Very Interested in Corrective Jaw Surgery-- However, Cost Questions & Any Advice? New York, NY

I have been suffering with mouth prognathism +...

I have been suffering with mouth prognathism + under bite. I actually first heard news of it when I was about 16 years old, now, I'm only months away from turning 18 and I'm looking to correct it. Money is a huge issue in my family, and since my case is not considered serious to my insurance company (United Healthcare), it will most likely not be covered-- so money out of my own pockets, in other words.

I never actually noticed my condition to actually be bad and just thought that being a messy eater or having the difficulty to chew a pizza crust with the front of my teeth something I've developed on my own-- Seems not.

I've been researching Corrective Jaw Surgery and had an online consultation to actually know how complicated my condition apparently is. I have a very receding chin, while my upper jaw/maxilla, is protruding forward, in addition to having an under-bite. I've looked into Corrective Jaw Surgery being told that it could improve my condition. Though, the hard thing about this is the money involved. And being from the New York tri-state area doesn't help since most surgeon's prices would be sky-high. I understand that most may say that it's worth the money you pay to go to a well-known surgeon-- I also agree. But can places like these arrange special payment plans or perhaps it depends on the place itself? Does the price range from how severe the issue is, or just for having the surgery itself that makes it expensive, or because of the location of the surgeon?

I was interested in doing rhinoplasty, however, I was recommended to do the corrective jaw surgery first since it could greatly change the ratio or harmony of my face.


hi, i did have a similar issue of the bite and all and i did go through surgery but forgetting the cost and all are you ready to go through the after effects of this surgery, i hope you know them and have read them through this site itself, im still not sure whether it was the right decision and as for the cost im from sri lanka and it cost me $2200++ but for you it may cost more my advice unless its a majorly functional requirement don't do it the pain is not worth it good luck and wish you all the very best
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Hi and welcome to the jaw surgery community!  I hope you've had time to take a look around at our other members--there aren't so many to wade through :).  The results have been very mixed--the surgery itself it a difficult one.  Have you discussed alternatives with orthodontists yet?  I think this is especially important if insurance doesn't cover the surgery.  I've seen prices in the many tens of thousands of dollars! Would you be able to post pictures of your jaw from a few angles so we can see?

Not sure if this would be at all helpful for you, but here are some options a RealSelf doctor gave someone once.  
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