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Juvederm Took Years off my Face! LOVE It! - Newport News, VA

I have used Juvederm for both my lips and my...

I have used Juvederm for both my lips and my nasolabial folds. I had my lips done initially about a year ago with Resylane (half syringe) and was reallllllyyy unhappy with the results. Actually, there were no real results, plus I had a ton of swelling, pain (during and after) and bruising that just deflated into nothing. The bruising lasted longer than the results. Waste of $$$$. So I returned to the same doc and I decided to try a full syringe of Juvederm instead upon his recommendation. He iced my face and then did the injection, just like the first time. I had some swelling, some minimal bruising, and pretty uncomfortable pain (during and after). However! I felt like a blown up fish/Real housewife. It was far too much injection for my lips!!! The Juvederm eventually wore off to an acceptable, even pretty amount after about 2 months, but only lasted at that "perfect" stage for about a month before I felt "deflated" once again. After explaining my frustration to friends, who had never had such terrible experiences, I decided to change doctors. 

I did more research and visited a doctor who took all the time he needed to find out exactly what I wanted. He spent time taking pictures, looking at my face, talking it all out. This time, we decided together on a full syringe, distributed between my lips and my nasiolabial folds. The doctor used a numbing gel on my lips and laugh lines. He then had the nurse shoot cold air on the spots he was working on. I did not feel a thing at all-nothing. He also gave me arnica pills to take home for 2 days. I LOVE, love love the results. My new doctor left me with literally NO bruising, no pain, and such minimal swelling I felt totally normal going out the same night. 

Moral of my long story is-your Doctor has much and more to do with your results than the product (in my opinion). I feel the the Juvederm took 10 years off my face. My smile lines were pretty minimal, but most noticeable from the side. I smoked for about 15 years (quit 3 years ago) and lived in Florida for 10 years. I'm 32. Yeah, gross right? But seriously I felt like I looked 35 and now I look in my 20's, no exaggeration. People never believe I'm over 30.

Please do your research-get other people's opinions about the doctors in your area! Don't choose the cheaper doctor or make the decision on anything other than proven track record of the doctor. You need someone who does a lot of these injections and takes the time with you. I had my injection in February and have shown no signs of "deflation" as of April. Love this doctor and my results-totally worth it and I'll never go without it again!
Little Rock Dermatologist


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You look fabulous! Getting juvederm for the first time on Friday for tear troughs, under eye hollowness and nasal labial folds, hoping for results like yours!!
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Thank you! Hope your procedure went well! Good luck!!
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It is wonderful to hear you found a doctor who will really take time to listen and do your injections. Do your lips feel or move any differently when you have the Juvederm in them?

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Megan- When I used the first doctor, my lips did feel differently in the sense that I could actually feel the hard juvederm with my fingers. My first doctor had injected the filler, and then manipulated the filler with his fingers. He informed me that lumps and bumps were common, and I only needed to massage them myself to "redistribute" the product. I did have 2-3 large lumps that were only noticeable with my mouth open (on the inside of my lip), but were annoying and of course noticeable to me. They never "redistributed" even with the massage. My second doctor did not massage the area after placing the filler, and I haven't had a single bump at all. The product is evenly placed and never feels hard or lumpy. Neither time did I feel that my lips moved differently.
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Thank you so much for filling me in on the differences! I'm always amazed at what a difference the injectors technique makes. I'm assuming you didn't, but could you tell any difference in the way they were injecting it? Did your current doctor move the needle around more, or anything where you could tell things were being done differently?

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Actually Megan, I did feel that the first doctor made fewer injections, yet moved the needle around more to place the product. It was almost like he would be trying to "reach" the needle to the spots he was filling. He would jab and twist. Very painful. The second doctor made more "sticks" with the needle, but just used smaller amounts at a time and sort of injected as he pulled as opposed to moving the needle around like the first doctor did. The second technique made all the difference IMO on the bruising and swelling. Also the second doctor taking the time to actually find out what I wanted and how I wanted to look also contributed to the overall experience.
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Good to know you could tell a difference in the injection technique. I completely understand what you mean about the overall experience being contributed to by the doctor taking time to find out and discuss what you wanted. Feeling heard and listened to really makes a huge difference!

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