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6 months after surgery I went in to have Eisbach...

6 months after surgery I went in to have Eisbach look at my nose, there was a little bit of scar tissue on the left hand side of my nose. He went around to the side of my nose and without telling me what he was going to do he pushed down on the tip of my nose, he asked me if it hurt I said a little and he then began to shove it back and forth. My sister who was in the room with me said it looked like he was jerking my nose around. He commented out loud is it just me or is the cartilage moving. He stopped not to long after saying this. He than walked me out of the office telling me everything looked ok. A little later that night I was in some pain the next day I noticed changes in my nose. My nose started to change for the worse. My nose looked a little crocked and all the cartilage was bulging out of the top of the tip of my nose and it had swelled up after the doctor did what he did to me. I called and asked to be seen, he agreed to see me a couple days later. When he came in the room to see me he got very quite and said my nose was swollen. He did not have much to say other than he could take pictures to document what was happening. Over the next week I got worse and my nose began to thin. A friend at work even noticed how it was beginning to thin out. A couple weeks later he told me and my brother that my septum was tilted and that large bump that was bulging out of the top of my nose that I apparently did not notice or feel for 6 months was just scar tissue that he could not get to go down. He did not seem to believe me when I said I was in pain and he did not seem to care how scared I was that my nose was becoming worse and my breathing was becoming almost impossible. He told my brother in a few months he would put supports in my nose. I did not go back, he hurt me and probably permanently damaged my nose. I went to four other doctors and they all said they were afraid they were going to make me worse. One of the doctors said it was my cartilage graft bulging out of the top of my nose not scar tissue. I told two of them how Eisbach said about putting supports in my nose and they did not think it was a good idea to go back and let him do anything. This May 3 it has been two years since Eisbach damaged me. I left my ex so this would not happen to me . I should have just left my nose broken and kept my mouth shut. I am more damaged now at the hands of my own doctor while I sat in a chair trusting him than I was when my nose was broken. Now I am stuck unable to breath with a nose so damaged it looks horrible like it was never fixed in the first place. When I touch it all I feel is it sinking in and bulging. If this doctor would have kept his hands off my face on May 3 2012 and just looked at it like he was suppose to I would be almost 3 years healed and moving on with my life but now I wake up to hell with a constant reminder of my past and how two men damaged my face with their hands. I am so depressed and hopeless, thanks to Eisbach I will never look, function or feel normal again normal again. This doctor is incompetent has massive lack of knowledge is a coward who can not admit when he has made a mistake.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf.
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I'm sorry about your bad experience. Have you considered revision? I'm sure something can be done to fix you in the hands of an expert
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My family and friends tell me not to give up that there has to be someone out there that can fix the damage that has been done to my nose, but being a single mom and trying to find someone who is willing to take on a difficult case and trying to seek out doctors out of state because I was told I would need a specialist, that there was no one in my state that had the skill needed to fix the damage that was done has made it more challenging to get my nose fixed. My family wants to help and has offered to do what they can. We just don't know who to get help from and I don't have the time or the money to be going from state to state seeking help. I really wish Eisbach would have kept his hands to himself that day and just looked at my nose like he was supposed to and let me heal. I never even made it to a year, so I never got to heal all the way.My aunt tells me to keep moving forward and not to give up on finding a doctor. Hopefully I will find a doctor so one day I can be healed and get back to being me again and leave the trauma of what my ex and Eisbach did to me in the past and finally move on with my life.
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That is what is so wonderful about the internet! You can look at doctors online and look at reviews. There are other forums too where you can ask more questions. When looking for a doctor you can investigate if they do skype consultation or communicate thru e-mail so you don't have to travel there blindly. I recommend you research doctors all over the US and just e-mail them, send them your pictures and see what they say. I wish you luck!
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