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Who Had a Rhynoplasty Done by Dr Neistein at Lenox Hill? - New York, NY

Hi Guys, I am meeting with Dr Neinstein next week...

Hi Guys, I am meeting with Dr Neinstein next week for a first consultation for a nose job, who had experience with Dr Neinstein. I am African American with a nose without a bridge. I will pay $50 for the consultation, I don't know the price of the surgery yet. I've been thinking about doing a nose job for the longest. Now I think I am ready to do so and finally take care of me, me, me, me and me...oh I forgot....me.

I am going on Monday at NYEE for a second opinion, I will keep you guys posted
I am thinking of going to Washington DC for a second opinion with Dr Harris.
Guys I met with Dr Neinstein today, he took pictures of my nose, but said, he needs some advice from a second doctor, Dr Tabbal, who does not have good reviews on the net....I do not know, hopefuly, they not talking about the same dr Tabbal.
Dr Neinstein

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