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Mini Face Lift to Address Acne Scars - New York, NY

Have had ongoing cystic acne and scarring for 56...

Have had ongoing cystic acne and scarring for 56 years. Sought out laser treatment but was told it would not work on scars of my depth and on looser skin of my age. Instead, dermatologist proposed mini-face lift to stretch out and flatten scars and remove some of the excess sagging skin. Had the procedure yesterday and am quite swollen, bandaged and wearing a head wrap so can't determine results but am optimistic. Stay tuned for big reveal!


I am commenting on my own review. I am now 5 days post-procedure and am grotesquely swollen even though I have been icing constantly and wearing the hideous head wrap. Took the bandages off yesterday and was taken aback by the length of the incisions...from above my ears all the way down and around the lobes. Since I have very short hair, I am concerned about how prominent they will look. I've developed dark red, puffy pouches below each eye which so far have not subsided at all. Pleasantly surprised that there is very little bruising, thought there would be a ton more! Only real pain now is when I try to chew anything that isn't mushy so have been subsisting on ice cream! Now for the big question...did the mini face lift eradicate my cystic acne scars? With so much swelling, it's hard to know for sure but I do see less scarring...about 50% better than before...but not the 75% improvement I had hoped for. There is still pitting and red scars on both cheeks...i am disappointed at how much still remains. On the upside, my jawline looks more lifted and defined, and my jowls are not quite as saggy. Right side of my mouth is somewhat droopy and am hoping that will resolve itself as the swelling goes down. My doctor, Dr. Misbah Khan, has been in contact with me everyday either by phone or email and has been extremely helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns. Her reassurance makes this process more bearable, but, there is no way I could go out in public looking as I do like the Michelin tire guy. I think that the recovery time was underestimated...the swelling really is over-the-top. Plus it's extremely difficult to get band aids to stick to the incisions over the prescribed ointment. I use the head wrap to hold the band aids in place. I am mentally working on my expectations. Although I was never promised miracles, I had hoped for more. My scars are diminished but far from gone...I guess it really does take a miracle to give us cystic acne survivors clear, smooth, NORMAL skin. And so it goes for now.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to share on RealSelf! I can't wait to see how this works on your acne scars. Please do keep us posted...looking forward to the big reveal!
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A few days ago I was feeling skeptical about...

A few days ago I was feeling skeptical about miracles, but I am becoming a believer! It's day eight post procedure and my skin is looking smoother than it has in decades. Yes, there are still acne scars left, but not nearly as many or as deep as before the procedure. I would give it a 60% improvement andI think the remaining scars will be able to be camouflaged pretty well with foundation. Was never able to conceal the scars with makeup before because they were so embedded and covered the entire cheek area including the jawline and below. Now the scars are mainly on the sides of my cheeks closer to my ears. Another bonus is my crosshatch wrinkles appear to have disappeared. This may be because I am still very, very swollen with chipmunk cheeks, but I'm hoping for the best. I am especially thrilled with my refined jawline...I look less droopy and, dare I say, younger! Except when showering, have been faithfully wearing the head wrap around the clock and intend to continue to do so until the stitches are removed in another week. Hate the thing...feels like you're being strangled...but am determined to stick with it. Bruising is purple and yellow and those angry red, bloated pouches under my eyes have not dissipated at all. A little more sore now because I suspect the residual anesthetic is wearing off...still a bit of "numbness" but it is lessening. Do have a bad case of cabin fever, especially with the beautiful Spring weather beckoning. Would probably time future procedures to the Winter months when you don't mind being stuck indoors. All in all I am feeling pretty positive and eager to get the stitches out next Thursday and give Dr. Khan a great, big thank you hug for her finesse and for her commitment to do her level best to deliver a dramatic result. I can't emphasize enough how critical it is to choose a practitioner who is both an exceptional diagnostician and an exceptional surgeon and who doesn't promise more than he/she can deliver. Dr. Misbah Khan is all that and more. Be back with progress report next week.

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New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Extraordinary...both as a highly skilled and educated dermatologist and as a warm and caring human being. Forthright and honest about what will work and what won't and is grounded in reality. Does not push expensive treatments for the sake of money making. Is extremely focused and dedicated; performed procedure with painstaking attention, without rushing and with constant concern for the patient. While I would like to keep her all to myself, I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Khan to anyone who needs an expert, progressive, responsive dermatologist...she is genuinely one-of-a-kind!

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