, just drugged up. Only scary thing was the sawing sound as they cut the implant pocket in my jaw. Otherwise, I was too loopy to care. The nurse was great and held my hand.

My biggest complaint was that the pain pills they gave me for post surgery were not strong enough and had to call in another RX. I'm very pain tolerant but it was bad, and I think mostly from the chin implant. I also spit up so much blood that I was really worried, but that completely stopped by the next day. Since then I've been fine, hardly any pain, no stuffiness, can breath out of my nose just fine, but just lots of swelling around the perimeter of my face, my eyes, the top of the bridge of my nose, and I'm not sure what is swollen on my actual nose because of the tape.

I'm having trouble with the tape sticking to my...

I'm having trouble with the tape sticking to my face because of how oily my skin is around the edges. I'm also having worries about the chin implant because while the bruising, numbness, pain, and swelling have gone down, I'm not liking my face shape nor the fact that I can't smile wide. It might have to come out.

To be honest, I had an emotional meltdown/identity...

To be honest, I had an emotional meltdown/identity crisis when the tape came off. I was sooo used to seeing a huge ball of nose on my face for so many years that I had major remorse and just wanted it back. Its funny because the 6 months before my surgery I had felt the complete opposite about it. What upset me the most is that I always had a very skinny bridge and then the nose "ball" at the end, and my bridge was so swollen from surgery that I felt like it looked like an unnatural dinosaur nose. There were also flat spots on the sides near the tip that I thought made me look like a dinosaur bird. Needless to say, I was pretty panicked. My best advice is to throw away all mirrors for a few weeks, not let yourself look, and have somebody with you to distract you. I was alone for days and couldn't think about anything else. When I finally returned to work, no one noticed. A man who I work with and who I went on a 8 day road trip with did not recognize a difference even when I told him that I changed it. After that and after venting my emotions to a trusted friend I started feeling a lot better.

My post-op appointment sucked. I drive 3 hours to go to my surgeons office and then turn around and drive 3 hours back. I have an old car with no A/C and it was 100 degrees outside (not exaggerating.) I was not in a good mood upon arrival and the rude/indifferent receptionist put me off once again. He took the bandage off and I was in a bit of shock. I asked some questions about if the bridge was swollen, if the indents would go away, if my smile would come back, etc. and he pretty much rolled his eyes at me. I wish he would have been sensitive, and maybe explained to me where exactly the swelling was and how it was going to change in appearance as the swelling went down so I didn't panic. He looks at swollen noses all the time and knows what they are going to turn out looking like so it bothered me that he didn't want to try to reassure me. He has also made some slightly sexist comments at each consultation that kind of bothered me too. For instance, when I said that I just needed to get used to it and I trust him that it will change as the swelling goes down, he said "You're not one of those girls who just stares in the mirror all day, are you?" Umm... men do that too, and I think its normal to feel worried after your face has been dramatically altered.

Its now day 10 and I do see that the swelling is going down slowly. People either can't tell the difference because they never stared at the size of my nose before (duh), or they are being polite and not mentioning it. I don't really look in the mirror too much now and I am doing massages to help with the swelling.
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So far I recommend- he had great portfolio and the price was great. But we will see when the tape comes off!

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I tried to pm you but can't find where to do this! I saw your story and pictures with your q-tips and omg!!! My situation is almost exactly like yours. I went from bulbous tip too way too narrow. I miss some of the fullness of my tip and think the sides of my nose -lower lateral cartilage area-is much too narrow now. ( plus my mid bridge which wasn't touched is too big now in comparison, hoping it swelling from open procedure) did you get a revision or find out how to fix this issue?? I too want some fullness back and am desperate to know if this is possible. Thanks for sharing I don't feel as alone in my particular situation right now- please share what you have learned! Thank you- please pm me!
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I do the q-tip thing, too! haha. I have talked to several people that do.
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Hi ladies, I am i the same situation! whenever I miss my old self I PUT Q-TIPS ON MY NOSE ...I need to add fullness back to my tip.. did you have revision.please share with me thank you
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I too am looking into a revision to add width to my tip again since it is now very narrow and pointy. Have any of you had a revision or any advice? :(
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Thanks for this post. I am sorry to hear you were treated poorly on your post-op visits. There is nothing worse than being scared or uncertain and having medical personnel act like it's not a big deal. I can sympathize with you on that. Can you please post pictures? I also have a bulbous tip but also have the dorsal hump in my bridge. My surgery is scheduled for July 7th! I am curious to see how yours turned out!
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Awesome advice about putting away your mirrors for a few weeks. Hard, though, since everyone is so curious about what they'll look like!

Thanks so much for your detailed review. I'm looking forward to following it. And, boy, do I want to see photos now after reading your story! Pretty please? You can black out your eyes if the possibility of recognition bothers you.

I hope you just love your results when your swelling goes down all the way. It can be really startling to see your face changed at first. But, and I speak from experience, you get used to the new nose and it just starts to look like "you".

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Please keep posting updates! I'm curious about what you think of your final results! :)
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