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I had a consultation with Dr. Thorne (I was...

I had a consultation with Dr. Thorne (I was referred by a family member). A friend of mine also referred me to Dr. Ciardullo. Dr. Thorne has great reviews on other sites, but none here, whereas Dr. Ciardullo has tons of great reviews here and elsewhere. I really liked Dr. Thorne from the consult -- wondering if I should take it as a red flag that there aren't reviews here. His price is considerably higher, but he's been rated a top doctor in several publications several times, and he teaches at NYU. I'm willing to pay more for an UES doctor for the peace of mind... Just wondering if maybe his price is the reason he doesn't have more reviews. Thoughts?


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Dr. T. may not be that active online and know or care to ask his patients for reviews. That could be part of it. My revision rhino surgeon isn't into his social media presence, but is still a great doc!

Here's what some other doctors say about finding the right surgeon for your nose.

Please use this space to keep us updated throughout your process! :)

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Thanks for the advice. I'm still researching. I had a good feeling about Dr. Thorne but I want to go on a few more consultations before deciding, especially since he is not an ENT.
A lot of times people who are happy with their results don't go on these sites. If you like the B&A photos and have a good gut feeling, pick based on that
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Chose another doctor

Well, I can't update this review to change doctors. I really liked Dr. Thorne but from the information I got, it sounded like he does about 3-12 nose jobs per month. I felt more comfortable going with a doctor who does at more like 3-12 a week and who mainly focuses on noses.

Is there a way to update the doc on my review or do I need a new username and everything?


shame cuz its a great username :)
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Are u excited for tomorrow!?!? Which dr did you end up picking?
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Yes! Very excited, but so nervous, too. I'm going with Dr. Robert Guida. I liked Dr. Thorne but he didn't do enough nose jobs for me to feel comfortable that it was his thing (he's more an ear doc). Dr. Guida felt like the right guy -- super nice, relaxed, particular, a good communicator, and he does 9ish noses a week. I thought I was scheduled for 11:30am tomorrow, but they moved it up to 7:30am (so I have to get there at 6:30)! I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. It's a pain in the neck for my mom to travel in so early but she's being a trooper. All I have to do is run to Walgreens to buy some more gatorade, and then I should be all set to hunker down for the week. It's going to be a seamless/netflix/HBO-go staycation. I'm honestly looking forward to it!
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