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Hi, in 2008 I had my 32b-c(?) natural breasts...

Hi, in 2008 I had my 32b-c(?) natural breasts augmented with Naturelle 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone gel, under muscle, insertion through crease. a pocket revision was performed 1 year later to correct implant malposition with internal sutures. Both were performed by an extremely talented doctor here in California. I have a pretty slender body type naturally, but gained a little more weight than normal, due to a medication side effect. I'd estimate about 10-15 pounds more than what is my 5'7 110-120lb average size. Not too major, weight distributed well and body stayed proportionate. Total expense for both procedures was about $15,000.00 My weight has returned to 110-115 after discontinuing medication earlier this year. Breasts hadn't appeared to have increased or decreased with weight changes. In the past few months, I began to notice changes in both breasts which include, denting, shifting, folding, creasing, and unusual shapes in some areas. I've also noticed, what I can only describe as, the implants feel kind of creepy. Both to the touch, as well as, on my chest. Last Monday, I flew to Nashville to consult about a revision. The surgeon is renown for his skills for reconstructions and revisions and has an impeccable reputation. He examined me, both, visually and with the aid of 4D technology. The revision involves removing existing implants, closing the pockets, using a slightly smaller implant, textured, round, cohesive gel, with an added strattice reinforcement for both breasts, and an alternative pocket placement. The surgery will take about 4 hours to complete and I will have drains. Surgery is scheduled for the 12th of next month(August) Total expense(not including expenses for two trips from from Ca to Tn) about $20,000.00 So the grand total when, hopefully, all is said and done will be a pair of boobs worth approximately $35,000.00 in surgery alone. Has anyone experienced anything similar, or have any input I might find helpful? All comments are appreciated and I please encourage any and all opinions, advice, etc shared, as I haven't a clue. My surgeon is Dr Maxwell in Nashville. I know he's the best, but compared to what I've seen others paid it seems kind of pricey.
Good luck! I researched this doctor as well when I was looking for a PS to do my surgery. There is another guy in Ft. Lauderdale who s supposed to be great as well. I couldn't afford it though, and found a doctor whonquoted me a very similar procedure. To help decrease the cost, he did a more intensive internal bra w/o strattice (which I was a candidate for and he recommended), implant removal, capsulorraphy, capsulotomy, and new sub muscular silicone implants through a 1" scar. Please keep us posted on how it goes! xo
A 1" scar?that's amazing. Thank you for the reassurance. I'll update as I heal. :)
Go with the best doctor, even if it's more expensive. The most important thing is you get a good result and no more revisions! Revisions are trickier than straightforward augs. Deep experience with revisions, not just augs, is essential.

Maxwell is worth every last cent!

It's still a bit early for me to really predict the outcome of my revision, but it's been worth it so far. Surgery was Aug 13, returned to California last Saturday the 24th.
Dr Maxwell is a surgical wizard...my girls look more like their, pre-augmented, selves with each passing day. Truly amazing and after coming to terms with not being able to rewind time to get them back, astonishing. I honestly cried when I first looked down and discovered Maxwell must have found a way to rewind.
God bless him.


I am moving along in my recovery, but it is a slow and painful process. With consideration to the extent and length, 7 hours, of the surgical procedure, it would be expected.
I went from smooth silicone, submuscular to Sientra textured w/Strattice subglandular. My natural breast tissue was extremely dense, which had complicated the surgery slightly or "a challenge" as Dr Maxwell described it.
My left breast is noticeably larger than the right, but I'm not overly concerned as I still have a lot of healing ahead of me.
Can you tell me the surgeon your used in FL?
So what is the exact price he is charging? I was looking into him, but now I think I'll have to go somewhere else.
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A God. Seriously.

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