24 Years Young & Finally Considering Breast Agumentation! - New York, NY

After years of debating and waiting on my bust...

After years of debating and waiting on my bust size to grow (which it hasn't) I have finally consider getting breat agumentation. I never liked my breast they are saggy, uneven and don't fill out any of my clothing they way it should! After researching I found Body Cosmetica I'm in the process if getting financing but I have a consultation next week and I'm so nervous / excited about it! I'm having my consultation with Dr. Joshua Hyman. If any one has any experience with him I would love some feed back. Also being that this is my first time doing any of this what questions would be best to ask during my consultation?


Hi i just had my ba a few weeks ago. I. Am 38 an i wish i had done it years ago. I didnt realize how much better i would feel about my body i feel like a woman again.
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That's great! I hope to feel the same way ..

Needed more time

As of now I've cancelled my consultation that I was supposed to have in May. Guess I wasn't 100% ready and I felt as though it wasn't the best timing ..I'm soon going to reschedule and try to get my B.A surgery in August. =)

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100% sure!

Well it's been some time and I'm 100% sure that I want this done! As of now I'm looking at my options and searching for doctors in the NYC area. I didn't want my surgery before the winter but time has passed and I want to get them done before the holidays =)

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