24 Years Young & Finally Considering Breast Agumentation! - New York, NY

After years of debating and waiting on my bust...

After years of debating and waiting on my bust size to grow (which it hasn't) I have finally consider getting breat agumentation. I never liked my breast they are saggy, uneven and don't fill out any of my clothing they way it should! After researching I found Body Cosmetica I'm in the process if getting financing but I have a consultation next week and I'm so nervous / excited about it! I'm having my consultation with Dr. Joshua Hyman. If any one has any experience with him I would love some feed back. Also being that this is my first time doing any of this what questions would be best to ask during my consultation?

Needed more time

As of now I've cancelled my consultation that I was supposed to have in May. Guess I wasn't 100% ready and I felt as though it wasn't the best timing ..I'm soon going to reschedule and try to get my B.A surgery in August. =)

100% sure!

Well it's been some time and I'm 100% sure that I want this done! As of now I'm looking at my options and searching for doctors in the NYC area. I didn't want my surgery before the winter but time has passed and I want to get them done before the holidays =)
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