3rd Rhinoplasty What Should I Do?

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years...

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years ago, now i have a small dent along the side of my left bridge, It makes my nose look crooked, the PS wants to place a small graft and reduce the size of my tip.. I dont know if the nose looked crooked cause there actual is a dent or there is a lump on the bridge that makes it look crooked. Im afraid if do the graft it will be really wide.

Hello I have revision rhino 4 years ago now i have a dent. My PS says he will place a small graft on my left side to make the bridge look better and reduce the tip. DO you think that it is a dent or a lump above it that makes it look like a dent. WHat do you think i should do? PLease feed back please.
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Did the dent have to do with the graft or was it the opposite side that ultimately dented and the one with ear cartilage stayed ok? Glad you are happy with your revision
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I actually got anther nose job. It look the same but a bit smaller.
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Who was your doctor?
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I really like your nose,shape, profile, tip... I would never notice that it's operated. Your problem can be resolved with small piece of cartilage ..I don't think that grafting will make it too wide, it will be symmetric ..and I wouldn't reduce the tip size.
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